Ceylon Yellow Sapphire

Ceylon Yellow Sapphire is the best quality of yellow sapphires that are mined from Ceylon, now Sri Lanka. It arises in some beautiful shades of yellow and is widely praised for its supreme quality. Astrologically also, Ceylon Pukhraj is considered to be the most effective yellow stone out of all the origins.

Around the world, Sri Lanka is honored for being a prominent gem producer. It gives rise to more than 130 types of gem-quality minerals. Of the total varieties, nearly 80% comprises corundum family member sapphires in several different colors, for instance, blue, green, pink, yellow, white, peach, and purple. Sri Lanka is known for producing some of the finest quality sapphires. With supreme color and outstanding clarity, it forefronts the rank of the best quality yellow sapphire or Pukhraj stone.

The history of gems in Sri Lanka goes back several centuries ago. Presently, it is one of those nations that hold countless number of mines in its land. As per industry experts, there is an abundance of gems in the mines of Rathnapura, Nivithigala, Buththala, Balangoda, Elahara, and Idangoda. Besides Beruwala, Pelmadulla Mine, located near Ratnapura district, is also measured to be a prominent source of yellow sapphires.

With unbeatable luster and remarkable transparency, Natural Ceylon Yellow Sapphires set themselves apart from other origins such as Burma and Bangkok. Where Burma and Sri Lanka bring out both natural and heated versions of yellow sapphires, Bangkok is known for producing only the Heated yellow sapphires i.e., not natural. None of the Yellow Sapphire varieties is as celebrated and as desired as Ceylon Yellow Sapphires do.

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Ceylon Sapphires arise in a number of different colors from yellow to blue, green, pink, white, peach, and purple. Each of these colors signifies a different astrological aspect. Natural Ceylon Pukhraj represents the planet Jupiter. From the astrological perspective, it carries the same benefits as a Yellow Sapphire of any other origin does. When it comes to the Ceylon Yellow Sapphire Benefits, it is believed to have some supernatural cosmic vibes and amazing metaphysical properties that are widely used in alternative healing therapies. Read out the detailed benefits of carrying this beautiful yellow stone in Incredible Benefits of Pukhraj.

You can pick one as per your desired shape, size, and color. However, for the best astrological results, astrologers recommend wearing a Real Ceylon yellow sapphire, popularly known as Sri-Lankan Pukhraj in a bright lemon yellow color shade with gold and silver metal. Always opt to choose for a pure and natural stone with a minimum of 1/12th of your total body weight. An original Yellow Sapphire stone provides guidance and success in academics, business, jobs, and finance. Together with imparting marital bliss and improving social status, the Real Pukhraj stone works wonders for your health rejuvenation.

Since Ceylon Yellow Sapphires are ranked at the top of the yellow sapphires clan in terms of quality, they also fetch quite a higher price. In general, the monetary value of any precious stone depends upon the four quality factors and its origin. On a similar note, the price of Ceylon yellow sapphire ranges in between $100 to $ 15,000 depending upon the 4 c’s i.e., the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

Color – Color is the best part of Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphire Gemstones. They not only arise in a wide section of yellow colors but also the best of their respective quality. You will get to explore from light pale yellow to dark golden yellow color. Where the western market usually prefers light shades, some also opt for darker hues on the astrological ground. However, the genuine bright yellow-colored Ceylon Yellow Sapphires with a good level of transparency are the most desired ones in the market.

Clarity – Ceylon yellow sapphires have the best clarity in the lane. Although they fall under the category of opaque to improved transparency, they have mainly known for their crystal clear clarity, which is considered their USP. No other origin carries that much amount of clarity in them. Burmese Yellow Sapphires are usually opaque. As the general role goes, the more the stone is clear, the higher will be its price.

Cut – Step cut is the most desired cut in this range of yellow sapphires. Scissor cut is also a popular cut here. While discussing the shapes, yellow sapphires can be located in different cuts and shapes such as round, oval, heart, pear, cushion, and Octagon. Where Cushion and Octagon are not just the most sought-after shapes in Ceylon Yellow Sapphires but are also quite expensive as compared to other cuts due to the heavy wastage in the cutting design; on the contrary, round, pear, and heart shapes are a little reasonable. For an affordable option, you can also opt for Oval-shaped yellow sapphire.

Carat Weight – Since Sri Lanka is the largest producer of the best quality Natural Yellow Sapphires in the world, you will find every size in this segment. Ceylon Yellow Sapphires are accessible from 10 cents to a size of more than 100 carats. As far as price is concerned, the value of the stone increases with an increase in its carat weight, providing all the other quality factors remain the same.

Ceylon Yellow Sapphire price

Ceylon Yellow Sapphire, also known as Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphire, is a gemstone highly regarded for its vibrant yellow color and exceptional quality. When determining the price of Ceylon Yellow Sapphire, several factors come into play, including carat weight, color, clarity, and overall quality.

The price per carat for Ceylon Yellow Sapphire can vary considerably depending on these factors as well as market conditions. On average, a good quality Ceylon Yellow Sapphire can range from $500 to $3,000 per carat. However, it's essential to note that prices can be higher for exceptionally rare and valuable specimens, while lower quality stones may have lower prices.

The carat weight of the gemstone is a significant factor in its pricing. Larger Ceylon Yellow Sapphires with higher carat weights tend to have a higher price per carat because they are relatively more scarce and desirable.

Owing to this quality, this series of Ceylon Sapphires catapulted to global fame, making the country a popular destination for premium quality yellow sapphires even in larger sizes.

A Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphire ring is primarily worn for its amazing astrological benefits. However, today the majestic range of Ceylon Pukhraj stones has been widely used for both fashion as well as astrological purposes. With mesmerizing color and marvelous clarity, these yellow sapphires make extremely attractive pieces of jewelry and thus hold a popular name in the fashion industry. With Navratan, the online gem Bazar you will easily get to explore a fascinating jewelry collection of Ceylon Yellow Sapphire rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and many more as per your desire.

Since Ceylon Yellow sapphire is a premium variant of the yellow sapphire gemstone, there arise various synthetic and pirate versions in the market. So, while planning to buy these gemstones, make sure you are buying a real one. In order to ensure the genuineness of the stone, ask for a certificate of authenticity from the seller. You can also explore the widest assortment of certified Ceylon Yellow Sapphire gemstones online, at Navratan. Here you will get an authenticity certificate from the world’s most trusted gemstone testing laboratories such as SSEF, GRS, GIA, IGI, and Gubelin. You can also explore an insured worldwide shipping facility together with an easy return option. Connect now..!

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