Alexandrite Stone

Alexandrite Stone is one of the unique kinds of gemstone in the whole gem world. Renowned for displaying an incredible transformation in the color, Alexandrite gemstone is said to be an emerald in the day while a ruby in the night.

Alexandrite crystal primarily drives two assortments. This exceptional variety of gemstone arena is known for exhibiting a sharp change in its color tone from just 5 to even 100 percent. Alexandrite is driven from other places brazil and russia, so alexandrite is called brazilian alexandrite, russian alexandrite In other simple words, it displays a gorgeous greenish-blue hue in the day’s sunlight whereas it is of lovely red or purplish to brownish shade in an incandescent or artificial yellow light.

The member of the gem-quality Chrysoberyl mineral family, Alexandrite, is a June birthstone gem, worn especially under the Cancer Zodiac sign. Virgo, Leo, Gemini, and Taurus sign owners can also opt for an Alexandrite gem piece. It is regarded as the best gift for the 55th wedding anniversary.

Although Alexandrite is considered as a modern-age gemstone, it is highly popular among gemstone collectors and jewelry lovers. It is astrologically one of the most relevant gemstones. On the metaphysical ground, natural Alexandrite holds exorbitantly healing powers and is hence majorly worn for soothing purposes, other than making an excellent jewelry stone. Owing to its high durability (Mohs Scale Hardness of 8.5) and fascinating color-changing effect, Alexandrite is highly preferred for making statement jewelry collections. Besides several serious medical healings like treating nervous disorders, Alexandrite is known for boosting creativity, intellectual powers, and promoting professional success.

Alexandrite is a rare and high-value gemstone. It is so rare and expensive that very few people across the world have seen an authentic alexandrite gemstone piece .

Besides weight, the cut, color, carat, and clarity are the major factors that influence the value of an alexandrite gemstone. The price of one-carat alexandrite begins at around $2,500 and holds no higher limit. 

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