Pigeon Blood Ruby

Pigeon blood ruby is one of the most exclusive and uncommonly rare varieties of ruby gemstones. Since the majority of Pigeon blood-red ruby comes from the mines of Burma, people usually misunderstand Pigeon Blood ruby gemstone as Old Burma or Burmese Ruby or vice-versa. Therefore, it is essential to apprehend that this beautiful gem is named after its stunningly unique color and not the origin. Though it was originally mined in Myanmar, recently, some fine qualities of natural pigeon blood ruby are found in the mines of Vietnam, Afghanistan, Tajikistan Mozambique, and Madagascar.

History of Pigeon Blood Ruby

Pigeon Blood-red ruby is an extremely desirable gemstone that commands an equally high price in the global gemstone market. Owing to the rich color and superior clarity, Pigeon Blood Rubies bear high metaphysical properties that deliver positive influence to the wearer.

Pigeon Blood Ruby is a July birthstone. Being among the most sought-after color variants of the ruby category, Pigeon blood ruby displays a bright red color with a small tint of purple hue that seems deep red when seen in the light. It somewhat resembles the fluorescent red signal of a high-intensity traffic light. The extraordinary color-effect makes this gemstone worldwide popular. Pigeon Blood Ruby gemstone derived its name from a freshly killed pigeon’s blood. If sources are to be believed, some say that the color of the perfect ruby is just as the same as the central point of a pigeon’s eye whereas others say that the finest ruby is of the first two drops of blood color that flows from the nose of a killed pigeon.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Price

Natural Pigeon Blood Ruby is rarer than diamonds and demand for good quality Pigeon Blood-red rubies has always been strong among the industrialists and in the wholesale trade fair.

Prized for its extreme level of beauty and rarity, it is the quality of cut, color, and clarity that assess the value of Pigeon Blood ruby. Records show that Myanmar’s ruby holds millions of dollars’ worth at the international auction markets. The price of Pigeon Blood-Red Ruby gemstone begins from approx. $4665 per carat and can go far above depending upon the color intensity and weight.

Pigeon blood ruby originated from Burma and is said to have a perfect ruby color in that area that is the same as the first drops of blood from the nose of a killed pigeon. According to some reports, the locals refer to these rubies as the best and most vibrant rubies. It is the finest ruby and is also the color of the central point of a pigeon’s eye.

Pigeon blood rubies are also called Burmese rubies and tend to have a rich red color with an undertone of blue, and the pigeon’s blood is visually pure vivid red gemstone.

Quality of Pigeon Blood Ruby

The quality standards are balanced for rubies, and color is the main differentiator. The hue, tone, and saturation describe the finest pigeon blood ruby. The perfect color in a ruby is vivid-red, medium-dark red to slightly purplish red.

The best way to evaluate and compare a ruby is with actual gemstones. Tone describes the ruby’s value; most fine rubies have medium to medium dark tones. Ruby should not be so dark as it can obscure nor so light that its color appears to dilute or indistinct. Thai rubies are known as “garnet red” due to their dark tone. Alternatively, if the tone is too light, it can be considered a pink sapphire.

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