Ceylon Blue Sapphire (Sri Lanka)

Ceylon Blue Sapphire or Sri Lankan Blue Sapphire is one of the most sought-after varieties of blue sapphire gemstone family. As the name states, this vibrant colored blue sapphire, aka Neelam stone, is sourced from the island country Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon.

Sri Lankan Blue Sapphires are high-quality precious gemstones that are obtained from the mines of Sri Lanka. These gems are primarily mined from the rich alluvial deposits of the highland complex in Sri Lanka while new rich deposits of blue sapphire are found in the Kataragama klippe area of the Thammannawa, Kataragama. Rough of Ceylon Blue Sapphires that are sourced from the Elahera region is considered to be the best of quality. Besides quality, the country also catapulted to global fame for large-sized blue sapphire and blue star sapphires over 100 carats.

Out of 130 precious gem varieties mined from Sri Lanka, sole sapphires account for 85%. Though none of the Ceylon varieties is as popular as Ceylon yellow sapphire and blue sapphires around the world. This corundum gem is celebrated for displaying a beautiful shade of blue which is comparable to cornflowers. The consistent color and outstanding clarity make the Ceylon Cornflower Blue Sapphire set apart from any other source. With superior quality and mesmerizing color range, magnificent Ceylon Blue Sapphire (Sri Lankan Neelam) ranks on the top shelf of both lapidaries and jewelers alike.

Since Sri Lankan Sapphires come in different shades, each one represents a different planet and holds a different astrological significance. While signifying the benefits of carrying a Sri Lankan Neelam we can calculate that it holds the same benefits as a Blue Sapphire of any origin has. However, for the best and desired benefits, it is highly recommended to adorn a Natural Neelam in its purest form i.e., without any heat or chemical treatment.

Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire is known for bringing instant success to your professional life. Be it business, job, or an independent project, Neelam bestows you with a stronger mind and surges fortunes in your favor. One of the widely known advantages of wearing a Neelam stone is that it protects the owner from the evil eye (Sade Sati Dasha) of the planet Saturn or Shani. Besides enhancing the working of senses and strength of bones, Real Blue Sapphire Gemstone also helps you reorient an improved sense of patience and discipline, and extends name and fame in all aspects of your life.

Ceylon Blue Sapphire Gemstone is widely identified for its characteristic lighter and brighter blue hue. This gemstone began to be traded in the global gemstone market as far as the 2nd Century A.D. and had been praised worldwide for its clarity and saturation.

Further, the Ceylon Blue Sapphire price ranges anywhere from $100 to $20,000 per carat depending upon the quality factors. Presently, it has been counted as one of the highly prized members of blue sapphires. While studying the price assessment of the Ceylon Neelam, quality factors like cut, color, clarity, and carat weight play a vital role.

Color: The color, alike any other precious stone, carries a huge impact on the cost of Ceylon blue sapphire. The more vivid and consistent the color is, the more will be the value of this stone.

Clarity: The clarity of this origin blue sapphire is already considered amongst the best ones. Nevertheless, if there occurs any visible inclusions or flaws in the stone, they will certainly affect the price of the gem. Thus, a cleaner piece fetches a much higher price in comparison to an included one.

Cut: A skillfully cut gemstone not just displays better color but also conceals inclusions. However, with more deep fancy cuts, the price is inversely proportional because, during the cutting process, a good amount of rough stone is wasted. On the contrary, there are several economical options available in the Ceylon Blue Sapphire range such as round, oval, and cabochon.

Carat Weight: Due to extraordinary quality, Ceylon Blue Sapphires are already pretty expensive in terms of money. On the same note, the price of this stone will significantly increase with an increase in its carat weight and size, if the rest of the quality factors stay the same.

Since Ceylon Blue Sapphire ranks among one of the best quality blue sapphires in the world, they are also ranked among the highly prized stones. Henceforth, it is prone to a lot of illegal exploitation and trade fraud such as synthetic creations or artificial treatments in lieu of real ones. Now as they showcase an uncanny resemblance to each other, unfortunately for a layman, it is quite difficult to distinguish between a real and a lab-created gem.

In such a case, gemstone testing laboratories come to our rescue. Labs like SSEF, GRS, GIA, Gubelin, and IGI operate independently and drive authenticity examination to give the report of the stone using modern-day technology and experienced gemologists. So while making the purchase, you can either take the stone to a reliable gemstone testing agency or you can ask for a certificate of authenticity from the seller.

At Navratan, you will get the largest assortment of Sri Lankan Blue Sapphires, aka Ceylon Neelam stones, that are verified to be the best quality and lab-certified by the world’s renowned gemstone testing laboratories such as GRS, GIA, IGI, Gubelin, SSEF, and C. Dunaigre.

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