Blue Topaz Stone

Blue Topaz gemstone is recognized as the astrological substitute for Blue Sapphire gemstone. It is a transparent blue-colored, semi-precious gemstone that belongs to the mineral family of Topaz. This November birthstone comes in a wide range of blue shades including subtle sky blue to intense inky. This stunning blue crystal is a popular Vedic gemstone that holds numerous astrological benefits and healing properties.

About Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz Gemstone is one of the most popular semi-precious gemstones that have caught the attention due to its shining blue hue, astrological advantages, and excellent jewelry choice. In the world of Vedic astrology, this colored crystal is best used as the astrological substitute for the precious Blue Sapphire or Neelam stone and is adored more for making engaging jewelry designs. Blue Topaz gemstones can be discovered mainly in three attractive colors and are titled accordingly. These are The pale Sky Blue Topaz, cool Swiss Blue Topaz, and deep London Blue Topaz. The sparkling gems beautifully elicit images of the wind, sky, and water. Blue Topaz gemstone can appear naturally but it is quite rarer in comparison with other colored gemstones. This blue gem is also symbolized as the state gemstone of Texas. The Sagittarius birthstone is often associated with the Blue Topaz stone, which is believed to bring clarity of mind, creativity, and good fortune to those born under this zodiac sign.

Blue Topaz Properties:

The stone is popular due to its amazing chemical and physical properties. The chemical formula of Blue Topaz gemstone is Al2SiO4(F, OH)2. When it comes to hardness on the moh scale then it ranks at 8. The Refractive Index of Blue Topaz ranges between 1.619 - 1.638 and the density varies between 3.5 - 3.6. The Blue Topaz is best regarded as the astrological substitute for Neelam stone.

Blue Topaz Meaning

Blue Topaz is regarded as the stone for the December month and the gemstone for the couples who are celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary. As per Astrologers, this blue gemstone is connected with the mighty planet Saturn (Shani). It is said to get the best astrological benefits of Blue Topaz stone only by those who are going through Shani’s Dhaiyya, Kantakshini, Shaade Sati, or Dasha Phase.

Benefits Of Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz gemstone owns mystic healing features and is thought to promote emotional balance. This charming gem can bring wealth, good luck, peace, and great health and is best known to have numerous healing and astrological advantages. Blue Topaz gemstone symbolizes strength, wisdom, and courage. In several alternative healing therapies, the healing effects are positively revered for healing a variety of physical and mental diseases. As per gemstone healers, this alluring gem is also beneficial for individuals who work in an innovative field i.e, writers, singers, etc. Like its stunning charming hue, the Blue Topaz gemstone includes a cool and soothing effect on the wearer’s life. The incredible benefits of wearing Blue Topaz gemstones are:

Health Benefits:Blue Topaz gemstone can give you instant relief from anxiety and is also used to cure insomnia. This gemstone is used to heal the kidney, heart, and immune system. This gemstone also helps individuals who are dealing with anxiety, premature aging, and fertility issues.

Financial Benefits:A Natural Blue Topaz gemstone can bring prosperity, wealth, and success to the wearer’s life. For those who are struggling in business, wearing a Blue Topaz gemstone can help their company to prosper and deliver great outcomes.

Enhances Judgement Skills:Blue Topaz supports the wearer with knowledge, thereby allowing the individual to diagnose problems, make suitable decisions, and overwhelm stressful situations in life. This gemstone is regarded as quite helpful for experts in the judiciary, research, or any administrative posts.

Symbol of Love and Faithfulness:Wearing a Blue Topaz stone can deliver knowledge, love, and harmony to the spouse. This gem is also used to enhance love and mutual understanding among associates and delivers positivity to the wearer.

Buy Natural Blue Topaz Gemstone Online

Blue Topaz gemstone is desired and loved due to its vibrant blue shade, vitreous luster, brilliance, grace, clarity, cut, and carat weight. A real piece of blue Topaz gemstone is generally found in a transparent and colorless form. Due to some impurities and treatments, the stone is found in different shades of blue. There are certain parameters that can determine the quality of Blue Topaz and based on these parameters, the Blue Topaz gem value, quality, and authenticity can be estimated. The main parameters include:

Origin - The finest quality Blue Topaz gemstone is mainly found in the mines of Brazil and is often irradiated to achieve an intense Blue hue. Other Blue Topaz gemstones are located in Russia, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, the United States, Australia, Mexico, and South Africa. Blue Topaz found in brazil known as Brazilian Blue Topaz is recognized due to its exceptional color, consistent clarity, and huge size.

Color- Blue Topaz hue is the most important quality aspect that separates this crystal from other varieties of Blue Topaz gemstone. According to Gemstone experts, the more intense, uniform, and deeper the hue, the more elevated the gemstone quality.

Clarity -Blue Topaz shows a translucent appearance. The stone is found without any exclusion. The gemstone is popular for its brilliance and durability. The clearer the gem, the more worth it shows. If the stone contains inclusions, fractures, surface scratches, or blemishes then it leads to a low value of the stone. Blue Topaz that is available in the market is typically eye-clean and there are no such visible flaws in the gemstone.

Cut - The cut on the stone can have a surprising impact on its face-up shade. Blue Topaz is quite a versatile gem that is discovered in a great assortment of shapes including, oval, square, round, heart, pear, trillion, rectangular cushion, and many more. Generally, the price increases for gemstones in fancy shapes with deeper cuts as their cutting method applies more wastage of the rough stone.

Blue Topaz Price

The price of Blue Topaz gemstone per carat ranges depending on the 4 c's of the stone including transparency, clarity, cut, shape, size, luster, inclusions, and certificate it has. The origin of the stone also plays a huge role when it comes to the quality of the gemstone. Based on the mentioned quality mixture the price of Blue Topaz gem can begin from 300 INR ($ 4.10) per carat to 800 INR ($ 11) per carat and even more. Its unmatchable magnificence, outstanding luster, and exceptional durability create this Blue Topaz gem a perfect option for all.

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