Our Story

Our Story

Our Key Focus

At Navratan, we are focused on the beauty and the power of a gemstone. Forged by Mother Nature and brought to life by our in house artisans who understand what each gemstone has to offer, our inventory has a collection of natural gems from different parts of the world brought together under one roof.

Birth of Navratan

The magnetic power of the 9 planets (grahas) that were popularised in the courts of Akbar The Great has always been part of the rich heritage of India. Navratan is a brand that aims to keep the magic of these 9 planets alive through powerful gemstones that are each linked to a planet and many more.

A digital store conceptualized in Jaipur, India, Navratan, is the online subsidiary of the Gemstone Co. Backed with proven knowledge of gemstones, jewelry, and manufacturing techniques garnering trust for over 4 generations, we plan to expand our business in the online sphere with www.navratan.com. We constantly strive to ensure an easy, fast, safe, and secure shopping experience for each of our clients online.

Why Navratan

History and
1 LAKH +
Happy Customer
  • History and Expertise

A true understanding of the intrinsic values of each gemstone and key trade secrets that have passed 4 generations, today, our team of gemologists, jewelry professionals, and digital experts have come together to help usher you towards the gemstone of your dreams from the convenience of your home.

  • Diverse Collections

Meticulously selecting each gemstone namely Sapphires (from the regions of Srilanka, Madagascar, Burma, and even rare Kashmir gems), Rubies (sourced from Mozambique, Burma, and Thai gems), Emeralds (sought out from miners in Zambia and even the exotic Columbian region) we specialize in a range of gems. Not only the popular big 3 but our vast in-house inventory of spectacular gems also house rich orangey-red Hessonites, rare Cats eye Chrysoberyls, Coral and Pearls that are hard to come by. Offering these gems at true, wholesale rates, our prices remain unmatched online.

  • Transparent Operations

Our determined team will do everything to help narrow down on the right natural gemstone for a price that is both fair and competitive by also supporting all the artisans in the production process. With a safe and secure online transaction, be assured of a worry-free purchase while enjoying the regally colored investment.

  • Certified Gemstones

Understanding the true value of a gem gives added confidence at the time of purchase. We aim to achieve this through certification, offering a free ISO certified, Gemological certificate with every gemstone. Certificates from international laboratories like IGTL, GRS, GIA, SSEF, and GUBELIN are also available with some of our high-value gemstones and can be provided as an add on.

  • Easy Returns

Our 10-day Return Window offers enough time with each gemstone or piece of jewelry before making a final decision. With a clear, easy, and transparent “No Questions Asked” policy it is convenient when considering returns.


We place our customers above everything because we understand that a satisfied customer is the base of any goodwill. Navratan is proud to spread happiness through its gemstones in 196 countries at the most reasonable price. Together with exclusively handcrafted gemstones, Navratan has successfully mounted a reputed brand name for itself in the worldwide gems industry. By maintaining year’s old legacy of trust and quality, we hold more than a lakh satisfied customers with us today. With four generations of rich & profound experience in gemstones, we haven’t just gained the best quality standards but also the priceless trust and Happy faces of our virtuous family like customers.


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