Hessonite Rings (Gomed Rings)

Hessnote rings — also known as Gomed rings — are one of the most adored forms of Hessonite jewelry revered and renowned for its myriad of astrological and metaphysical benefits as well as mature deep brown and cinnamon colors. Hessonite is one of the most sought-after semi-precious gemstones in existence and its usage share percentage in the jewelry segment has enhanced to a great extent in the last couple of years.

Gomedhikam rings are considered to be immensely beneficial for those who are suffering direly from the vicious effects of the planet ‘Rahu’. They are also worn to draw success and opulence to your corner. Moreover, embracing a Gomed ring has become quite a prevalent norm among Fashionistas as it provides an irresistible appeal and grace to your overall appearance. Unlike other precious gemstones, owning a startling Gomed ring doesn’t break the bank and also resonates well with most of your traditional and western apparel. Let’s discuss in detail about the history of hessonite, the benefits of wearing a Gomedhikam ring, Gomed ring price, clearing and caring tips, and Gomed ring designs.

Hessonite(Gomed) Trivia

Hessonite or Gomed is one of the integral types of garnets that belong to a group of silicate minerals. In terms of chemical composition and physical properties, Hessonite resembles profoundly with other group members like Andradite and Uvarovite.

Hessonite primarily exhibits deep brown hues and cinnamon color and doesn’t encloses the pleochroism phenomenon. You can find Hessonite gemstones in different degrees of clarity ranging from highly transparent to semi-opaque. And, the above-average hardness of Hessonite on the Mohs scale (6.5-5) is one of the key reasons why it is widely used for abrasive purposes.

If we talk about the origin of Hessonite, there is no clear date mentioned in the history books. The use of Gomed stone dates back to the Bronze age as abrasives and gemstones. However, Romans were the first to embrace Hessonite as a gemstone and used to wear it either as a pendant or in a gold chain. The Persians interpreted Hessonite as a Talismanic stone with the mammoth power of lightning and storm. In the current scenario, countries with a major production share of Hessonite are Africa, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Canada, and Brazil.

Gomed Ring Designs

Gomed rings are worn by people to fulfill varied purposes. Most Astrologers recommend embracing a Gomedhikam stone to those who are suffering from the life-tumbling effects of the planet ‘Rahu’. Apart from offering astounding benefits to the wearer, there is one more facade of Hessonite stone that came to the limelight in the last couple of years. Jewelers and fashion connoisseurs across the world find Hessonite exemplary to fit in the different forms of jewelry to ramp up the fashion quotient as well as beauty the overall appearance effortlessly.

At Navratan, we enclose the biggest and the most riveting collection of hessonite stone rings and Gomed ring designs that can make any gemstone and jewel lover go gaga for them and would love to own them all. We have Gomedhikam stone rings in the most alluring colors, carat weights, and designs that are classic in appearance and satiate your specific purpose. To ensure no gender feels left out, we have included resplendent Gomed ring designs for male and bewitching Hessonite rings for women that will surely suit their tastes and add undying charm to their personas.

Explore our enticing collection of silver Gomed rings and Hessonite gold rings and buy the one that fits your requirements at a jaw-dropping price.

Hessonite Ring Benefits

If we take into account Vedic Astrology, there are very few gemstones that offer benefits as many as a Hessonite stone ring offers. Embracing a Gomed stone ring provides heaps of physical, emotional, spiritual, and metaphysical benefits to the wearer and transforms the quality of life positively. Let’s discuss in detail the numerous benefits of wearing a Gomed ring.

1.  In ancient times, many medical practitioners used to recommend Hessonite rings to individuals suffering from complicated ailments like skin infections, lungs infection, eyes infection, and mental problems because of its enigmatic healing properties.

2. Individuals who suffer a lot in life because of the lack of unflinching willpower and laser-like focus must embrace a Gomed gemstone ring to ramp up the above-stated virtues by leaps and bounds and live a glorious life. Hessonite stone is immensely beneficial for those who want or who are serving the country a recognized designation as it boosts up social recognition and respect in the society.

3. One can easily achieve a gargantuan name and fame in their respective field by wearing the right Gomed ring. People who are in the field of public relations, politics, and social work can also wear this gemstone ring to reap the maximum benefits out of it.

4. The hustle to carve a big name, maintain a fat bank balance, and achieve the desired acknowledgment in society has given people nothing except stress and mental trauma. If you suffer greatly from anxiety, stress, or any other kind of tension, you must embrace the Gomedhikam ring to get rid of all these terrifying problems.

5. Nothing harms an individual as much as an utterly negative and hopeless mindset. If you can’t get over from negative thoughts and the perennial state of hopelessness, there is nothing better than wearing a Hessonite stone ring to protect your positive mindset and allow only positive things to enter your life.

6. Hessonite stone is synonymous with the word ‘Rahu Stone’. If you are badly impacted by the ill effects of the planet Rahu, the best remedy or better say, protection from the ill impact of the Planet Rahu is embracing a Gomed ring under the guidance of an expert astrologer.

7. Couples who face unwanted and regular issues in their married life or individuals who struggle to find an ideal life partner can harness the benefits of the Gomed Ratna ring to establish harmony in their relationship or find the best better half.

Gomed Ring Price

The exact price of a Hessonite stone ring is strongly influenced by the prominent factors like origin, treatment, color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Hessonite of Ceylon and Indian origins are considered to be of supreme quality than Hessonite gemstones from Africa, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. To reap the maximum benefits, any individual will definitely prefer a Hessonite stone of Ceylon origin.

The increase in clarity and carat weight also bolsters the Hessonite ring price to a great extent. A Gomedhikan ring with deep-brown color is more revered and in demand than Hessonite with reddish and pale colors. The price also varies with the increase in the complexity of Hessonite ring designs and the metal sued to embed the stone. Through silver metal is considered ideal to embrace a Hessonite ring, people also wear Gomed in gold to achieve a drool-worthy appearance.

The price of the Hessonite ring in India beings at and goes as high as depending upon the carat weight of the stone, design complexity, and the metal used

Cleaning & Caring Tips

1. Always clean the Gomed ring with clean and soft cotton clothing to rub off the entire dust.

2. Use only either plain water or lukewarm water to clean the ring and make sure to not add any kind of solution or detergent for cleaning purposes.

3. Never use any lotion or thinner to clean a Hessonite ring as it can gobble up the luster of the stone.

4. Never wear a Gomedhkiam ring while doing daily chores like cleaning, gardening, or playing sports.

5. Avoid putting your ring in the high-temperature places.

6.. Though a Hessonite stone is scratch resistant because of above-average hardness, it’s still better to put it in a separate box to avoid any physical damage.


At Navratan, we firmly believe to educate our customers first before we encourage them to buy from us. It is essential for any customer to understand the key pointers like the influence of different factors in determining the price of a Hessonite ring, the role of origin, and how price varies with the increase in Gomed stone ring design complexity.

Moreover, customers should also inquire about different gemstone lab certifications to ensure what they are buying is completely authentic and worth every penny. At Navratan, we understand the requirements of customers meticulously and provide them with the best possible products that cater to their needs and give them a sense of satisfaction as well. Our collection of stunning Hessonite rings will not only fulfill all astrological needs but also perfectly take care of the fashion-related aspects.

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Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. Who Can Wear Hessonite Ring ?

Ans. It is strictly recommended by astrologers to not wear Hessonite rings unless suffering from the ill effects of the planet Rahu or facing problems in married life or in the professional domain. Little tots should also avoid wearing a Gomed ring.

Q. What are the benefits of the Hessonite ring ?

Ans. Some of the major benefits of the Hessonite rings are improvement in willpower, concentration level, relief from skin and eye-related ailments, and success in the respective profession.

Q. What is a hessonite ring ?

Ans. Also known as a Gomed ring or Gomedhika ring, a Hessonite ring is one of the predominant types of Hessonite jewelry worn for its array of healing and metaphysical benefits.


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