Aquamarine Stone (Beruj)

Aquamarine stone is a highly transparent light blue-colored semi-precious gemstone. Rich in chromium, this unique stone is a profound member of the Beryl mineral family clan. Astrologically, it is considered a substitute for the precious Blue Sapphire gemstone. According to Indian Vedic astrology, this traditional gemstone is worn to stimulate self-confidence, leadership qualities, good health, and stability in a nuptial. Aquamarine gemstone, also known as Beruj gemstone, is said to be the birthstone for the month of March. Owing to its exceptional cut and clarity, Aquamarine has earned a remarkable reputation in the global gemstone market for its amazing beauty and a vitreous luster.

How To Wear Aquamarine Stone?

Color: For best astrological results, one should wear a clean, transparent, and aqua-blue-colored aquamarine.
Worn In: You should wear an aquamarine ring on the middle finger of your working hand..
Day & Time: From 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. on a Shukla Paksha’s Saturday morning is considered to be the best time to wear aquamarine jewelry..
Metal: Silver is preferred to be paired with Raw Aquamarine stone. However, platinum and white gold can also be used.
Mantra & Chanting: While wearing an aquamarine ring or any other jewelry, chant 'Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah’ (ऊँ शं शनैश्चराय नमः।) for 108 times.

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Benefits of Aquamarine Stone

Aquamarine Stone Symbolism transformation and rebirth of energies and the universe itself. It is popularly recognized by people of various cultures including Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Hebrews for its strong metaphysical properties and mystical healing powers.

Allied with tranquility, serenity, and collective harmony, the Aquamarine or Beruj gem is also a highly valued gem of the ancient lineage. On the astrological ground, this mesmerizing stone is considered as a substitute (upratna) for The Most Powerful Gemstone, Blue Sapphire.

Betters the power of self-expression: By signifying the planet of courage, Saturn, an aquamarine stone, or Beruj Ratan holds endless powers with it. Besides boosting confidence, aquamarine gemstone is also known for improving the self-expression skills and leadership qualities of its natives.

Henceforth, astrologers recommend this gem for those people who are operating in the professions of authority and public interaction, for instance, PR, mass media, judiciary, and politics.

Provide financial stability: Owing to its alignment with the karmic planet Saturn, aquamarine ensures your financial stability and provides business growth. People who are facing financial difficulties or business challenges in their lives can wear this gem to improve the situation..

Wearing a natural Beruj (aquamarine) helps people in getting desired results of their hard work and better outcomes of their efforts. If you are looking for a budget-friendly stone for improving your business standards, go for an aquamarine.

Improve Health Conditions: Aquamarine is related to the third eye chakra. Primarily, to the throat chakra and secondary to the heart chakra. Therefore, this stone has the power to cure throat infections and balance hormonal disorders. It not only improves your immune system but also works effectively for your endocrine health.

Ensures a stable marriage: Aquamarine is believed to be the stone of love and harmony. Ancient sailors use it as an amulet of protection and prosperity to ensure a safe journey. In the same way, aquamarine helps people to make a strong and stable relationship with their partners.

Astrologers strongly recommend this beautiful stone for travelers, sailors, soldiers, and people who frequently go out on foreign trips for their business. Similarly, people who are experiencing a lack of mutual understanding and differences in their married life can wear an aquamarine to restore matrimonial harmony and stability.

Quality of Aquamarine Gemstone (Beruj)

Color: Color plays a vital role in determining the price of any gemstone, the same is the case with aquamarine. The word ‘Aquamarine’ itself denotes the water of the sea. The Latin language beautifully depicts the relevance of its watery blue hue with a minor tint of green.

A pure blue color distribution with a fair consistency is quite rare and therefore derives a handsome price in the global gemstone market. The value of aquamarine keeps on diminishing for paler stones with a hint of green, grey, or brown color in it.

Clarity & Treatment: Aquamarines with high transparency and absolutely no inclusions are considered to be of the best quality. However, mica plates or milky clouds like eye-visible inclusions usually hampers the clarity level and luster that can make a significant fall in the price of this Beruj stone.

The presence of an excessive greenish shade in a blue aquamarine stone can decrease its overall value in the market. Dark green aquamarine is treated to transform into a pure vivid blue Beruj. However such treatment affects the market value. A natural and untreated pure blue aquamarine is always more valuable than a treated one.

Cut: Cut and shape also make a significant impact on the ultimate value of any gem. A highly faceted aquamarine is undoubtedly more expensive than an oval or round shape because of the lost weight during the cutting process. Round or oval-shaped  natural aquamarine are comparatively cheaper as less transparent or opaque stones are usually polished and shaped as round or cabochons (polished but not faceted)..

Carat Weight: Unlike other gemstones, a fine quality of aquamarine crystal is easily accessible in large size. On the other hand, it is equally tough to find a small size aquamarine gemstone in deep and evenly distributed aquamarine blue color..

Thus, a superior quality aquamarine in a small size commands a high value in the international gemstone market. Since it is difficult to use in jewelry, the Aquamarine stone price above 25 carats drops gradually with every increasing carat.

Aquamarine Stone Price

The Price of aquamarine stone mainly depends on its color. Cut, clarity, carat weight, treatment, and origin are among the other deciding factors that determine the overall price of this March birthstone. In India, per carat price of aquamarine starts from ₹ 600 ($8 approx.) and can go up to the limit of ₹ 20,000 approx. ($266) per carat. This limit may even exceed, depending upon the overall quality of the stone..

Brazilian aquamarine gemstones (especially the Santa Maria stones) command a high value due to their superior clarity and intense blue hue. Due to the beautiful brilliant color, these Santa Maria aquamarines are among the most sought-after and popular varieties of Beruj. Even though they possess a slightly greenish overtone, Sri Lankan aquamarines also fetch a good price because of their decent clarity.

Who Should Wear Aquamarine Stone?

Beruj or Aquamarine stone is believed to be associated with the planet Saturn or Shani. Western astrology prescribes it as the birthstone for the month of March and a gemstone for the sun sign Aries. While Indian Vedic science recommends the Beruj stone best for Capricorn and Aquarius Zodiac signs or Makar and Kumbha Rashi respectively. However, ascendants of Virgo, Gemini, and Taurus can also wear this crystal clear gem..

Astrologers recommend Aquamarine to strengthen weak Saturn in the horoscope of its wearer. A misplaced Saturn can disturb one’s financial stability, decision-making power, and psychological health. An aquamarine gemstone is known for bringing overall prosperity to an individual’s life.

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