Aquamarine Stone Pendant

The aquamarine pendant resonates around the beautiful gemstone that reflects the serenity of oceanic water. The original aquamarine stone exhibits the hue of crystal clear waters that display the reflection of the glorious Sun and luminous moon. The blue hue of this stone makes any jewelry look amazing. The original aquamarine gemstone pendant in gold or any other metal has gained immense popularity owing to the gemstone's beauty and benefits.

Colored jewelry has always been in trend since ancient times. From the famous queens adorning these beautiful adornments to the celebrities embracing their wardrobe collection with these explicit wonders of nature. Aquamarine jewelry is worn for the breathtaking hues of the gemstone and its astrological benefits. The healing properties of a real aquamarine stone necklace include gaining calm, truth, wisdom, and insight. The natural aquamarine gemstone is associated with spiritual healing powers. It is linked with the throat chakra. Wearing an original aquamarine pendant stimulates intelligence and creativity. The health benefits of the stone involve flushing the toxins out of the body, cleansing the body, and enhancing the vitality of the organs

Overview of Aquamarine Gemstone

This beautiful gemstone is the color variety of beryl mineral like the emerald. It is the birthstone for March and the stone for celebrating the milestone of the 19th wedding anniversary. This gemstone's soothing green-blue to blue variety gives any jewelry an impressive look. A women aquamarine necklace is a precious piece of jewelry one can keep for self or gift on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

What is the Benefit of an Aquamarine Pendant?

The benefits of this beautiful blue-hued gemstone pendant are as follows:

  • Physical healing properties of the pendant:As stated above, this gemstone is related to the throat chakra. Thus, it helps in giving relief to sore throats and thyroid issues. It also aids in maintaining vital eyesight and easing eye strain and stress.
  • Mental and Emotional Balance: The blue-green hue of the stone helps in promoting calm and composure. This powerful stone helps in bringing clear thoughts and facing challenges in life. A natural aquamarine pendant in silver helps in removing depression and anxiety.
  • Astrological benefits of aquamarine pendant:As per Vedic astrology, Saturn planet is the ruler of this gemstone. A weak placement of this planet leads to a loss in wealth and health. This beautiful blue-hued gemstone helps strengthen the wearer's financial and psychological condition.

Who Should Wear Aquamarine Stone?

This mesmerizing gemstone from the Beryl family is also called Beruj. As per Vedic astrology, this gemstone is ideal for Capricorn and Aquarius, whereas, in Western astrology, it is the stone for the Aries zodiac sign. Other than this, other sun signs such as Virgo, Taurus, Pisces, and Gemini can also wear the aquamarine pendant.

Can Aquamarine Stone Attract Money?

The aquamarine crystal pendant is known to attract money. The powerful stone in the center of the pendant is considered to attract prosperity, good luck, wealth, and abundance. It is also responsible for enhancing love and relationships among couples. Thus, an aquamarine gemstone pendant is a popular gift for celebrating occasions such as weddings and anniversaries.

What is the Aquamarine Stone Pendant Price in India?

The original aquamarine pendant price per carat in India is determined by various factors such as color, clarity, carat weight, and cut of the gemstone. Necklaces with aquamarine stone pendants featuring a deep, clear crystal blue are priced higher. The clear crystal stone with no inclusions is desirable. Aquamarine gemstones are sourced from countries like Brazil and Mozambique. Are aquamarine stones expensive? Aquamarine stones are semi-precious, and their prices differ according to the abovementioned factors. However, their prices differ from that of the precious gemstones. However, the jewelry is famous for the natural beauty of the stone. Owing to the significance of the gemstone, like enhancing love and commitment, it is also used as an engagement ring, thus impacting the Aquamarine stone pendant price per ratti.

What is the Significance of a Natural Aquamarine Gemstone Pendant?

The significance of the pendant is trapped in its fantastic color. The aqua color stands for triumph, serenity, trust, and loyalty. Owing to the significant meaning of the stone's color, it is popularly used as a jewelry item. The price of original aquamarine gemstone per ratti increases exponentially owing to the stone's carat weight. A large aquamarine pendant is priced higher because of various factors such as the stone's carat weight, type and weight of the metal, finished cut, and more.

How to Clean and Care for an Aquamarine Pendant?

The best way to clean the aquamarine gemstone pendant is to wash it with warm, soapy water. Moreover, check the stone settings occasionally so that the stone doesn't fall out. Please don't soak the pendant in water, as it will hamper the stone and metal in which it is studded.


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