Emerald Rings (Panna Stone Rings)

Embrace the enchantment of our breathtaking assortment, featuring an extraordinary selection of emerald rings for men and women at the best price. The timeless charisma of these emerald treasures is renowned for their captivating green color and irresistible appeal.

If dazzling anyone just with a glance is an art, emerald stone ( also known as Panna in India) is certainly the Piccaso of it. The lush green, jazzy, and sumptuous appearance of emerald rings can arrest anyone’s attention and is exemplary to wear with a myriad of elegant apparel to accentuate your overall look. Emerald is one of the most revered stones in existence and the undisputed king of green color gemstones.

Alluring Panna stone rings come in a plethora of designs, sizes, and color variations to satiate the ever-increasing demand of customers in the global market. Emerald stone rings can be encrusted in valued metals like gold or silver to achieve a to-the-T style and distinguished look that can flabbergast even the most stringent gemstone jewelry critique. Let’s know in depth about the natural emerald rings, the benefits of embracing them, cleaning and caring tips, the price guide, and frequently asked questions about Panna rings.

Emerald Trivia

Emeralds are lush green color gemstones that belong to the Beryl mineral group with minuscule traces of Vanadium and Chromium. These elements are responsible for green color variations in a stone. Emerald is one of the key members of the Big 4 group of gemstones (Sapphires, Diamonds, and Rubies are the other three) with an above-average hardness - 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale.

Though Emeralds are found across the world, Colombian, Zambian and Brazilian emeralds are considered par-excellent quality and available at a whopping price in the global markets. Apart from their divine beauty and unending charm, Emeralds hold a paramount historical and astrological significance and are used extensively for collection purposes, treating physical and metaphysical problems, and embodying luck and positivity. We will state the towering benefits of embracing green emerald rings in the later section.

Emerald Ring Designs

By leaps and bounds, emeralds are one of the most in-demand and valued gemstones in the world. The value, allure, and desirability increase further when these captivating gemstones are embedded in gold and silver rings. Among Fashion connoisseurs, emerald gold rings and emerald silver rings have always been buzzing topics because of the lush green color variations of these stones, fine luster, astounding transparency, and availability in different carat weights.

At Navratan, we offer a jaw-dropping and colossal selection of stunning emerald rings for men and trendy emerald rings for women in a varied price and color range to cater to the demand of our customers. Our par excellent collection of Panna ring designs encloses ingenious and eye-pleasing emerald-cut engagement rings, emerald rings for wedding ceremonies, white gold emerald rings, and resplendent emerald rings in gold and silver metals. Moreover, we offer customization in emerald stone rings for both men and women to ensure you don’t have to hustle even a bit while finding the right product.

Don’t waste a split second and order your coveted and budget-friendly Panna stone rings for ladies and men available in matchless designs and with a blazing fast delivery.

Panna Ring Benefits

Emerald stones have always been the apple of the eyes and the shining star in the gemstone cosmos. Their unbeaten beauty, charm, and grace make the stone exemplary to embrace not only for amping up appearance but also to reap oodles of benefits it has to offer.

This utterly precious gemstone is revered and desired for its spell-binding lush green color and also represents the formidable Mercury Planet (Budh). That is why emerald is also referred to as Budh stone. Since emerald is considered the birthstone of May, embracing Panna gold rings can reap unthinkable benefits and change the quality of your life drastically. The benefits of embracing natural emerald rings are not only fettered to the physical realm but also peek into metaphysical and astrological domains. Without wasting a second, let’s hop on to all the benefits an Emerald stone ring offer when you embrace it with utmost zestfulness and under the supervision of an experienced astrologer.

Health Benefits: As health is the greatest wealth for anyone, we are commencing by stating the major health benefits that an individual can experience after wearing an Emerald stone ring. Emerald stones are renowned for their enigmatic healing properties. Wearing a pachu stone ring heals eye and skin-related problems seamlessly and swiftly. Moreover, the Panna Ratna ring emanates robust vibes that can treat nervous system-related diseases, dire speech disorders, and respiratory problems.

Monetary Benefits: Embracing white gold emerald rings can give a serious boost to your grave financial conditions. It will help to cut down unsolicited debits, open the doors of new opportunities that are unprecedented to you, and may recuperate the lost wealth. People who are associated with creative fields like writing, researching, music, or painting can benefit profoundly by wearing designer panna rings as they help to unlock new levels of creativity and add vivacious dimensions to your thinking.

Metaphysical Benefits: Many sagacious personalities and erudite scholars have stated the exhilarating and miraculous healing benefits of emeralds. Individuals with Zodiac signs Cancer, Gemini, and Virgo should embrace a natural green emerald ring as it aligns well with their Zodiacs. Wearing vintage emerald rings amps up your concentration power and memory retention as well. Individuals who want to walk on the path of spiritualism but can’t due to negative energy hindrances wear this stone to eradicate all obstructions and savor the path of spiritualism completely and wholeheartedly.

Intellectual Benefits: Varied designs of emerald rings are known for their irresistible charm and outrageous beauty. But don’t just stick here! If you look beyond its gracious appearance, you will be dazzled to know all the intellectual benefits it offers when you embrace it. This highly prized gemstone can bolster your intelligence, conscience, and memory. Not only intelligence, but it can also raise your intellect level by leaps and bounds and establish your presence as a revered person in society. Working professionals and students who seek to achieve their professional and academic goals must lay their hands on an emerald stone ring to gain matchless intellectual qualities.

Cleaning & Caring Tips

Roping in emerald-cut engagement rings and taking care of them meticulously are two completely different things. Though green emerald rings are above average on the Mohs hardness scale, there are high chances you might lose their brilliant luster and charm with respect to time if you don’t take good care of them. Below, we have jotted down a few essential cleaning and caring tips for original and vintage emerald rings that will help you to take the best care of them.

1. Never clean your panna gold rings or emerald silver rings with extremely hot water. Always consider only warm and soapy water to clear your cherished emerald rings and protect their glitter and fine aesthetic.

2. Make sure you don’t drown an emerald in solvents like acetone, alcohol, or nail paint thinner to clean it.

3. Never expose your stunning emerald wedding rings to radiation, intense sunlight, or extreme temperatures as doing one of these things can dry out fracture fillings.

4. Always ensure to remove the emerald ring before you clean your hands or do the dusting work, or other chores like gardening, playing sports, etc.

5. Always stick to only recommended cleaning methods. If you can’t clean emerald stone rings on your own, you better visit a trustworthy gemstone dealer to clean them up well. Maintain a separate box or a pouch to place all your emerald jewelry, especially rings.

It’s easier than you think to take excellent care of your beloved gold emerald rings if you adhere religiously to the above-stated clearing and caring tips. Not only you can maintain the brilliant luster of a ring for a long time but also augment its value.


At Navratan, we firmly believe that buyers should have a thorough understanding of what they are buying and get the best value on their investments.

A buyer must understand that the value of an emerald fluctuates profoundly with an increase or decrease in clarity, cut, carat weight, color, and origin. A buyer must understand the principal difference between a carat and a ratti.

Buyers should always ask for the gemstone certification when buying green emerald rings and also painstakingly check panna ring designs to ensure there are no flaws in the products. Buyers should also check for the quintessential details about emerald stones like heat treatment, grade of clarity, and other enhancements done to escalate the appearance.

For more information, you can read our highly informative and beneficial Gemstone Buying Guide that encloses every minuscule and imperative detail a buyer should be aware of when purchasing the emerald stone.

Panna Ring Price

Non-arguably, an emerald is one of the most valuable and prized precious gemstones in existence. It’s coveted and always high in demand because of enchanting lush green color hues, vivid color saturation, and fine clarity.

A lot of pivotal factors like the size of the stone, clarity, grade, treatment, and color plays a crucial role in determining the exact price of natural emerald stone rings in silver or gold. The higher the carat weight of an emerald stone, the more will be the price of the ring you wish to rope in. The same goes for the color and clarity factors as well.

On average, the emerald rings price per carat in India begins at and goes as high as per carat and even more than that.

At Navratan, you can buy unsurpassed quality original and natural emerald rings in a myriad of designs along with authentic certifications that serve numerous purposes like personal, astrological, or investment. Price will never be an obstruction when you shop from a trustworthy brand like Navratan.

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. What Does Wearing an Emerald Ring Means ?

Ans. Embracing a natural and vintage emerald ring means you are pulling good luck, fortune, and intellect by your side. Moreover, emerald stone jolting healing properties can rectify a lot of your physical and metaphysical problems.

Q. Are emeralds expensive ?

Ans. Indeed, emeralds are expensive as they are one of the most valued and revered precious gemstones in existence. The price strictly depends on the weight, color, origin, and clarity of the stone.

Q. How much should I pay for an emerald ring ?

Ans. As we have already stated, the price of a panna ring is directly proportional to the 4C’s. However, to give you a fair estimate, the price of 2 carat emerald cut diamond ring lies somewhere between $800 to $1500. It can go even higher.

Q. Is emerald costly or diamond ?

Ans. According to an estimate, emeralds are 20 to 30 times rarer than diamonds in occurrence. Though many consider diamonds as the most exorbitant gemstone, in reality, emeralds are rare and more precious than diamonds.


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