December Birthstone

December Birthstone (Zircon, Tanzanite, Turquoise)

All of us are on a quest to find ourselves, but not everyone is there for us throughout our journey. Now, what if something is always there by your side?Yes! Gemstones are something that stands by your side.
December birthstone is one such example of it: Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Tanzanite, Topaz, and Zircon. The wearer gets invisible powers to solve their life problems and mental health issues and increase their personality appearance.

December Birthstone Meaning

December Birthstone is the calendar's last month stone and protects the wearer's life in all severe conditions. When a birthstone has a blue and clear appearance, it is called a December birthstone.

In December, birthstones, Turquoise, zircon, Tanzanite, lapis lazuli, and topaz are included. It is a carrier of prosperity, calmness, and kindness and motivates human beings.

While the modern birthstone of December is Turquoise Stone and Lapis Lazuli, they are rare foundations in original forms. Thus 90% of engaged couples select December's birthstone for an engagement ring.

Turquoise December Birthstone:-
Turquoise has the meaning of interactive nature and represents love sprinkled in any situation for the wearer and their surrounding people. It has a clear sky-blue color, presenting supportive nature's calmness. It is found in America, Mexico, Chile, China, and Tibet. It needs a dry atmosphere to grow and is located in rocks. Thus it is grown in cold weather conditions.

History of December Birthstone

Turquoise Birthstone History:-
Around 6000 BC years ago, in Egypt, the Sinai peninsula. December Birthstone was founded in Iran and Turkey, as these two countries have several of these mines. Many people used this stone as a bargaining element in ancient times. Bargaining was held, and the Turquoise Birthstone worked as currency then. It was more popular in the kingdom; kings and queens wore necklaces, rings, or pendants in Turquoise.

Turquoise December birthstone was engraved in many emperor's crowns as they believed it saved their kingdom from negative energies and atmosphere. In Egypt, the mummy's body is covered with a Tanzanite Birthstone to give protection from insects.

History of December Lapis lazuli:-
It was founded around 7500 BC years ago in Mehrgarh (Pakistan). It is the precious invention of mine crafting that reveals the cultural events and civilization of those times. When kings went to battlefields, they wore lapis lazuli pendants and faced fewer destructions and problems.

Lapis Lazuli Birthstone:-
Lapis lazuli represents the workflow of universe planets like earth, moon, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn. It has white and grey color lines that show the planet's positions. This helps individuals motivate themselves to make the right decisions according to the planet's walk.

Tanzanite Birthstone History:-
In the 1900s, people saw a crystal with blue lightning colors in Tanzania, but the government claimed the mine and didn't allow mining from a personal perspective. Later, the Tanzania government decided to make separate mines for Tanzanite birthstones which are found in the mine name "Tanzanite One Mining Limited."

In the 19th-20th century, it was used for medical experiments and elements for the cure of diseased persons.

Blue Zircon Birthstone:-
History According to history, the Blue Zircon birthstone was found 4.4 billion years ago when livelihood couldn't be easier. People started wearing blue Zircon Birthstones, as the war was widespread at those times, so this stone protected them from attacks.

Thus it is believed that it brings good fortune and health and protects from negative energies. No specialized equipment was available for the mining, but thanks to those times, skill and sharp-minded craftsmanship.

December Birthstone Price

Pricing of Blue Zircon:-
The price of the blue zircon in India usually ranges between Rs 1,500 per carat to Rs 2,500 per carat. The price also depends on the four Cs (cut, color, carat, and clarity). High-quality blue zircon can reach up to $200 per carat. For a stone weighing 5–6 carats, blue zircon typically costs $75 per carat. More than 10 carat stones can readily sell for between $150 and $175 per carat.

Tanzanite Pricing:-
The price of tanzanite has started to rise as the Tanzanian government attempts to stop smuggling out of the country. Thus it continues to be the most valuable gemstone in the market. Depending on quality, Tanzanite can cost between $100 and $800 per carat.

A carat of brilliantly coloured AAA Tanzanite is worth between $200 and $350. The cost per carat for 2ct sizes is $400–550. Up to 3 carats will cost between $500 and $675 per carat. A stone's clarity, color quality in daylight and incandescent lighting, kind of cut, polish quality, demand, and supply of Tanzanite are additional elements that might affect value.

Pricing of Lapis lazuli:-  
Although lapis lazuli is not a costly stone, extremely beautiful specimens are nonetheless hard to come by. While superfine material can retail for $100 to $150 per carat or more, lower grades may sell for less than $1 per carat.

Turquoise Pricing:- 
The price of turquoise normally ranges from $1 to $10 per carat but can range from $0.005 - $1000 per carat. There are other factors determining the price as a stone's price like color, hue, and patterns.

Benefits of December Birthstone

Its benefits include healthiness, motivation provider, generating creation in minds, and success maker, and it provides invisible power to the wearers to make the right decision in life.

The Blue Zircon birthstone caught the height of demand worldwide in 2019, during covid-19, as many people moved to spirituality which they get from Zircon December Birthstone. For seekers who want to meet spiritual abilities, Blue Zircon Stone is definitely for you.

Another reason people want blue zircon is because of its crafting, and it carries a dark color that releases sparkles. As a result, this December birthstone is desired by most people.

Tanzanite Birthstone Benefits:- 
Tanzanite has dark blue colors to release more sparkle reflection with lightning. Hence the Tanzanite wearers do not get eyes and ears problems. It also helps the wearer with eye and ear problems and is thought to cure blindness.

Also, it provides calmness for minds to make better decisions in work and life. Moreover, people believe it also gives the best auspicious rain showers on their heads and life. If you want a positive atmosphere around you, you need to wear a Tanzanite Birthstone.

Benefits of Turquoise Birthstone:-
Turquoise has a sky-blue appearance that reflects the ambitions and calmness in the wearer's mind. It aids in providing better inner strength to learn about yourself. Thus, Turquoise is selected mainly for engagement rings and wedding jewelry.

In addition, it provides positive thoughts and makes the wearer's life more memorable and happy. You can enhance your communication and expression with Turquoise if you seek peace and love. The color of the Turquoise gives stability to the person's mind if suffering from mental instability.

Benefits of Lapis lazuli:- 
Lapis lazuli is endowed with healing properties and its spiritual properties make it the power-packed gemstone. Below are some of the benefits:

1. It enables a person to express themselves freely and communicate clearly without fear.

2. Batu lapis lazuli helps the individual to delve into one’s true self and aids in self-awareness.

3. It is the stone for wisdom, fair judgment, providing support to the wearer.

4. It benefits the wearer, including protection from any psychic attacks.

5. Wearing lapis lazuli benefits to give clarity of the inner vision, giving clarity of perceptions.

Care and cleaning of December Birthstone

Zircon care and cleaning is simple, avoid steamers and ultrasonic cleaners. Avoid the use of harsh cleaning chemicals or agents, especially bleach and acid. Clean the gemstone with a soft cloth or brush and a mild soap, rinse with warm temperature to remove soapy residue.

Care and cleaning of the Tanzanite:-
Warm soapy water is the best way to keep your tanzanite clean. You can use an old soft toothbrush to gently clean all around it, make sure you rinse because the soapy water can dull the stone. It is never advised to use an ultrasonic or steam cleaner on tanzanite.

Care and cleaning of Turquoise:-
Turquoise should be cleaned with warm, soapy water and should never be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaners. To enhance its surface, some turquoise has undergone treatment. The treated surfaces can be harmed by heat or chemicals.

Care and cleaning of Lapis lazuli:-
The safest approach to clean lapis lazuli is with warm, soapy water. Since certain dye treatments are unstable, it is important to test a small, discrete region first. You can smudge sage, bathe in full moonlight, or put your stone in a basin of hematite crystals to absorb old, stagnant energy when it comes to energetic charge.

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