Blue Sapphire Pendant

A blue sapphire pendant is one of the most enchanting pieces of jewelry that has the power to mesmerize onlookers. The exquisite blue color of the stone is the most prominent characteristic of the gemstone that adds value to it. This precious gemstone from the corundum mineral family is known as Neelam in Hindi. The blue-hued gemstone symbolizes love, commitment, and royalty. Thus, a natural blue sapphire pendant is an accessory worth buying. A blue sapphire diamond pendant is an adornment popular for the contrasting colors creating an aura of divinity. The popularity of sapphire jewelry is not limited to fashion but also serves astrological purposes. The price of blue sapphire pendant in India depends upon various factors such as the 4C's of the gemstone and the type of metal used.

Exploring the Blue Sapphire Stone Pendant

The genuine blue sapphire pendant is enchanting owing to the amazing hue of the gemstone. The other properties of this precious gemstone are its perfect hardness and high refractive index. These properties make the pendant or other piece of jewelry ideal for everyday wear. The love for blue sapphire stone jewelry has been prevalent for a long. The British royal family best adorns the passion for this gemstone and jewelry. The blue variety of corundum is found in many locations, namely Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Madagascar, Myanmar, and Australia. Of various types of sapphire gemstones, Sri Lankan blue sapphire stone and Kashmir sapphire stone are considered the most desirable. The gemstone also exhibits different kinds of color shades ranging from light to dark blue. The royal blue sapphire pendant highlights the exclusive beauty of the gemstone's color, adding a magnificent look to your outfit.

Benefits of Blue Sapphire Pendant

Those influenced by the delightful beauty of original Neelam gemstone will love to incorporate it either in jewelry or for astrological benefit. This precious gemstone holds a specific meaning and thus gives another reason for its popularity. This stone of love and loyalty is a perfect gift for your beloved, complementing the stone's color with its significance.

  • Stone of September Month:- Natural Neelam stone is a precious gemstone trending for its vibrant color that gives an exclusive look to any jewelry piece. This stone is the birthstone for September and the gem of the 5th and 45th anniversary. The Neelam pendant is a perfect choice for those looking for a valuable and stylish piece of jewelry.
  • Natural Neelam Stone Pendant: A Gift for a Lifetime:-The benefit of this amazing gemstone resonates around its significance. Apart from the most popular blue sapphire ring that has already made its presence in royal family wardrobes, the blue sapphire necklace pendant is a beautiful addition to your closet. A heart-shaped blue sapphire pendant is a stunning addition to your jewelry collection, celebrating the milestone of love and commitment.
  • Blue Sapphire Pendant Astrological Benefits:- Whether you buy a blue sapphire pendant studded with a stone of any origin, each jewelry piece brings fame and good luck to the wearer. Blue sapphire 2 carat weight is the ideal size for gaining maximum astrological benefits. One can wear pendants with stones more than this carat weight. A blue sapphire silver pendant is an adornment embellished for luxury and adds positivity to the wearer. The most popular designs include
  • a blue sapphire heart pendant,

    a blue sapphire circle pendant (symbolizing infinite love), and an oval-shaped and pear-shaped blue sapphire pendant.

  • Professional Benefits of Neelman StoneThe original blue sapphire stone is beneficial for improving professional and personal life. Embracing this beautiful gemstone pendant boosts concentration power, diverting the focus and energy to achieve desired goals.So, if you still find the answer, Can Blue Sapphire be worn as a pendant? It is the best choice for stunning jewelry pieces with a wide variety of astrological benefits.

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. How Can You Wear a Blue Sapphire Pendant for Astrological Benefits ?

Ans. One should craft the gemstone in silver or white gold for astrological benefits. A blue sapphire gold pendant is perfect as an opulent jewelry piece. However, for astrological benefits, it is suggested to use silver or white gold. It is important to activate and energize the stone before wearing the pendant. This beautiful blue-hued gemstone is linked with the planet Saturn, which significantly impacts relationships, professions, and other spheres of life.

Q. What is the Price of a Blue Sapphire Gemstone Pendant in India ?

Ans. The original blue sapphire pendant price per carat in India is determined by various factors such as color, clarity, carat weight, and cut of the gemstone. Necklaces with Neelam stone pendants featuring a beautiful blue color are priced higher. Stones with vivid blue hues with high saturation and no inclusions are desirable. Owing to the significance of the gemstone, like stimulating love and commitment, complementing the bright shades together impacts the Blue Sapphire stone pendant price per ratti. There are lab-created blue sapphire pendants also available in the market. At Navratan, the online gem bazar, you get original gemstones. So, suppose you decide to customize the pendant or any kind of jewelry. In that case, you can buy a certified blue sapphire gemstone at Navratan.


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