Sri Lanka Ruby

Sri Lanka Ruby is a beautiful gem which comes in the hues of red or pink. Belonging to the corundum mineral family, Rubies which are mined from the Sri Lanka region is called Sri Lankan Rubies, particularly known for their finest quality, bright red shade and shine. Sometimes also known as Ceylon Ruby, it is known as the stone of fierceness, vitality, confidence and passion as per astrology.

The charm of ruby from Sri Lanka makes it a valuable gemstone for both jewellery purposes and astrological significance. The price of Sri Lankan Ruby ranges between INR 30,000 to 5,00,000 per carat, based on its cut, colour, clarity and weight.

Sri Lanka is one of the oldest origins known of ruby gemstones. Sri Lankan ruby stones represent life's fiery spirit and inspire bravery. It captures the energy and liveliness of its origin. Ruled by the astrological planet sun, it symbolizes strength, individuality and vigour.

Locally, the gems are also known as Sri Lankan Manikya/Manik. Birthstone for July, ancient people believed that wearing it could protect the person from negative energies as well as bring them to a position of power. Leo Zodiac sign would benefit the most from the stone.

With a hardness of 9 on Moh’s scale, it is a pretty durable stone, hence its jewellery is often worn as everyday wear around the globe. People wear it to enhance their look as well as to increase their confidence, leadership skills and strength. The gem will give you social recognition.

Physical Properties of Sri Lanka Ruby

Chemical Composition Variety of Corundum mineral, a crystalline form of aluminium oxide with chromium as the colouring element.
Colour Bright Pinkish Red
Toughness High
Hardness 09
Specific Gravity 3.97–4.05
Refractive Index 1.760-1.772

Benefits of Sri Lanka Ruby Stone

Enhances Self-Confidence - It will remove self-doubt, and increase self-belief and self-confidence in the wearer. This will help them build their career and grab the opportunities coming their way with complete faith.

Brings Power, Name & Fame - The gem is in connection with the Sun, hence is a seen as stone of Power. People believe that it will bring the person to a position of authority and leadership, developing their name in society.

Attracts Love - Sri Lankan ruby will attract love into your life. If you are single, it will draw your potential partner to you and if you are married, it will foster good relationships between spouses.

Boosts Decision-Making Skills - It will give you a clear mind, eliminating confusion or overthinking, which will help you make better judgements for yourself.

Promotes Creativity - It will expand your imagination and creative thinking skills, increasing creativity and passion in the wearer which is why it is often recommended to writers, musicians or artists.

Promotes courage - It will encourage you to be bold and courageous and approach life obstacles with determination to overcome them.

Instills Calmness - The gem will remove stress, and worries and cures depression or anxiety issues, filling the wearer’s life with positivity, calmness and peace.

Protection - It will protect you from negative energies and harm like evil spirits or black magic.

Activates Root Chakra - The gem helps to align the energies of the root chakra, located at the base of the spine, which when opened promotes strength and stability and instils a sense of security.

Healing Properties - Ruby stone from Sri Lanka will maintain your overall well-being. It will regulate your blood circulation, remove toxic substances from the body, strengthen the heart, and stimulate the circulatory system. Indeed, the stone’s energies will cure any ailments related to the kidney, spleen or heart. Boosting your energy levels, it will also increase your vitality and sexual prowess.

Anyone can wear a Sri Lankan Ruby if they want to wear it only for their appeal. Although, if you believe in astrology, you should consider the astrological aspect of the gem. In Vedic astrology, Sri Lanka Ruby stone is recommended for people who have the Sun in a weak position in their birth chart.

The ruling planet of the gemstone is the Sun (Lord Surya), so wearing it will strengthen Surya and eliminate any negative effects caused by it.

As per the zodiac, the Leo sign or Sinh Rashi can wear it to get the blessings of the Sun. Aries, Scorpio, and Sagittarius ascendants can also wear the gem, although, consulting with an expert astrologer or Pandit is highly advised.

As per Western astrology, individuals born in July can also wear this gemstone and benefit from its positive energies.

The Quality of a gemstone highly affects the price range, also, a good-quality gemstone is the best investment, which will also give you maximum benefits astrologically. Hence, when purchasing a Sri Lanka ruby, you should choose the one of premium standards. But how to check the quality, well, here are some factors which help determine the grade:-

Colour - The Rubies from Sri Lanka are often pinkish red in hue, mostly lighter in tone with vivid saturation. The gems of dull colour and weak intensity are considered of low quality.

Cut - They are often cut well into facets to enhance their look and can be fashioned in many standard cuts and shapes. A cut needs to be precise as it can affect the colour and shape, hence the quality.

Clarity - Often rubies have inclusions, and Sri Lanka ruby stones are known to have fractures or iridescent silk, that is, minute crystalline needles which reflect light inside the gem. The ones with fewer flaws are of high clarity, and more in demand.

Size - Smaller size gems are often seen to have better quality than the ones of larger sizes.

The Sri Lankan ruby stone price ranges between INR 30,000 to 5,00,000 per carat. Many factors determine the cost of the gem like Quality, cut, colour, clarity, weight and treatment process. You should keep them in mind while purchasing a ruby of Sri Lanka. Know how these aspects will affect the price range:-

Cut - A well-faceted cut with skill and accuracy will command a higher price since the cut increases the look and quality of the gem. Mostly, these gems are cut into oval, cushion or cabochon shapes.

Colour - Dull hues and lighter tones with less transparency in stones are not so valuable while the ones with intense hues and vivid saturation will always cost more.

Clarity - The clarity is decided by the number of inclusions in the gem, the fewer inclusions or flaws will be, the higher the amount.

Weight -Larger sizes of rubies are very rarer than all precious gems and so they command higher prices.

Treatment Processes -Gemstones are treated to improve colour, clarity and stability, although, people often prefer natural Sri Lanka rubies which are not polished or heated, so they have higher selling prices.

One of the Navratans, Sri Lanka Ruby's fiery colours represent courage and passion, reflecting the strong energy it carries. Its mysterious vibe attracts those seeking strength, vitality, and success in life.

But to gain all its benefits, one should wear it with proper astrological Vedic pooja process -

Best Day & Time - An early morning on a Sunday during Shukla Paksha

Metal to Wear In - Gold is the best though you can also use Copper, Panchdhatu or Ashtdhatu

Form - You should wear a Sri Lankan ruby ring, pendant or bracelet. This is so that the gem remains in contact with you all the time.

Which Finger To Wear In - Women should wear the ring in the ring finger of their left hand while men should wear it in the ring finger of their right hand.

Purification - Take a metal bowl, keep your jewellery in it, then add the following ingredients one by one - Raw Milk, Ghee, Curd, Honey, Sugar and Tulsi Leaves. Let the jewellery in the mixture for 15 to 30 minutes, then rinse with Gangajal.

Energization - To energize your gemstone, on an auspicious day, purify it, then pray to god, light some incense sticks, offer some fresh flowers, and set your intentions of wearing the gem. Pray to God with devotion and belief, chant the mantra “Om Hrim Sum Suryay Namah” 108 times, and wear your Sri Lankan ruby jewellery or stone while reciting the mantra for the last time.

To maintain the beauty and shine of your gemstone, you should care for it and clean it every once in a while.

Here are some caring and cleaning tips that you should follow to preserve your ruby of Sri Lanka:-

  • Keep your jewel stored in a separate box, wrapped up in cotton or soft cloth to protect it from damage.
  • Do not expose it to extreme heat/cold. Avoid any sudden temperature change as well.
  • Do not let the jewellery come in contact with chemicals and acids.
  • Never clean your Sri Lanka rubies with cleaning agents, alcohol, thinner, vinegar, etc.
  • Keep in mind to wear the gem jewellery in the last to avoid it getting in contact with perfumes or any make-up or hair cosmetics.
  • Remove them before bathing or doing any activities like swimming, playing, gardening, cleaning, cooking, etc.
  • Regularly check if there is any loose setting to avoid damaging or losing your stone.

To Clean - Mix mild soap in lukewarm water, and soak your gem or jewellery in it for a few minutes. Then gently scrub it with a soft-bristled toothbrush, most preferably a baby toothbrush or a make-up brush. Make sure you remove all the residues without scratching the ruby stone. Now rinse with fresh water and dry with a clean cloth.

Note - Do not wash directly in the sink.

Indeed, you can send your jewel to a laboratory to get it tested and cleaned up through verified procedures.

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. Is Sri Lankan Ruby Good ?

Ans. Sri Lanka Ruby stones are known for their transparency, bright hue and clarity. They have almost no flaws or inclusions which are visible to the naked eye.

Q. Where Can I Buy Sri Lankan Ruby Online at the Best Price ?

Ans. In Hindi, traditionally known as Neelmani, Indraneel and Indraneelam, blue sapphire is called Neelam Stone. It is associated with the planet Saturn and hence is also referred to as Shani Ratna.

Q. What is the cost of Ceylon Star Rubies ?

Ans. The price of Ceylon Star ruby stones ranges between INR 5000 to 8,000 per carat,depending on their quality.


A bold representative of the Sun, Ruby gems offer a rich red color known to bring Success adding Romance in any relationship.

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