Red Coral Rings (Moonga Rings)

Red coral rings, also known as moonga rings in India, are the epitome of grandeur, matchless beauty, and immense passion. The use of red coral gemstone in the segment of jewelry is no less than the BIG 4 of the gemstones world because of its titillating lush red hues and availability in varied shapes and sizes.

Red coral is strongly associated with the Planet Mars. That’s why it is sometimes also referred to as ‘The Mars Stone’ as moonga rings are widely known for treating the Mangal Dosh and other vicious effects of Mars. Embracing a red coral ring by following the right rituals brings positive and dynamic changes in your life, pushes you closer to success in your professional and personal realms, and protects you from precarious diseases. Let’s learn more about the origin and history of Red coral, enchanting moonga ring designs, red coral ring benefits, clearing and caring tips, and other significant pointers related to red coral.

Red Coral Rings Trivia

Corals are arguably one of the most sought-after and highly prized precious gemstones admired for their enormous and miraculous healing properties. Corals come in a multitude of red and white hues and are associated with the fourth planet in the solar system - Mars. Deep red or blood red colors are always high in demand in the market because of their color and attractiveness. They are primarily found in the Northwest region of North America, Italy, Japan, India, and Egypt, and have been used extensively by different civilizations since time immemorial. Japanese and Italian red corals are hot favorites among gemstone lovers locally and globally. It is used for collection purposes, as a piece of jewelry, and as healing life-obliterating issues.

Red Coral Ring Designs

By leaps and bounds, embracing stunning red coral rings is one of the seamless ways to accentuate your grace and overall appearance. The design of rings is one of the most imperative factors to look at when considering buying a moonga gold ring. Apart from harnessing the colossal astrological and metaphysical benefits of red coral stone, you can wear it on any occasion to ooze charm in heaps and become the center of attraction. Moreover, nowadays, red coral rings are also used for exchange purposes at weddings and engagement ceremonies to stand apart from the cliche.

At Navratan, we boast a fascinating and eyeballs-grabbing collection of trendy and thumping red coral ring designs that can make any ring lover go weak on his knees. Our compilation of moonga ring designs is next-level ingenious and rare to find anywhere. We ensure to provide only authentic and completely natural gemstone rings to our customers and also state all the crucial details like weight, origin, and treatment (if done any) to maintain fair practice standards and ethics. Feel free to dive deep into our oceanic and sumptuous collection of the most groovy red coral ring designs and pick the best one to jazz up your personality.

Red Coral Ring Benefits

Since time immemorial, red coral is renowned for possessing talismanic and sacred powers that can amplify the quality of your life in a short span of time. Majorly, red coral gold rings are worn to rectify the pernicious ‘Mangal Dosha’ caused by the Planet Mars and also keep check anger issues. Laal Moonga rings also exemplify qualities like passion, valor, and vivaciousness. Let’s know in depth all the benefits that a Red coral stone ring endows to the wearer.

1. As per Vedic astrology, any person who is suffering from Manglik Dosh must rectify this issue in order to find an ideal life partner or live a vibrant and peaceful married life. Neglecting Mangal Dosh can turn your life topsy-turvy and may result in divorce. Embracing triangle red coral rings suppress the ill effects of the Planet Marsa and eradicate all marital difficulties seamlessly. As red coral also represents vibrancy and courage, wearing a Moonga ring will result in a massive upsurge in your energy and creativity.

2. When it comes to rendering heaps of health benefits, red coral rings are second to none. This revered stone practically surpasses every other gemstone in bestowing health benefits to the wearer. It cures ailments and grave diseases related to the circulatory, digestive, and respiratory systems. People also prefer to embrace a moonga stone to take their concentration and mental focus to the next level.

3. The timeless and ravishing red coral stone rings are vehemently related to the planet Mars. If this planet is sitting at a favorable position in your horoscope, it will shower unthinkable blessings and benefits on you. However, if that’s not the case, you can protect yourself from the shoddy effects of Mars by wearing an original red coral stone ring. Moreover, this stone can take you notches higher in your career and help you attain those heights that you cannot imagine in your wildest dreams.

4. According to Vedic astrology, the planet Mars also deeply influences land and property. The favorable position of Mars in the horoscope can help you lend valuable properties and give immense financial benefits. Moreover, wearing a red coral silver ring may bestow you the lost ancestral property or the lost amount. People who are in the domains of real estate, politics, interior management, and asset management should also embrace moonga rings to achieve a laud-worthy position in their fields.

Cleaning & Caring Tips

Taking excellent care of your coral rings is not as daunting as it seems. If you adhere to certain time-tested and pivotal pointers, you can maintain the brilliance and allure of moonga rings for a long time. Let’s peek into the best cleaning and caring tips.

1. It is highly advised to never use any lotion, spray, or cream when wearing a moonga stone ring as it can result in the loss of the shining appearance of the stone.

2. It is recommended to put off coral jewelry while washing hands or taking bath.

3. Never put your red coral gold ring under high-temperature conditions as it can result in loss of stone value.

4. Red coral gemstones are relatively soft as they have a hardness of 3.0-3.5 on the Mohs scale. They are more prone to scratch or break down if put inside a metal box. It is advisable to use a soft box or a pouch to put your red coral rings in to avoid any kind of damage.

5. Never try to clean your coral ring in a hot water mixed with detergent. It’s better to visit a gem dealer to get your rings cleaned and save them from any damage.


The flabbergasting and heart-wrenching beauty of red coral gemstones is the pivotal reason people are ready to splurge money like a frenzy to own a spectacular triangular red coral ring and ramp up their fashion statement game.

However, customers should be quite meticulous in their approach and well-informed when they buy coral jewelry. They should know how the origin, color, carat weight, and treatment affect the value of the stone and its overall price. Various to the T imitations of red coral gemstones like glass, ceramic, and plastic are available in the market and it’s daunting for any newbie customer to distinguish between the real ones and imitations.

Customers should always ask for various gem lab certifications to ensure the authenticity of the product as well as avoid themselves from getting scammed. They should be well informed to compare the different gem lab reports and come out with a concrete conclusion before making a purchasing move.

At Navratan, we provide numerous gem lab certificates when you rope in your favorite red coral rings from our platform. We also ensure to provide relevant information to our customers along with the best possible products so they go home with happy faces when they make a purchase from us. We provide the most valuable, unheated, untreated, and 100% natural moonga stone rings at a budget-friendly price.

Red Coral Rings Price

Red coral is an exceptional and captivating gemstone and moonga rings are equally commendable. If we talk about red coral rings price, they depend on a myriad of factors like carat weight, origin, color, and clarity. The increase in carat weight and intensity of color gives a massive boost to the price of moonga stone rings. Moreover, origin also plays a vital role in influencing the price bar. Italian and Japanese red corals are considered to be of the finest quality.

The selection of metal as well as the increase in the complexity of red coral ring design also play roles in determining price. At Navratan, we provide the trendiest and pocket-friendly moonga rings with 100% natural and par-excellent moonga stones. We also offer customization to customers for Red coral rings to ensure they get the best value on their purchase along with satisfaction. Check out our compilation of swoon-worthy red coral stone rings and get in touch with us for a quotation.

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