Cats Eye Stone Rings

Out of all the gleaming and significant gemstones in existence, the Cats eye stone is the most fascinating and ingenious one because of its enticing chatoyant effect. Cats eye rings are exemplary and one of the stunning forms of cats eye jewelry embraced wholeheartedly by fashion aficionados across the world to achieve a drool-worthy and groovy look.

Lehsunia stone rings not only satiate the purpose of fashion lovers but are also equally revered and embraced by those who seek to harness their astrological and metaphysical benefits as they are a perfect substitute for some exorbitant gemstones. Embracing the cat's eye is one of the easiest ways to recuperate your health, peace, and commence the influx of good luck in your life. Let’s learn more about this enigmatic and intriguing stone, its implications in the jewelry segment, price, benefits, cleaning and caring tips, etc.

Cats Eye Stone Trivia

Cats eye belongs to the mineral Chrysoberyl which is composed of an Aluminate of Beryllium with the chemical composition formula BeAl2O4. What separates Cat’s eye stone from the rest of the gemstones is a rare phenomenon known as the ‘Chatoyant’ effect which is exhibited by only a smidgen of gemstones. In this phenomenon, the light is reflected within the gemstone which creates the effect of appearance quite similar to the light bouncing off the cat’s eye.

Another captivating name for this effect is Milk and Honey effect as it resembles a lot with an intense light passing through the majestic Milky Way. Moreover, the cat’s eye is also known for its immense hardness as it has a rating of 8.5 on the Mohs scale. It is the third hardest gemstone in existence. According to numerous astrologers, those who want to reap the maximum benefits from the planet Ketu should embrace the cats eye stone ring to bring miraculous changes in life, and open the doors for good luck and prosperity to follow. In the later section, we will state more about the implications of the cat’s eye stone in the realm of jewelry and its colossal astrological and metaphysical benefits.

Cats Eye Ring Designs

The combination of cat’s eye stone with gorgeous gold and silver rings is nothing but simply drop-dead gorgeous. The fine aesthetic, color, and elusive chatoyancy effect of Chrysoberyl cat's eye rings make them an exemplary choice for gemstone lovers as well as fashion enthusiasts. As cats eye comes in a plethora of enchanting hues of green, yellow, black, grey, and honey, the options to rope in vivacious cats eye gold ring are innumerable for customers.

Embracing cats eye stone ring with your favorite apparel is the quickest way to get stage ready and sizzle the whole world with your inexhaustible grace and charm. The beauty of cat’s eye gemstone accentuates by leaps and bounds when worn in a classic and swanky ring. Moreover, the design of the ring is of paramount significance along with the stone and metal you choose. At Navratan, we have a splendid and lively collection of the most stunning cats eye ring designs and Lehusnia stone rings that help to achieve to the T appearance and render heaps of astrological and spiritual benefits.

Whether you search for men cat’s eye ring or women cat’s eye ring in silver or gold, our regaling selection of Leshunita has rounded it up all for you. We ensure to provide cats eye stone rings only with 100% natural, authentic, unheated, and untreated gemstones along with the gem lab certificates to establish credibility. Whatever design you look for or cats eyes stone you want, just drop your requirements and we will come up with products that will dazzle you to the core.

Cats Eye Ring Benefits

There are only a minuscule number of gemstone rings that can spruce up your jewel wardrobe and cats eye rings are definitely one of them. These gemstone rings are highly prized because of their irresistible and timeless appearance and also for the number of benefits they offer to the wearer. Below, we have stated in detail all the major benefits that come with embracing cats eye rings.

1. Financial Benefits: A major chunk of modern-day men’s problems are because of the lack of solid financial background or not up-to-the-mark earnings. All these strenuous problems can be rectified effortlessly by embracing the right cats eye stone ring. Moreover, if you are self-employed or run a business, it’s better to wear a Lehsunia stone ring and create a strong shield against bad luck and failures.

2. Spiritual Benefits: A cat’s eye stone is widely believed to provide positive effects of the Planet Ketu and cut down all obstructions that come on your pathway to spiritualism. After embracing this stone, you will feel more serene and focused.

3. Emotional Benefits: It’s more than daunting to express in words how formidable cats eye stone is. If you are stuck in a whirlwind of emotional turmoil or if the influence of negative energy is hampering your growth, you can protect yourself by wearing cats eye silver ring. It can also sharpen your mental skill and helps to attain laser focus. Health Benefits: A cat’s eye stone is packed with enigmatic and elusive energies that can transform your physicality like nothing else. Wearing cats eye stone rings provide tons of health benefits

Cleaning & Caring Tips

Taking an excellent care of cats eye rings is not as stringent as it seems. Here are some time-tested tips we have jotted down for cleaning and caring for a cat's eye ring:

1. Cleaning: To properly clean a cat's eye ring, you can use a soft cloth, such as a microfiber cloth, to wipe away any dirt or debris stuck to the ring. Avoid using piping hot water or any toxic chemical cleaners as these can damage the surface of the ring.

2. Storing: When not in use, store the ring in a soft and safe place such as a jewelry box or a velvet-lined pouch to protect it from indelible scratches or damage.

3. Avoiding Exposure: Avoid exposing the ring to chemicals such as perfumes, hair sprays, or lotions as these can also cause damage to the surface of the ring.

4. Protecting the Stone: Though the cat’s eye is one of the hardest stones in existence, it can easily be scratched. so take good care to handle the ring gently and avoid knocking it against hard surfaces.

5. Professional Cleaning: If the ring needs a deeper and better cleaning, consider taking it to a professional jewelry cleaner. They have the expertise and equipment to safely clean and restore the ring to its original condition.

Remember, proper care and cleaning can help maintain the beauty and longevity of your cat's eye ring.

Cats Eye Stone Price

When it comes to price, umpteen factors come into play in determining the price of a cat's eye stone ring. The price of a cat's eye stone is strongly related to several factors like color, clarity, carat weight, cut, and origin of the stone. Cat’s eyes stones from certain regions, such as Sri Lanka, are considered to be of higher quality and may therefore command a higher price.

Some cat's eye stones may have been treated to enhance their color or appearance, and the price can vary based on the type and extent of treatment. Usually, cat’s eye stone rings with higher inclusions and enhancements cost less.

The quality of the craftsmanship and setting of a cat's eye ring on another piece of the ring can also impact its price. The more intricate the design of the ring is, the higher the price can go. In addition to that, the increase in carat weight also shot up the price of cat’s eye rings to a great extent. Ultimately, the price of a cat's eye stone will depend on a combination of these factors and the individual market conditions at the time of purchase. If you are considering purchasing a cat's eye stone, it's a good idea to educate yourself about the different factors that can impact its price and always trust a credible brand like Navratan to rope in your favorite and trendy cat’s eye stone rings.

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