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Chuni Stone

Ruby stone, commonly referred to in Bengali as chuni stone, is widely celebrated for its stunning beauty and incredible value. As with many precious gems, its appeal spans cultures and regions, with varied names connected with each locale containing it.

About Chuni stone

Amongst all the colored gemstones, the Chuni stone is the king of all. Referred as 'Ratnaraj' by ancient Indians, which means 'king of precious stones,' these beautiful gemstones have been loved by humanity for their striking red hue. The red hue is often associated with passion, love, romance, and fire; these gemstones perfectly relate to the same. Original Chuni stone is a powerful ancient stone known for its excellent benefits.

This red gemstone features the same color as the blood and thus influences the blood flow and blood pressure and strengthens the heart. These gemstones are members of the corundum family and are found in various places worldwide. Burma, Mozambique, Thailand, Afghanistan, India, and more are notable origins.

Origin and Formation Of Ruby Chuni stone

The mesmerizing beauty of Chuni gemstone and its benefits have been mentioned in ancient history. Different cultures relate different powerful meanings of this red corundum, making it one of the desirable stones. This beautiful stone is a corundum mineral comprising two aluminum and three oxygen atoms. Each of these atoms is arranged closely in a hexagonal structure. The trace elements of chromium ions in the crystal structure give a red color to the stone.

The chuni pathar is formed inside the metamorphic rocks. These metamorphic rocks result from heat and pressure inside the earth's crust. After millions of years that go into the formation, the resultant is an amazing red-colored corundum.The Mogok mines of Myanmar produce the finest red gemstones. Other significant deposits are in Thailand, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, and Tanzania.

Historical Evolution of Chuni Gemstone Name

Each gemstone carries a fascinating story that helps in its recognition. In context for the same, chunni stone is associated with great symbolism that has been notable since ancient history. This gemstone boasts an ancient and incredible past, having been prized and appreciated for centuries as it embodies beauty and vibrance in a red hue. Historically, it has also been valued for its medicinal purposes. The stone was worn as a talisman as it helped the wearer to live peacefully. The resemblance of the stone's color to that of the blood relates to a special connection.

These gemstones were inserted into the flesh of Burmese soldiers, protecting them from wounds. This red-hued gemstone was considered living by people of many cultures. Chuni gemstones were carved into different images and worshiped as people believed these stones to possess special powers. In the Hindu religion, these gemstones are considered precious, and they are described as the fruits of the Kalpa tree, a tree known worshipped by Hindus for fulfilling their wishes. People in many cultures also worshiped this red-colored stone.

Benefits of Wearing Chuni Stone

This powerful stone is ruled by the Sun. The stone helps in removing negativity and strengthening relationships. Wearing a natural Chuni stone in rings or any adornment helps improve relationships.

Chuni stone benefits involve helping the wearer in mental and emotional well-being. This red gemstone stimulates the Root Chakra making your mind clear of anxiety, self-doubt, and depression.

Chuni stone is believed to possess mystical powers that help in protecting the wearer from evil spirits and negative thoughts.

When coming to healing properties, this gemstone helps to improve eyesight and blood circulation.

For those who are facing issues in finances, this red corundum helps attain the same.

Procedure of Wearing a Chuni stone

The weight of the gemstone should be between 3 carats to 6-carat weight. This carat is the ideal range one should buy the gemstone.

The gemstone should be crafted in silver or gold to gain maximum benefits.

Immerse the gemstone in Gangajal or honey, removing negative energies from the stone.

The recommended day for wearing this stone is Sunday. Shukla Paksha is the most appropriate time when one should wear this stone.

After praying to the god Sun, wear the Chuni stone ring on your finger. The ring finger is suggested as the ideal finger for wearing Chuni stone.

Enchanting the mantras activates the stone. It is recommended to consult an astrologer before wearing this red stone.

It is advisable to buy original gemstones from an authenticated gem seller.

The benefits of wearing the gemstone can be seen within 30 days.

Price of Chuni Panna stone

The following factors determine the price of Chuni stone:

Color: The most desirable gemstone showcases rich and intense color. The more vivid the red hue, the more valuable the stone is. The finest quality stone category falls between medium and medium dark tones in terms of color as a parameter. The highly saturated hue of the stone makes the best of all the gems. The best quality Chuni stones are those found in Burma.

Clarity: The stones with no or fewer inclusions have better clarity, but these stones are difficult to find. The stones with high clarity increase the chuni stone rate.

Cut: It is important to note that quality cut maximizes the intensity of color, leading to a sparkling and brighter look. The standard shapes include round, triangular, pear, marquise, and brilliant cut.

Carat: The chuni stone cost price per ratti is higher if the gemstone has a more pronounced size.

Origin: These red stones from Burma are considered the best quality stones. The pigeon's blood-red hue of the stone stands out, increasing its prices.

Treated and Untreated: Untreated and natural stones without or with few inclusions are difficult to find. Most of the gemstones available are treated or enhanced. This rarity of being untreated increases the original chuni stone price.

Chuni Stone Quality

The premium quality of Chuni Stone depends upon its origin and other factors such as the 4’C’s. The high-quality Manik stones sourced from Burma are expensive owing to their exceptional red hue and fine clarity. The stones with few inclusions and vivid saturated hue account for the high stone chuni price.

Care and Cleaning

The premium quality of burmese Chuni Stone depends upon its origin and other factors such as the 4’C’s. The high-quality Manik stones sourced from Burma are expensive owing to their exceptional red hue and fine clarity. The stones with few inclusions and vivid saturated hue account for the high chuni price.

Mild soap and detergent with water is the best option for cleaning. For this, keep the gemstone studded ring in a bowl with warm water and mild soap.

Use a soft brush to clean the stone gently.

Take the ring out and wipe it with a soft, lint-free cloth. This will help in keeping the burma chuni stone ring design intact.

The metal in which Chuni stone is crafted should be taken care of while the entire cleaning process goes on.

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