White Coral Stone

The lustrous white coral or “Safed Moonga” in Hindi is a gemstone known for its healing powers. Found popularly in the depths of the Pacific and Indian oceans, these white, organic gemstones form entirely of calcium carbonate. Tiny coral polyps that have transparent bodies and white skeletons come in a variety of shapes and sizes representing honesty and purity through their being.

Color: White, Ivory
Finger: Worn as a ring with the gemstone touching the body.
Neck: Worn as a pendant with the gemstone touching the body.
Metal: Silver, Yellow Gold, and White gold work as a great combination with coral.

Unique in form and shape, no two white coral gems will ever be the same because of their natural origins. A gemstone whose color is the embodiment of serenity, these gems are linked to the root chakra.

A gem that offers health advantages, the white coral-like its red counterpart is connected to the planet Mars. Reveling in its purity from just its color, the natural whites have an unmatched sheen that often adds to its individuality.

  • Offers an intuition that helps one understand the depth of a situation
  • Provides mental balance to one’s mental and physical energies
  • Can boost circulation and respiratory problems
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Promotes bone formation in children
  • Encourages clarity and better communication
  • Offers financial stability
  • Can cure lung and kidney-related issues

A gemstone that screams confidence, the white coral is a symbol for unity and understanding its quality and how it affects its price and value are essential.

Color: A pure white coral demands high values. With a wholesome milk-like color that is bright and free from any hints of pinks and yellows, the white coral is highly desirable.

Clarity: A smooth, even appearance, without any black veins and inclusions is one to invest in. A gemstone often fashioned as a cabochon, it is important that these white wonders are free from tiny pits and holes that can often drop the value of these gems.

Treatments:Ever so often impregnated with wax, these delicate white gems become more resistant to wear. Although an acceptable practice, it is important to understand at the time of purchase for the correct care and maintenance of the gemstone. Bleaching the white coral is also a popular treatment to purify its color, however, this does drop the value of the gemstone.

A gemstone intended for elegance, the white coral pairs well with yellow and white golds. At 3.5- 4 on the scale of hardness, these softer gems require a little extra loving care when worn. With an appearance so surreal this gemstone is one that couples seem to be gravitating towards, a color so pure it encourages loyalty and togetherness. White corals must be worn away from harder gemstones like the diamond and when stored must be wrapped in a soft cloth and packed away from harder gemstones like diamonds or sapphires, as they can over time become scratched or damaged through wear and tear.

Investing in a certified coral is advisable as this offers a gemologist's perspective on the quality and properties of the gemstone. For the white coral, its value is determined by the purity of its color. Gems with an even white, an unmatched luster, no hints of pinks, and no internal inclusions reaching the surface, the white coral can reach values up to Rs 500 a carat.

Caring for your White Coral is imperative. Gemstones over time tend to attract dirt and grime and need an occasional bath.

A safe way to clean your White Coral jewelry is:

  • Place gemstone studded jewelry in a bowl of warm water, away from a basin.
  • In the bowl, rinse with clean water
  • Wipe dry

Bowl is to catch gemstones that might come out of their setting but can be returned to the jeweler to be reset.

We do not recommend brushing, as it might create pits if the gemstone has been waxed.

Keep away from perfumes, lotions, creams, and other cosmetic products.

Do not wear Coral or Pearl jewelry in the swimming pool.

Do not use any harsh chemicals or even soap.

Jewelry pieces set with enamel and Kundan work should never be washed or put into an ultrasonic machine.

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. Which shape of the white coral is best for astrological purposes ?

Ans. The shape and cut of the coral are entirely dependent on its wearer, as the cut does not relate to the astrological efficacy. Investing in a gemstone that speaks to you, is perhaps most important.

Q. Can I wear white coral instead of red coral ?

Ans. Choosing to wear a natural coral is most important. Red corals and white corals have their own benefits but are both linked to the planet Mars. It is important to consult an astrologer before wearing a gemstone. Always consult an astrologer when wearing a gemstone, or get in touch with the Navratan team.

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