Amethyst Rings

If anything makes purple color looks alluring and desirable, it’s unquestionably Amethyst rings. Perhaps the most in-demand and gorgeous semi-precious gemstone in the world, Amethyst rings are an impeccable option when it comes to ramping up your personality and uplifting your fashion game.

Amethyst stone is renowned for its endearing violet color and astonishing healing properties. Embracing a real amethyst ring can bring miraculous transformation in your life like bringing back the lost fortune, restoring physical health, reconciling broken relationships, boosting your mental and intellectual abilities, and exterminating addictive tendencies. We will discuss about the heaps of benefits of embracing vintage amethyst rings in the later sections. It’s high time to know about physical properties, astrological significance, price, and cleaning and caring tips for Amethyst stone rings.

Amethyst Trivia

Amethyst is one of the most distinguished varieties of Quartz and perhaps the most prized semi-precious gemstones in the current scenario. The startling and vibrant purple color of the stone is axiomatically its biggest USP. Ancient Greeks firmly believed that wearing Amethyst rings protect them from nefarious energy as well as makes a shield against intoxicants. It was an absurd belief that the stone protected the wearer from drunkenness.

The amethyst stone owes its bewitching violet color to the impurities of iron, silicate, and the traces of other elements. It ranks above average in durability (7 on the Mohs scale) thus, makes it exemplary to use extensively in different forms of jewelry. If we talk about the origin and mining of amethyst stones, it is mined at different prominent locations in the world. Brazil is the largest producer of supreme quality Amethyst stones followed by countries like Uruguay, Argentina, Russia, Afghanistan, South Korea, Mexico, and the United States.

As the natural resources for Amethyst stones are quite fettered, numerous state-of-the-art laboratories across the world produce synthetic amethyst stones via hydrothermal growth method to imitate the top-notch quality amethyst stone that is wearable and budget-friendly as well.

Amethyst Ring Designs

The utterly extraordinary violet hues of amethyst gemstones and above-average hardness make them a coveted option to inculcate in different forms of jewelry like rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings. Earlier, the usage of amethyst stones was fettered to collection purpose only. With the passage of time, their implications expanded, and amethyst stone is one of the principal choices for jewelry rings.

Real Amethyst rings when resonating with the right apparel can help you look drop-dead gorgeous and set the stage on fire. Moreover, amethyst stone rings come in a multitude of designs and metals which effortlessly cater to the demands of the humongous customer base as well as satiate your quench to reflect a strong fashion statement.

At Navratan, we encapsulate the most ravishing collection of exquisite and exalted amethyst engagement rings, amethyst wedding rings, amethyst rings in gold, sterling silver amethyst rings, vintage amethyst rings, and amethyst stone rings in different colors of stones like pink, black, and green. Our amethyst ring designs are second to none and available with customization service to our customers which ensures them to get amethyst rings in their coveted designs.

Amethyst Ring Benefits

Amethyst gemstone is not only widely acknowledged for its mesmerizing beauty and irresistible charm but also for possessing a multitude of healing properties. If worn properly under the supervision of an illustrious astrologer, amethyst crystal rings can transform your life like nothing else and take it to the pinnacle of success, spirituality, and pleasure. There are several supposed benefits of wearing an amethyst ring. Let’s state all of them one at a time.

Spiritual and emotional Benefits: Amethyst is said to enhance intuition, sharpen your clairvoyant abilities, provide psychological balance, promote spiritual awareness, and render serenity to the mind making it an ideal stone for meditation. It also augments your mental focus which ultimately helps you to act mindfully in fearful situations.

Physical Benefits: Many prominent astrologers and people widely believe that wearing an amethyst stone ring can cure deadly and life-threatening diseases like Cancer, Arthritis, and teeth-related ailments. It also helps greatly in treating headaches and gives a boost to overall health.

Protection against Negativity: Amethyst is firmly believed to provide impregnable protection against negative energy and psychic attacks. Moreover, it also tends to bring a perfect balance between the third eye Chakra and crown Chakra. The perfect balance between these two Chakras improves your communication skills as well as brings clarity to your thoughts.

Creativity Boost: Not many individuals know that embracing an Amethyst stone ring can make your imagination more vivid and enhance creativity beyond your wildest imagination making it an ideal stone for people in the professions of writing, journalism, music, and oratory.

It's quite significant to note that the above-stated benefits are not scientifically proven and may not work equally for everyone. However, many people find amethyst rings to be beautiful and meaningful pieces of jewelry.

Caring & Cleaning Tips

The timeless beauty of Amethyst stone rings surpasses all definitions and adjectives. Its above-average hardness and incredible appearance make this stone exemplary to inculcate in different jewelry forms and embrace to become a star attraction wherever you go. If you own heaps of amethyst jewelry, it’s advised to know in advance all the vital clearing and caring tips to take impeccable care of it and maintain brilliance and longevity. To take excellent care of and clean your amethyst ring, we recommend following these tips:

Make sure you don’t expose your amethyst ring to high temperatures or direct sunlight for prolonged periods as this can cause the loss of glitter and color fade to a great extent. Always store your amethyst jewelry in a place where the temperature is moderate.

Ensure to remove your amethyst wedding ring before doing any activities that could cause major damage to your ring such as gardening, cleaning, or exercising. Prevention is always better than cure.

According to stone jewelry aficionados, always store your ring in a soft dry place, such as a velvet pouch or a box to protect your rose gold amethyst rings from severe scratches and damage.

To clean your amethyst band ring perfectly and effortlessly, only use lukewarm water along with a soft cotton cloth. Warm water doesn’t results in the luster of the stone and a cotton cloth ensures no scratches are made while drying the ring. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as these can damage the stone massively.

One of the best and easiest ways to clean your silver amethyst ring is with a gentle jewelry cleaner specifically designed for use with gemstones. However, make sure to read and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully before using the cleaner.

If it is not possible for you to clean your amethyst promise ring on your own, take it to a professional jeweler for cleaning. It will save a lot of your valuable time and from hassle as well. It is also recommended to take your amethyst rings for cleaning to a professional jeweler at least once a year.

By following the above-stated vital tips, you can help ensure that your amethyst engagement ring remains beautiful, gleaming, and in an excellent condition for many years to come.

Amethyst Ring Price

As amethyst is one of the most revered and valuable semi-precious gemstones in existence, the price of an amethyst ring also varies with the fluctuation in prominent factors like color, cut, carat weight, clarity, origin, and treatment.

Brazilian Amethyst is the most exalted and supreme in quality and can make a major dent in your budget. Hence, Brazilian amethyst holds the highest respect and value. Amethyst stones from regions like Afghanistan and Russia are considered low in value, however, they are used heavily in inexpensive jewelry. The higher the carat weight and clarity of amethyst stones, the higher the price of rose gold amethyst rings will be.

If you are looking for the most trusted and distinguished place to buy a stunning amethyst gold ring, look no further than Navratan as we boast the biggest and the trendiest selection of amethyst rings for women and mens amethyst rings that are available at budget-friendly price and satiate all purposes. We also provide stone certification which encloses all the crucial details like treatment, stone weight, origin, and inclusions.

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. Who Should Wear Amethyst Ring?

Ans. According to eminent astrologers, anyone can embrace amethyst birthstone rings as there are no astrological restrictions. However, as amethyst stone vibes are immensely potent, it is advisable to consult some expert astrologer and get your horoscope checked first to avoid any side effects.

Q. What Does the Amethyst Ring Symbolize?

Ans. The amethyst ring is one of the most scintillating forms of jewelry with a massive scope in the segments of jewelry, astrology, and medicine. The amethyst stone symbolizes spiritualism, beauty, serenity, royalty, and prowess. Apart from these attributes, the amethyst ring symbolizes a myriad of other virtues that we have already stated in the upper sections.

Q. What is Amethyst Ring Good for?

Ans.Ancient Greek and Roman people used to believe that embracing amethyst stone protects them from the most intense negative energies and protects the wearer from the extreme state of drunkenness. Apart from these issues, amethyst stone also boosts your physical system, eliminates anxiety and various mental disorders, and also inclines you more towards the path of spiritualism.


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