Citrine Stone (Sunela)

Citrine also named Sunela Ratna in Hindi is a natural, yellow to golden brown color that belongs to the Quartz mineral family. As per Vedic astrology, this semi-precious gemstone is modeled as the Vedic substitute (upratna) for precious Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj stone to acquire great wealth, good social status, higher wisdom, health, and progeny bliss. In western astrology, this beautiful gemstone is also considered the alternate birthstone of November month.

According to Indian astrology, a natural Citrine gemstone (Sunela Rashi ratan) connects with the generous planet ‘Jupiter’. It is stated that wearing the finest quality, a natural Citrine gemstone can strengthen the planet Jupiter in the native horoscope and also authorizes the native to attain higher wisdom, insight, great financial status, and professional success in your life.

According to Vedic astrology, A real Citrine stone or Sunela stone is best prescribed for Dhanu (Sagittarius) and Meena (Pisces) Rashi.

As per Western astrology, the citrine gemstone is recommended as the birthstone for Sagittarius sun sign.

The native of Aries, Cancer, Leo & Scorpio can also wear Citrine gem or Sunela Ratna.

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Weight: The ideal weight of the stone should be 1/10th of the wearer’s body weight (in kg). E.g. A person weighing 40 kgs should wear a 4-carat Citrine Gemstone.

Color: For best astrological results, A bright golden, yellow Citrine gem is considered. An individual can also choose a natural Sunela gemstone in yellowish-orange color without any undesirable brownish tint.

Metal: You can use Silver and gold as these are highly preferred for astrological use. Otherwise, You can also wear a Citrine gemstone with panchdhaatu, platinum, and white gold.

Finger: It is best recommended to wear it on the index finger of the working hand

Day & Time: On Thursday, in the morning between 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. during Shukla Paksha.

Sunela Stone Mantra & Chanting Times: Repeat "Om Brim Brihaspataye Namaha, ॐ ब्रिम बृहस्पतये नमः" for 108 times.

For ages, A Natural Citrine gemstone or Sunela stone is best recognized due to its amazing metaphysical properties and healing powers. Apart from its fascinating magnificence and reasonable prices, the astrological advantages of the Citrine gem also entice the natives and make this gem more alluring. Below, we are going to mention some of the most significant benefits of Citrine Gemstone -

Improves Professional and Financial Growth - Citrine gemstone is associated with the powerful planet Jupiter which is recognized as the planet of wisdom and wealth. It is thought that Sunela stone or Citrine gemstone mainly benefits the professionals and business owners who are suffering from serious monetary losses, unwanted costs, and investment losses. This gemstone grants strong psychic capabilities and self-confidence, thereby permitting the gemstone owner to deal wisely with financial strain.

Promotes Higher Learning- As per ancient belief, wearing the Citrine gemstone can positively affect the learning capability and analytical skills of the native. Therefore, this gem is considered highly valuable for students, research professionals, and people who are preparing for government jobs and competitive exams.

Restores Fertility and Matrimonial Harmony - The positive significance of the Sunela gem helps individuals implicated in a stressful association. This Yellow-colored Citrine advantage can also be shared by married individuals who are facing difficulty conceiving a child.

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When it comes to measuring the quality of the Citrine gemstone then there are mainly 4 factors that perform a huge role which is Color, clarity, cut and carat weight. The origins are also a major factor when checking the quality of the gemstone. There are some factors that should be studied carefully when you are purchasing a natural Citrine stone online. Astrologically, a natural, untreated, and unheated bright golden-yellow gemstone with good transparency is believed the best quality Citrine gem

Taking a basic idea about all these factors and their impact on the price of the gemstone will turn out to be more helpful for buyers in accomplishing the Citrine gemstone shopping, more confidently.

Origin – Citrine Quartz mines are located in many countries including Bolivia, Russia, Madagascar, Myanmar, Brazil, and the USA. Amongst all these origin varieties, Brazilian Citrine holds a good reputation because the majority of Citrine gems coming from Brazilian mines bear good color and clarity. Some good quality material also comes from the African mining regions. Being the most sought-after variety of quartz mineral families, Brazilian citrine gems prices remain high when compared to other origins of Sunela stone. But if the hue and clarity are exceptional then the Citrine gemstone from any origin can bring a good sign in the market.

Color – In the global market, A natural Citrine gemstones can be discovered in a plethora of colors which are sold using their special titles such as ‘Lemon Quartz’, ‘Lemon Citrine’, ‘Smoky Citrine Quartz’, ‘Lemon Green Citrine’, deep reddish yellow ‘Madeira Citrine’ and ‘Champagne Citrine’ etc. We always suggest our consumers not to get hypnotized by the fancy words and always shop for a natural bright yellow to slight golden yellow Sunela stone with uniform consistency and medium saturation. If you are wearing it for astrological purposes then Citrine gemstone with brownish tints shouldn't be considered. According to the experts, A Real citrine gemstone's costs greatly depend upon its hue. Citrine gemstone prices are usually more elevated for uniformly saturated gemstones in bright yellow, golden yellow, or reddish-orange colors. An original Sunela stone with poor hue intensity, low saturation, smoky bottom, or hue zoning often seems less beautiful and is therefore sold at a lesser cost.

Clarity – A Natural Citrine gemstone is categorized as a Type I clarity gemstone which implies that they are anti0cipated to be nearly eye-clean. There are some Natural inclusions such as negative crystals, two-phase inclusions, liquid inclusions, and partially healed fractures that can be found in the low-quality citrine gemstones. For best astrological purposes, we always advise buyers to choose a transparent Suenla stone with minimum visible defects. There are some other factors that affect the price of a Citrine gemstone such as the level of transparency and inclusions (volume, location, and density). This also bears a powerful impact on the Citrine cost. According to the rule, the more the number of flaws, the price of the Citrine gemstone goes down. Hence, the cost of Natural Citrine gemstone is often more elevated for an eye-clean gem with great transparency.

Cut – Citrine gemstone can be seen in a broad range of shapes (round, oval, emerald, square, trillion, pear, etc.) and cuts (princess cut, cushion cut, round). The choice of cut is primarily associated with looks and contains nothing to do with the astrological effects of the gem. So, we can suggest buyers pick a shape that can bring out the best hue and improves the overall brilliance.The cutting class also impacts the prices of Sunela stones in the market. The price of a Natural Citrine gemstone is expected to be slightly higher for gemstones in highly customized fancy shapes such as emerald cut, cushion cut, etc.

Carat weight – Citrine gemstones Larger in size are comfortably available in the market. Therefore, the price per carat of a citrine gemstone doesn’t increase exponentially for gemstones of the bigger size. However, in many cases where the quality of Citrine gemstone is super fine, a slight difference in its per carat value can be observed.


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