Chuni Stone

A Chuni gemstone is a Bengali name and in English is called Ruby Stone (Manik Ratna). Ruled by the Planet Sun, it brings energy, positivity, prosperity, and overall well-being. As per Vedic Astrology, they should be worn by Leo sun sign or Singh Rashi, people in power or love, and ascendants of the Aries, Pisces, and Sagittarius. Similar to how Ruby is known as chuni stone in Kolkata, different regions call it Manik (sometimes pronounced Manikya), Suryamani, Rugal, Yaqoot, and Kempu Stone.

The chuni gemstone (another name for Ruby) belongs to the corundum mineral family and ranks 9 on Moh’s hardness scale, strongest after diamond. It comes in a variety of red shades ranging from pinkish to blood-red tone. In Vedic astrology, wearing the original kempu stone as per the placement of the Sun, can improve career, relationships, and social status. In Western astrology, it is popular as the July Birthstone and is also considered a special 15th and 40th-anniversary gift.

Considered as the king of gemstones it brings the following benefits to the wearer.

  • It improves health by enhancing blood circulation, strengthening the bones, and curing Vitamin D deficiency, making a person full of energy.
  • Enhances relationships by building trust in mutual bonds, especially the authority figures, like your parents, mentors, and people whom you look upon. This is so because the Sun is a signifier of a father figure.
  • It provides mental clarity and inner wisdom as the Sun is the Atma karaka and helps one understand their soul’s desire.

The natural chuni stone price per ratti starts from INR 2000 to INR 50,000. It depends on the 4 C’s discussed as follows:

  • Color:The intensity, saturation, and hue determines the beauty of the color. As per GIA, the best quality is one with pure, vibrant to slightly purplish red color. Hence the pure red colors have a higher cost compared to ones with overtones of orange or purple.
  • Clarity:The natural gemstones come with inclusions and other internal flaws. But ones that have minimal inclusions, not visible to the human eye, are quite rare and hence have a higher cost.
  • Cut:The type of cut also determines the cost of chuni stone as the portions getting wasted in cutting also count. Hence the faceted or heart-shaped custom cuts are more costly than the regular round or oval.
  • Carat Weight:Astrology points a significant value to this factor, as one is advised to wear a specific carat, calculated as per their body tolerance level and star signs. Generally, the higher carat weight are rare in numbers and, hence are highly priced.
  • Origin:All four C’s differ as per the origin too. Hence a burma chuni stone price will be higher than one from Thailand or Madagascar. On a per carat basis, the price from burma can cost between ₹ 10,000 - 10,00,000 ($120.30 to $12,030.44) and ones from Mozambique can range from ₹ 10, 000 to 1,00,000 ($120.30 to $1,202.93).

How to Care and Clean

Though this famous gemstone in Bengal has a fair hardness and clarity, cleaning them is important as it enhances transparency while also maximizing benefits astrologically. Here are a few easy steps to follow:

  • Keep the chuni stone ring in a bowl with warm water and mild soap for 30 minutes.
  • Use an old toothbrush to gently scrub off the dust and impurities.
  • Take it out and wipe it with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • You can also use ultrasonic or steam cleaners.
  • Do a small activation pooja and wear it again on Sunday during Pushya Nakshatra.
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A bold representative of the Sun, Ruby gems offer a rich red color known to bring Success adding Romance in any relationship.

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