White Sapphire

White Sapphire

White Sapphire

A gemstone to swoon over, the White Sapphire is a luxurious gemstone that catches the light in all its glory. A scintillating gemstone also is known as the Leucosapphire, or Safed Pukhraj in Hindi, the gem’s delicate yet luminous appearance adds to its wonder. The purest variety within the corundum family, true white sapphires are free from internal trace elements that lend color to the gem, leaving them white with a resplendent allure.

Color: Transparent, colorless, white gems
Finger: Worn as a ring on the dominant hand, with the gemstone touching the body
Neck: Worn as a pendant, with the gemstone touching the body
Metal: White gold and silver make a great combination with the white sapphire

A gemstone that is deeply connected to the zodiac Taurus, white sapphires are ruled by the planet Venus. The gem’s clarity offers a connection to sincerity and truth and these transparent and resilient gems are considered a good luck charm.

With a sparkle that diffuses light like a prism, the timeless white sapphire offers prosperity and wisdom to its wearer. Symbolic of a fresh start, the gem's naturally clear internal appearance provides the perfect slate for clarity and understanding. 

  • Offers marital bliss

  • Stimulates the pituitary glands 

  • Gives clarity in thought and opens the mind to newness. 

  • Offers pure energies

  • Connects one through the crown chakra to a higher self with more focus and clarity

  • Offers practical ideals in times of trouble

  • Known to stimulate fertility

The White Sapphire is known for its transparent to translucent appearances however gem-quality white sapphires are a truly rare find. A good quality gem constitutes some of the following factors:

Color:  As the purest version from the family of sapphires, these white gems tend to be of the highest quality when they show no traces of color. Often a rare sight, hints of greys and yellows often make their way into the cut and polished gemstone. Some of the best quality white sapphires have no hints of color and are often comparable to the forever diamond. 

CutFor the white sapphire, it’s cut tends to reveal the beauty within. Often cut as round brilliants or mixed brilliants, the gem's internal properties paired with an excellent cut allow maximum light return from within the gemstone, adding to the fire and brilliance of the gem.

ClarityFlawless white sapphires that are free from internal features are incredibly rare making their way to the top. Eye clean gemstones with a good visual appearance and free from hints of color are often the kind of gemstone that remains in the highest demand on the market. 

Pricing: Known to offer financial prosperity, it takes a little insight to understand the value you are paying for white sapphire is true and fair. Understanding its origins and treatments if any is a key factor when buying a white sapphire. Heat treatments, although accepted by the industry, helps lend a clear appearance to the gemstone thereby driving away any hints of color. These gemstones, although natural in origin, tend to have a lower value.

Mined popularly in Srilanka (Ceylon), some of the best golden colored gems at Navratan come from this rich island country. Free from treatments and modifications our in house collection also includes yellow sapphires from Thailand, Africa, Madagascar, and Burma another excellent source of top quality canary sapphires.

The white sapphire is a faultless choice for gemstone jewelry. A popular choice for engagement rings in the west, the gem's strength and durability paired with its lustre and luminosity make it a remarkable gemstone as a diamond simulant. With a fire that comes from within, when cut beautifully these gemstones can easily be mistaken for the other. At 9 on the scale of hardness, white sapphires can withstand a lot of wear and tear in jewelry. 

The price of a natural yellow sapphire is based on a number of factors from clarity, color, carat weight, and even treatments. The average price for yellow sapphire would range anywhere between INR 5,000 - 15,000 per carat and a good quality golden yellow can go up to INR 50,000 per carat.

Depending on one’s budget and the connection felt towards the gem it is always advisable to invest in a natural untreated, certified gemstone.

Color: Color being key, an evenly colored natural yellow sapphire without any tints of green or orange will fetch higher prices.
Clarity: When it comes to clarity, gems with a clean appearance claim higher values because of the rarity to naturally find a gemstone free from any natural internal features. Look for a gem that boasts an eye-clean appearance.
Carat Weight: Larger, spectacular yellow sapphires demand higher values for their rarity, but vividly colored smaller sizes often fetch top value too.
Mining Location: Srilankan (Ceylon) Sapphires demand higher prices because of their clarity and excellent color, whereas Thai yellow sapphires are often heat-treated dropping their values.
Treatments: From heat treatments to fillings or even color enhancements, once the gemstone has been enhanced even slightly, the price and exclusivity of the gemstone tend to drop and must be clearly declared at the time of purchase.

Caring for your natural White Sapphire is imperative. Gemstones over time tend to attract dirt and grime and need an occasional bath. 


A safe way to clean your white sapphire jewelry is:

  • Place gemstone studded jewelry in a bowl of warm soapy water, away from a basin

  • In the bowl scrub the piece lightly with an old, soft bristled toothbrush

  • In the bowl, rinse with clean water 

  • Wipe dry


Bowl is to catch gemstones that might come out of their setting but can be returned to the jeweler to be reset. 


Do not use any harsh chemicals, light hand soap will work

Jewelry pieces set with enamel and Kundan work should never be washed or put into an ultrasonic machine.

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    I have a white sapphire, how should I know it is a gem of good quality?

    Always look for a certificate from a third-party laboratory. White sapphires of good quality tend to reveal an eye-clean appearance with good transparency. As its name suggests these gemstones must have a white appearance and free from yellow or blue tinges allowing for the clarity and beauty of the gemstone to shine bright. Always buy a gemstone from a trusted gemstone dealer, who understands the gemstone for what it's worth.

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