October Birthstone

October Birthstone (Opal Stone)

To feel the chords of life you need to put yourself in such situations. There are some stones that possess the powers for which you don’t need to face any bad situations. The array of powers contained within this single precious stone is opal. The opal is the symbol of love and hope, and has been associated with luck - good and bad. Let’s have a look at its history, meaning, and symbolism of the october birthstone.

Opal Meaning, Symbolism, and Folklore

People believe that the name opal comes from India, where it is called “precious stone”. Others believe that it began in Greek where opallios, meaning “to see a change in color”, was used to describe its colorful appearance.

In ancient Rome, it was called opalus or “precious jewel”, pliny the elder referenced the stone’s play of colors that covered every shade of the most sought-after gems. For hundreds of years, opals were thought to contain the powers and most precious and positive benefits of all colored stones. Romans believed it the most powerful gem and a symbol of love, referred to as the cupid stone.

This has led to believing that opal has the power to promote romance and passion. It has a symbol of hope, purity, and truth. The nomadic tribes believed the opal fell during thunderstorms and held lightning inside.

Ancient Greeks believed that opals would present the gift of prophecy - the power to see the future. Legend has it, opal was said to have invisible powers for the wearer. It is still believed that the opal promotes the health of the eyes.


Numerous writers have compared the dramatic play of color to fireworks, galaxies, and volcanoes. The most valuable opal is the Olympic Australis, in Sydney Australia. It was discovered during the time of the 195 Summer Olympics and once held the Guinness Record as the biggest opal. Apart from being the birthstone for October, opals are also given for the 14th wedding anniversary.

Opals, with a hardness rating of 5.5 to 6.5 mohs, are prone to scratching and are best reserved for special occasions. At the same time, the versatility of opal is worth the extra care, so it needs to keep it clean. To clean opals, use warm, soapy water. Other methods can damage your opal, especially in opal doublets and triplets. One of the rare features of the October birthstone is that it is white in color, reflecting all the colors of the rainbow. While most birthstones have iconic colors like blue sapphires and red rubies, the white opal is believed to possess properties of all colored gemstones, because of its ability to reflect under different lighting conditions.

Where is the October Birthstone Found?

Opals are formed when water containing silica deposits finds its way undergoing into the openings between layers of rock. When the water evaporates, a compound of silicon and oxygen is left behind. Opals can contain up to 20% water within its silica structure. These silica deposits are what formed into the opal.

When opals were first mined in Australia, the country quickly became the primary and most productive source for gem. Lightning Ridge - a town in New South Wales, is well-known for producing some of the finest black opals. Locations in Ethiopia, Mexico, and Brazil also serve as important sources. While other deposits are found in Central Europe, Honduras, Indonesia, and the US.

October Birthstone Quality

Traditionally opals are classified as black or white, but other hues include red, purple, and orange. But the opal is well-known for its kaleidoscope-like appearance with flashes of blue, green, orange, and red that give the opal its play-of-color identity.

October birthstones are of two classes of opals - precious and common. Opals display the dazzling play-of-color, while common opals do not, and can range from opal translucent to transparent.

The milky white color reflects the colors of the rainbow based on the angle it is viewed and the lighting conditions. It is thus because of this color it possesses the entire rainbow spectrum. It is also associated with celestial energy and is believed to bring peace and calm to the wearer.

Benefits of the October Birthstone

The October birthstone is associated with light and magic. It symbolizes hope, purity, calmness and compassion. Wearing this gemstone can instill feelings of hope and compassion while uplifting the spirit of hope.

Opals are found in sedimentary volcanic rocks, thus the wide range of colors of the stone is based on the different elements that may be found in different areas. For example, the presence of iron oxide results in red stone while magnesium oxide forms valuable black opals.

Things You Didn't Knew about the October Birthstone

Opal is a unique and popular gemstone that lends itself beautifully, among other things. Read on for some cool facts about the October birthstone.

1. Many still believe that opal is formed when rain becomes trapped inside a rock. The rain carries the crystalline silica downwards, then eventually it dries out.

2. NASA made an interesting discovery in 2008, opal deposits were found on the planet Mars!

3. Around 95% of the world’s precious opals come from down under. Opal has been mined in Australia since 1875.

Ancient Greeks and Romans had specific beliefs about the opal gemstones powers. People in ancient greek believed that opal could make you psychic, while in ancient rome the gemstone was synonymous with hope and love.

5. The varying colors you see in an opal gemstone are a result of the massive sized silica spheres. The spheres cause light to refract and create many different colors on display in the beautiful october birthstone.

Opal stone care and cleaning

Opals should be cleaned gently with mild detergent in warm water and a soft toothbrush. Avoid cleaning the stone with bleach, chemicals, and cleaners. If your stone loses its shine, bring it back to the opal cutter. Professional polishing can bring new life to an opal that has become dull or scratched.

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