The advancements of technology in the field of gemology and in gemstone treatments makes analysis and certification a vital part of the gemstone buying process. Understanding the informed opinions of a certified gemologist and a laboratory lends a true perspective on the properties and the origins of the gemstone. From the gems Color, Cut, Clarity, Carat Weight to more specific details like the Refractive Index, Specific Gravity, Treatments, Fluorescence and Origin in some cases, understanding the unique properties of a gemstone is key.

Certification also lends a good reflection into the price of the gemstone. Depending on various treatments and different qualities, a certificate offers both the buyer and the seller confidence in what they are selling and justification for the price of a gemstone.

Always cross check reports and their Report Numbers or QR codes online to validate the authenticity of the laboratory and the report issued. All reputable gemstone or diamond laboratories offer the option to verify their reports building confidence in the consumer.

At Navratan we partner with different laboratories to be able to offer you a clear indication into the quality of your gemstone with the support of a verifiable certificate for the future. Our team and our partners understand natural, untreated gemstones only increase in value over time and owning a report that represents this is essential.


Well positioned across the globe, the Gem Research Swisslab, has laboratories in all gemstone hubs of the world from Hong Kong, Srilanka, New York, Bangkok and even Paris. At the forefront of the industry, GRS is renowned for treatment identification, discovery of new minerals and transparent operations. A laboratory led by research and gemology, GRS reports are a superior choice.

GRS Certified Gemstone


Founded in 1975 in Antwerp, the International Gemological Institute has a stellar reputation for diamonds and diamond rough identification. The first laboratory to introduce an accurate identification certificate for jewelry, their colored gemstone testing has also been based on immersive analysis and updated testing technologies.

IGI Certified Gemstone


One of the oldest gemological laboratories in Europe, Gubelin has earned its spot as a gemstone identification laboratory. Using state of the art technology and always at the forefront of the industry, the lab offers customers with an unbiased and independent analysis for gemstones and jewelry backed by alab seal that warrants authenticity.

Gubelin Certified Gemstone


An independent gemologist and consultant, Christian Dunaigre has significant experience in certification having worked with the likes of Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences, Gubelin and others. Starting his firm in 2008, C Dunaigre has now become one of the finest consultants providing clients with a true analysis of the gemstones, offering them confidence and assurity with their purchases.

C.Dunaigre Certified Gemstone


A non profit organisation, Gemological Institute of America is the founder of the international diamond grading system that is used worldwide even to this day. A trustworthy institute and world leader in research and developments in the field of gemology, GIA provides unbiased reports that have almost become a standard in the industry today. Laying the foundation for gemology through education, GIA certificates are a fine choice.

GIA Certified Gemstone


Gem Testing Laboratory, one of the most significant laboratories in India is based in Jaipur, a gemstone cutting hub. Always at the apex of scientific gemological advancements, GTL has proved to have a team of gemologists always creating ripples in the field of gemstone testing. Based in Jaipur with exceptional equipment and standards, GTL offers reports that are unmatched in terms of accuracy

GTL Certified Gemstone

Shri Zaveri Mahajan Zaverat & Moti Tolai Charitable Trust

A jewelry house located in Mumbai, India, Shri Zaveri Mahajan Zaverat & Moti Tolai Charitable Trust is a house known for their reputation in fine jewels. With a prominent history in the certification and identification of pearls, they have over the years become an internationally accepted brand offering certificates by trained and certified gemologists for pearls and colored gemstones.

Shri Zaveri Mahajan Certified Gemstone


Based in the city of Jaipur, the International Testing Laboratory Gems and Jewelry functions by following international CIBJO standardisations. With each piece thoroughly checked to high accuracy by two certified gemologists, ITLGJ offers meticulous certificates. Certifying loose gems, studded jewelry, colored gemstones, lots and the identification and verification treatments and enhancements, this lab is a trustworthy, verifiable source.

ITLGJ Certified Gemstone


Founded in 1971, under the Gem and Jewelry Export Association, the Gemological Institute of India is a non profit organization that has been a leading laboratory for gemstones in India. One that offers origin reports, true identification reports for diamonds and colored gemstones and even studded jewelry reports, along with internationally acclaimed education courses, their use of state of the art equipment and sophisticated gem testing tools provides a trustworthy, verifiable report to their customers.

GII Certified Gemstone


Located at the heart of the gem hub in India, Jaipur, the Advance Gem Research Lab is a reliable gemstone testing laboratory. With years of experience in the industry this ISO 9001: 2015 certified lab offers a spectrum of gemstone verification options to choose from. With certified gemologists behind the scenes creating authentic, verifiable reports all certificates issued from the lab maintain international standards and regulations.

AGR Certified Gemstone


A branch at the forefront of gemology in India, sponsored by the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Indian Gemological Institute Gem Testing Laboratory based in Delhi offers advanced testing options. Not only do they diligently carry out basic gemological identification, but are also more set on advanced testing involving natural and synthetics, UV-VIS-NIR testing with a range of other specialized equipment. An authentic laboratory that has the experience to carry them forward, IGI GTL is an acclaimed laboratory in the Indian gemstone industry.

IGI GTL Certified Gemstone


An independent laboratory founded by Mr Arvind Agarwal, the Iskon Gem Testing Laboratory Jaipur is dedicated to delivering accurate and detailed reports about the qualities and treatments conducted on a gemstone. With certified gemologists trained by experts meticulously analysing each gemstone, IGTLJ provides reports that are verifiable online.

IGTLJ Certified Gemstone


The International Gemological Institute and Testing Laboratory offers a clear representation of each gemstone and diamond. A ISO 9001 - 2000 certified laboratory, each certificate follows strict international standards for identification, origin determination and grading reports, offering customers an insight into the quality of the gemstone. Committed to accuracy and backed by trained and certified gemologists with years of experience, IGITL offers independent, fair opinions on the quality of each gemstone.

IGITL Certified Gemstone


Established in 2005, Gemological Institute of Colombo partnered with the Japan German Gemological Laboratory is the only highly advanced gem testing laboratory in Srilanka. Backed by years of experience in the industry, its founders have only grown from strength to strength creating a space for accurate, investigative testing in Srilanka. At the forefront of the gemological industry, GIC uses specialised equipment driven by technology with FGA certified gemologists offering insight and confidence to its customers. With a range of certifications and services, GIC is spearheading the gemstone and diamond industry in Srilanka.

GIC Certified Gemstone


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