Ruby Stone Pendant

A natural ruby gemstone has been one of the loved precious gems for centuries. The red color of the gemstone holds great significance and thus adds more value to its popularity. The bright red color has a symbolic meaning, such as love, anger and passion. Owing to the significance of the stone, ruby jewelry is considered the best option for an amazing gift for loved ones. A natural ruby stone pendant necklace, ring or bracelet has become an expensive piece of jewelry among fashion-forward people with time. This beautiful gemstone is popular with names such as Manik, Padmaraga stone, Rugal stone, Yakrit stone, Chuni stone and Kempu stone. Commonly referred to as 'the king or precious gemstone' or Ratnaraj, the original ruby gemstone has gained a special historical reference. The gem was believed to be a sacred stone in Hindu culture and offered to Gods to gain power and wealth. However, the symbolism of this precious gemstone has evolved with time. The stone of love and passion is studded in many jewelry forms. The ruby stone pendant design display the beauty of striking gemstone complemented with the type of metal that enhances its looks

About Original Ruby Stone Pendant

Genuine Ruby Pendant Necklace with different shapes and sizes of gemstones, styles and patterns of the designs together form the elegance of the jewelry. There are a variety of modern designs that have been prevalent in the market. For instance, the ruby bead necklace with a pendant is an amazing piece of jewelry that gives a unique style to your outfit. A simple ruby pendant where the gemstone is bezel set or held in prongs is perfect for everyday wear. As a jewelry piece, this red-hued gemstone reflects an impressive look. Besides this, it also acts as a beneficial adornment for astrological purposes.

Can Ruby be Worn as a Pendant?

If you wonder whether ruby stone can be worn as a pendant, your query gets solved by this explanation. The natural Manik stone is considered one of the most valued precious gems known for its stunning hue and hardness. With a hardness of nine, this gemstone perfectly fits the criteria of being studded in any piece of jewelry. Thus, a Manik stone pendant is worth wearing as a pendant. If you believe in celestial power, a kempu stone pendant should definitely be in your jewelry collection. The benefits of Padmaraga stone and what wonders it can do if worn as a pendant are inferred from the below section.

Benefits of Wearing Ruby Stone Pendant

The Manikya gemstone is associated with the Sun, the planet of success, name and fame. The ruby pendant worn for astrological purposes harnesses the energy of the Sun, adding success in all spheres of life.

  • Significance of the Gemstone

This red-hued gemstone is the birthstone of July month. It is also a traditional gemstone for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. Concerning the great symbolism of the gemstone, a ruby stone pendant set or a pendant is considered one of the prominent and precious jewelry gifts for loved ones.

  • Jewelry for Wealth and Power

Since antiquity, the natural kempu gemstone has been known for attracting wealth, power and success. The queens adorned these vibrant gemstones in their crowns and jewelry as a status and power symbol to the soldiers, inserting them in their flesh for protection during the battle; ruby stones have been admired for their powerful significance and beauty. In modern times, these gemstones have been admired for their elegance and charm, either using them as a solitaire or mixing and matching them with other precious stones. For instance, a ruby and diamond pendant necklace is one of the most desirable jewelry loved for both precious gemstones reflecting their essence.

  • Stone of Love and Tranquility

The benefits of wearing a ruby pendant include balance and peace in married life. This gemstone evokes emotions such as love, romance, passion and commitment. Thus, a chuni stone pendant is a perfect gift for your beloved as a symbol of love. As per Vedic astrology, this gemstone is related to the Sun, representing wisdom, happiness and bravery.

  • Professional and Academic Benefits

Who should wear a ruby stone pendant? However, there are no criteria for wearing this beautiful pendant, as it can be worn as a jewelry piece daily or on special occasions. As per astrological purposes, zodiac signs such as Leo are suitable for wearing this pendant. It is important to energize and activate the stone before wearing it as any jewelry piece. When worn correctly, this stone benefits the wearer in studies and harnesses positive professional outputs. Not only for women, but men's ruby pendant are also in trend. In today's fashion, colors are not defined by gender; now and then, women and men try unique styles, adding a different look. The ruby stone's fascinating color has also impressed men's wardrobes. Men can also wear these classic pendants for astrological benefits.

What is the Ruby Pendant Price in India?

The mesmerising beauty of The price of a ruby stone pendant is significantly impacted by factors such as origin, color, clarity, cut, and carat weight.

  • Origin: Burma Ruby Stone is the most coveted gemstone known for its remarkable color and clarity. The other good variety of gemstones includes rubies from Mozambique, Thailand, Africa and Afghanistan. Thus, a Burma ruby stone pendant is one of the most desirable jewelry.
  • Color: A vivid, saturated ruby with a medium tone is more valued. However, nothing can beat the beauty of pigeon blood red ruby stone. Thus, the pendants displaying the beauty of these stones are priced higher.
  • Clarity: Consider the clarity factor if you seek a ruby stone pendant online. The gemstone with few or no inclusions are rare; thus, jewelry studded with these stones is priced higher.
  • Cut: Looking for a customized gemstone pendant? A unique, well-finished cut of the gemstone is always preferred. A precise cut of the gemstone impacts the price of the pendant. A gold ruby pendant necklace with a perfectly cut red gem in the center increases the piece's value.
  • Carat Weight: The natural ruby stone price per carat weight increases with size, directly impacting the pendant's price


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