Teal Sapphire ( Mayuri Neelam)

In the enrapturing world of sapphires, Teal Sapphire holds a distinguished place because of the amalgamation of two colors (blue-green), its swoon-worthy appearance, and calming effect. The vivid color of teal sapphires makes them one of the most sought-after gemstone options to use in jewelry pieces.

By many renowned gemstone experts, this stone is considered as the next big thing as it is relatively new to the market but the demand in the market is rising exponentially with each passing day. Let’s state everything related to Teal Sapphire, be it its origin, quality evaluation factors, price, qualms related to it, etc.

Teal Sapphire History & Origin

The story of teal sapphire appending the world ‘Teal’ in its name is intriguing and whimsical. In 1930, Aloys John Maerz and Morris Rea Paul published the dictionary of color in which they dated the use of the word ‘Teal’ around 1917. Moreover, teal got its prominence from the Eurasian duck which has a bluish-green strip near the eyes.

So, when sapphires with bi-color (bluish-green) were discovered, selecting the word ‘Teal’ for Taxonomy was a predominant choice. The major aspect that distinguishes teal sapphires from the rest of the blue sapphires is its vivacious and glossy bi-color.

There are no references given in the history books about the origin of Teal sapphires but many Historians say that they were first traced in Montana in 1965. Numerous countries have mines of Teal Sapphires but Australia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand are the major producers of this vivid bi-color gemstone.

Teal Sapphires from countries like Australia and Thailand are usually richer in color because of the presence of more Iron in composition. The presence of the Iron element is the key reason behind the alluring blue hues of teal Sapphires.

Let’s have a look at the chemical composition as well as numerous noteworthy physical properties of teal Sapphires.

Chemical Composition: Al 2 O3
Mohs Hardness: 9
Refractive Index Diverges1.760-1.768 & 1.770-1.770
Metal: Yellow or white gold makes a great combination with the cool, soothing tones of the blue sapphire
Specific Gravity3.98-4.00

Teal Sapphire Quality

1.Color: The Teal Sapphires are majorly known for their striking and startling bi-color. The gemstone with immense glitter and uniform saturation is usually of exceptional quality. However, with the increase in dullness and decrease in saturation factor, the quality of Teal Sapphire drops drastically.

2.Cut: To a great extent, cut determines the color of a teal Sapphire. The well-cut teal Sapphire stone exudes brilliance and stunning blue hues. Though this gemstone doesn’t possess a pleochroism effect, it seamlessly allows the light to pass from the stone to ooze hues brightly and equally. A poor-cut teal sapphire loses its glossy nature as well as value over time.

3.Carat Weight: It’s daunting to find Teal Sapphires above a certain carat weight as they are rare to find. Moreover, Teal sapphires with high carat weight possess amazing clarity and are quite exorbitant. Teal Sapphires with a carat weight above 3 are quite rare and super expensive.

4.Clarity: Teal Sapphires with minimal to no inclusions are next to impossible to find. It’s quite common for natural blue Teal Sapphires to have inclusions considering their innate structure. The astounding thing fact about this gemstone is no two teal sapphires are alike. Each teal sapphire exudes unique hues that makes it super special. In a nutshell, Teal Sapphires with supreme clarity are unmatched in quality.

5.Treatment: Most natural Teal Sapphires or Mayuri Neelam are heat treated to amplify the natural color of the gemstones. It’s rare to find unheated teal Sapphire in the market as they are not the right fit for jewelry. Moreover, untreated Teal Sapphires are often gray-blue in color.

Teal Sapphire Price

Compare to other cream quality, Teal Sapphire's price is rather low and also depends on principal factors like color, clarity, cut, carat weight, and treatment. Moreover, as the color rarity and cut increases, the price of the stone also increases greatly and simultaneously.

If we talk about the price of Teal Sapphire in India, the price begins at 50000 per carat ($610 USD) and goes as high as 500000 per carat ($6105 USD). If you want to know more about the price of Teal Sapphires, feel free to connect with us anytime. We would be more than happy to assist you!


Teal Sapphire's demand in the market is so tremendous that many sold synthetic and shoddy versions of this endearing gemstone to rake big bucks and make a mockery out of customers.

It is highly advised to rope in coveted Teal Sapphires stones only from certified and Trustworthy sources like Navratan to get the best value for your hard-earned money and save yourself from fraud.

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