Jasper Stone (Mahe Mariyam)

Jasper Gemstone, aka Mahe Mariyam stone, is a natural, semi-precious gemstone that belongs to the Chalcedony mineral family and arrives in a variety of hues and patterns. It is the best healing crystal and is mainly used to achieve physical strength, emotional stability, adequate immune system, and spiritual awareness. Jasper Gemstone is considered an extremely famous jewelry gemstone.

Jasper gemstone is best regarded as the gemstone of happiness, relaxation, and comfort. This beautiful gemstone can be worn by anyone as the stone yields no negative consequence to the owner of the gemstone.

Jasper gemstone or Maha Mariyam stone is also known to deliver a sense of protection and vigorous consent to the gemstone wearer. This stunning gem can be worn by pregnant women, newborns, and patients who are suffering from severe health-related issues.

Historically, Jasper gemstones were authorized by ancient rulers and rulers to gain bodily stamina, enthusiasm, and vitality.

The best healing gemstone, Jasper gem is open in more than hundreds of varieties. The quality of the gemstone is often evaluated by considering its Origin, Hue, and Surface texture. A fine-colored, natural Jasper stone without any eye visual grooves or pit is always thought to be the best quality Jasper crystal.

1. Red Jasper Crystal – Also regarded as the gemstone of endurance, Red Jasper Gemstone is believed to enhance the physical strength and stamina of the wearer. It also promotes optimistic power that helps reduces stress and strain.

2. Ocean Jasper – As per Indian Western astrology, the Ocean Jasper crystal belongs to the orbicular jasper mineral family and is majorly located in Madagascar. The body hue of Ocean jasper gemstone is white with oval marks. This beautiful gemstone has symbolized the stone of happiness and tranquility and is mainly worn to bring calmness and ease of mind to the owner of the gemstone.

3. Camel Jasper – Camel Jasper is a light brown colored mineral variety of jasper stone that is indicated by its hue banding and unique patterns. This gemstone is majorly sourced from India. This brown-colored Jasper gemstone is mostly used to heal depression, anxiety and stress.

4. Fancy Jasper – This mineral variety of Jasper Gemstone holds a mix of hues such as purple, mauve, green, and cream. This Vedic Gemstone is also known for delivering a sense of positivity and well-being.

5. Picture Jasper – This exclusive variety of brown jasper crystal is characterized by the amazing scenic patterns present on its surface. Jasper gemstone is used to encourage creativity and is considered admiringly useful for an individual in a creative career.

6. Green Jasper – Pure green jasper gemstone is a rare mineral variety since its surface primarily has colored patches. Green jasper gemstone is modeled to enhance fertility, cure anxious minds and improve relationships.

7. Yellow Jasper – As the title Yellow Jasper depicts, Yellow jasper gemstone is a yellow-colored mineral variety that is excavated from Russia, India, Australia, etc. This beautiful gemstone is regarded as the Gem of intellect, this gem is regarded as an ideal choice for scholars, writers, and poets.

8. Kambaba Jasper Stone – Kambaba Jasper Stone is also a green-colored mineral variety of Jasper gemstone got from Madagascar and South Africa. Just like other mineral varieties of Jasper, Kambaba jasper gemstone is mainly used to strengthen optimism by subsiding adverse beliefs and emotions and thereby boosting self-confidence in the gemstone wearer. This gemstone is also believed an effective gem for sound digestive health.

9. Brecciated Jasper – Brecciated Jasper also known as Poppy jasper, contains patches of white, yellow, black, and brown color that improve its overall appearance. This gem is known to lend the gemstone owner a sense of wholeness and peace.

10. Mookaite Jasper – The gemstone mainly originated in Australia, Mookaite jasper gem comes in red and light yellow hues. It is supposed that Mookaite jasper gemstone healing properties aid the wearer by improving the wearer’s internal strength and willpower to deal with challenging problems in life.

11. Dalmatian Jasper – Dalmatian Jasper gemstone mineral is a pale grey or creamish colored gemstone with black and brown streaks. The stone is used to promote positive powers and combat exhaustion.

12. Rainforest Jasper – Rainforest Jasper is a beautiful green-colored Jasper mineral variety distinguished by the colored patches displayed on the surface. Rainforest Jasper has amazing healing effects that can help the wearer to give up addictive inclinations.

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Jasper gemstone has been treasured for ages due to its strong healing features. This incredibly effective healing gem was authorized by individuals of various cultures including Persians, Hebrews, Greeks, and Arabs. In color healing therapies, this beautiful crystal is highly recommended to heal the physical, mental, and emotional health of the gemstone wearer.

Cures Anxiety and Creative Blocks - Most astrologers believe that modeling fancy jasper gemstones help people to overwhelm anxiety and anxiety. Jasper gemstone also encourages rational thought and stimulates the imagination.

Boosts Physical Stamina- Red jasper gemstone also benefits the owner of the gemstone by improving their metabolism and boosting muscle power. This gem was greatly trusted by ancient people for achieving better physical strength and revitalizing vitality.

Improves Spiritual Awareness - Due to its relation to the Throat Chakra of the human body, Jasper gemstone is believed useful in shifting the wearer’s inclination towards spiritual movements. The positive power of Jasper gemstone helps individuals by enhancing their concentration and helping spiritual activities.

Heals Chronic Ailments - In alternative therapeutic therapies, it is thought that jasper gemstone is beneficial for individuals who are undergoing prolonged treatments by expediting their rehab. A Natural Maha Marriyam stone also stimulates body detoxification and cell regenerations.

Bestows Marital & Progeny Bliss - Wearing jasper gemstone blesses people by sweetening their relationship with their partner. This amazing gemstone also supports restoring peace and mutual understanding. Jasper gemstone aka Maha Marriyam Stone is also implied to be used by couples who are struggling with bearing a kid.

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Unlike other precious crystals, Jasper gemstone is abundantly available in nature. Due to this reason, an individual can not find a drastic boost in Jasper price even for the greatest quality and big size stones. Origin, Color, Pattern, Texture, and Shape are some aspects that can help to estimate the value of a Real Jasper Gemstone.

Note -: The price of Jasper gemstone per carat in India varies from Rs 100 ($1.5 approx.) to Rs 200 ($3 approx.) per ct. and plus. Jasper international charges may vary depending upon the availability of the gem.

Origin - The physical appearance of Jasper gemstone relies on the geographical aspect of its origin. Due to this reason, jasper gemstones originated from different mining locations and show various shades and patterns.

Madagascar jasper gemstone and Imperial jasper are comparatively costlier due to their abnormality in nature. However, African jasper, Egyptian jasper, Australian jasper, and Indian Jasper are readily obtainable and are relatively inexpensive. Jasper gemstone mining arises all over the world, and it's various numerous are located from a no. of sources. Most prominent Jasper stones are mined and are found in Brazil, Australia, Africa, Egypt, India, Canada, Madagascar, the United States, Mexico, Russia, and Kazakhstan. These origins resource the most prominent Jasper types such as Red Jasper, Ocean Jasper, etc.

Color – Generally, the cost of Jasper stone links to the virtue and overall distribution of hues over the surface. Blood red jasper stone price remains highest since it is relatively rare. In multicolored jasper types, the magnificence of the pattern defines the overall price of the gemstone. Jasper gemstones occur in as many shades as in a rainbow and in as many patterns as in a kaleidoscope. Each color is unique and every color pattern has its own beauty and metaphysical sense. Some typical Jasper hue varieties contain Red Jasper, Black Jasper, Brown jasper, Blue Jasper, Green jasper, Yellow jasper, etc. There are some less popular gemstone varieties that occur in off-shades such as orange jasper stone, grey jasper stone, purple jasper stone, pink jasper stone, multicolored jasper, etc.

Clarity – The Clarity of the Jasper stone is described in terms of surface textures and visible flaws on the gemstone. The opaque surface of the Jasper gemstone or Maha Marriyam Gemstone is skillfully shaped and buffed by the gem cutter to enhance its radiance. Jasper's overall value drops if any pit, spot, or blemish is present and prominently visible via naked eyes.

Shape – Jasper Gemstone is primarily available as oval-shaped cabochons (polished, non-faceted stones), which are reasonably priced. Nevertheless, a striped jasper brings a slimmer higher value as it requires additional care while missing in order to evade the split of its coatings.

Carat weight – Jasper Gemstone is moderately hard and arrives in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Due to its sufficient availability, the price of jasper gemstones doesn’t improve significantly with a rise in weight.

Treatment – Jasper Gemstone is not vulnerable to profiteering procedures such as remedies or synthetic processing. At Navratan, we always recommend our consumers to request lab certificates while shopping Jasper gemstone online or from any local store to ensure value for money.

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