Yellow Sapphire Rings (Pukhraj Stone Rings)

Yellow sapphire ring (also known as Pukhraj ring in India) is one of the most elegant and sought-after types of jewelry best known for its tantalizing and striking yellow sapphire stone. Yellow sapphire is also known as Jupiter stone with a brilliant luster and heaps of healing benefits which makes this stone exemplary to ramp up your fashion game as well as rectify the grave issues you are struggling with in life.

The demand for Pukhraj stone rings shot up exponentially in the international market when people got to know about the miraculous and jaw-dropping benefits of embracing this stone as well as saw umpteen Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities flaunting the different forms of stunning yellow sapphire jewelry. The timeless appeal and immense beauty of yellow sapphire make it one of the best choices for individuals to wear it in a groovy gold or silver ring. Let’s learn more about Yellow sapphire ring designs, the benefits of Pukhra rings, cleaning and caring tips, and Pukhraj rings' price.

Yellow Sapphire Trivia

Yellow sapphire belongs to the mineral family Corundum like blue sapphires and rubies and comes in entrancing hues of yellow and golden colors. Yellow sapphires are vehemently linked with the Zodiac sign Sagittarius and to the planet Jupiter. According to distinguished astrologers, embracing a yellow sapphire is widely believed to bring lost fortune and wealth, provide financial freedom, physical benefits, instill wisdom and spirituality, improve relationships, and boost your health by leaps and bounds.

Apart from Astrological and metaphysical benefits, the implications and benefits of Yellow sapphire in the realm of jewelry are gargantuan and jolting. Natural yellow sapphire stone rings not only help you achieve a drop-dead gorgeous appearance but also make you the center of attraction where you go. The striking luster and brilliance a Pukhraj stone ring emanates when sunlight hits from different angles can spell-bind anyone in no time. Moreover, any gender can wear yellow sapphire gold rings and Pukhraj silver rings regardless of any occasion. Take your fashion game a notch higher and leave an indelible impression on millions of minds by embracing a gorgeous yellow sapphire ring.

Pukhraj Ring Designs

Yellow sapphire is one of the most revered and alluring gemstones in existence with colossal metaphysical, spiritual, and astrological benefits. The startling golden and yellow hues of this stone make gemstone aficionados and jewelry lovers go gaga for it and try to lay their hands on a fine piece of yellow sapphire by splurging money.

A yellow sapphire when embedded in captivating ring designs of gold and silver produces outrageously beautiful yellow sapphire stone rings that can be used to achieve a remarkable and unprecedented groovy appearance. At Navratan, we encapsulate the most appealing and swoon-worthy collection of the yellow sapphire ring for men, yellow sapphire rings for women, yellow sapphire engagement rings, yellow sapphire wedding rings, and Yellow sapphire rings in gold and silver.

Our selection of customized antique yellow sapphire engagement rings and yellow sapphire rings for ladies are way too perfect to accentuate your beauty and sprinkle your grace wherever you go. The collection of certified yellow sapphire celebrities' rings you find here is quite exclusive and rare. Navratran’s brilliant team of CAD designers work day in and day out to provide customers with the desired designs of original Pukhraj stone rings and satiate all their needs.

Feel free to explore our forever-classic collection of female Pukhraj ring designs and male Pukhraj ring designs for all purposes and grab your preferred yellow sapphire stone rings at a budget-friendly price.

Yellow Sapphire Ring Benefits

The benefits that come with embracing a yellow gold sapphire ring are umpteen and dazzling as well. To make our customers and users well-informed, below, we have jotted down the principal benefits of wearing Pukhraj rings that will clarify your purpose of buying the ring.

1.  If you desire immense materialistic wealth and want to cut down all your debts to improve financial stability, embracing an original yellow sapphire stone ring can bring the rock-solid financial stability you seek.

2. People with dire liver, heart, kidney, and digestive system-related issues should wear the recommended carat-weight Pukhraj stone ring under the guidance of an experienced astrologer to enhance their immune system and get rid of all life-threatening diseases.

3. Jupiter is known as the planet of wisdom, knowledge, and consciousness, wearing a Pukhraj ring bolsters your intellect level greatly and also inclines you towards the path of knowledge and spiritualism.

4. Men or women facing more than expected delays in finding an exemplary life partner must harness the benefits of a Yellow sapphire stone ring. Moreover, one of the major benefits of wearing a Pukhraj ring is amping up the fertility rate. Those couples who are suffering from infertility issues and a childless life can recuperate fertility with this stone.

5. If you badly want to excel in your academics, job, or in the domain of business, wearing an original Pukhraj stone ring can take you to unprecedented levels in your academics and professional life.

Cleaning & Caring Tips

Yellow sapphire ranks high on the Mohs scale as it has a hardness of 9.0. Therefore, Yellow sapphire rings are least susceptible to scratch or any other kind of damage. However, like any other expensive and sophisticated piece of jewelry, vintage Pukhraj rings also require timely maintenance to maintain their eye-pleasing glitter and beauty. Below, we have jotted down some essential cleaning and caring tips f that you can use to clean Yellow Sapphire rings.

1. Always prefer a soft cotton cloth to rub the dust off your yellow sapphire gold ring.

2. Consider only lukewarm water and mix a pinch of detergent in it if you wish to clean stains and spots on your yellow sapphire silver ring. Too much hot water can dwindle the brilliance of the gemstone.

3. If you want to perform deep cleaning, marinate the Pukhraj ring for at least 30 minutes in a mixture of lukewarm water and detergent.

4. Avoid doing any household work like gardening or cleaning while wearing the ring.

5. Always wipe the ring with a soft and dry cloth after cleaning it with lukewarm water.

6. Avoid using lotion or moisturizers on your hands while wearing the Pukhraj stone ring.

Pukhraj Ring Price

When buying celebrities' yellow sapphire rings, the price is of paramount significance. And, the price is profoundly influenced by a number of factors like carat weight, cut, color, origin, treatment, and clarity. Moreover, the complexity of the design and the metal you chose to embed the gemstone also play a vital role in determining the price of the yellow Sapphire diamond ring you choose.

Yellow Sapphires from Sri Lanka, Australia, and Burma regions are widely hailed across the world for their supreme quality and clarity. On the other hand, African yellow sapphires are not so much preferred because of the high number of inclusions.

At Navratan, we provide completely natural and premier-quality Pukhraj gold rings and elegant and certified Pukhraj silver rings at reasonable prices. You can explore a plethora of ingenious Pukhraj ring designs for man and woman and buy the best one with an authentic certificate at the affordable prices.


Customers should thoroughly inform themselves with vital information about gemstones to ensure protection from different scammers prevailing in the market. To evaluate the exact price of a yellow sapphire stone, an individual must know the impact of the different pivotal factors like color, clarity, cut, carat, weight, origin, and treatment. Customers should know that untreated and unheated yellow sapphires are way more valuable and desirable than treated and unheated yellow sapphire stones.

Customers should always know the prime difference between a carat and a Ratti. Customers should also be competent enough to evaluate quality on the basis of origin and distinguish between gem lab certifications. It’s always recommended to purchase Yellow sapphire rings or Pukhraj stone rings from a trusted source like Navratan which provides 100% natural and authentic gemstones along with varied gem lab certificates.

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. Are Yellow Sapphires Expensive?

Ans. As sapphires are one of the Big 4 of the gemstone world, Yellow sapphires are expensive gemstones, however, the value fluctuates according to 4C’s.

Q. Who Should Wear A Yellow Sapphire?

Ans. If we consider Vedic Astrology, People with Zodiac sing Saggitarius should wear Pukhraj rings, and those who are born in September can also embrace Yellow Sapphire.

Q. What Are The Benefits Of Yellow Sapphire Ring?

Ans. 1. Reinvigorate your health by treating numerous ailments 2. Render success in academics and Professional domains. 3. Boost up fertility level 4. Amp up wisdom and intellectual level. 5. Increase inclination towards Spiritualism

Q. On Which Finger to Wear Aquamarine Rings?

Ans.The middle finger of your working hand is considered exemplary to wear aquamarine band rings.

Q. What Happens When You Wear Yellow Sapphire Ring?

Ans.Yellow Sapphire stone ring when worn correctly under the guidance of an astrologer protects you from diabolical vibes, open the doors of new opportunities, increases happiness and satisfaction in life.


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