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IGI, or the International Gemological Institute, has been the forefather authority of the world’s gemology department. It has laboratories all across the globe that facilitates testing, grading, and certification of the broadest spectrum of diamond, colored gemstones, and jewelry. All the units are comprehensively governed by one central governing body that primarily adheres to the internationally acknowledged grading system.

Gemstones here are scrutinized under absolute customer obscurity to secure accurate analysis. Therefore, gemstones approved with IGI reports are regarded to be the safest for purchase by gemstone buyers and sellers around the world. It hones the knowledge wings of highly proficient gemologists or gem scientists and boasts a number of the latest technologies for testing gemstone quality and assessing grades to them. With a world over presence, IGI is deemed as an official source for genuineness and quality evaluation that arrives after years of ubiquity in the industry.

Established in 1975, this institute has been the oldest forefather in gemstone testing and boasts a number of quality-testing technology through which they assess and grade the gemstones and jewelry. IGI was primarily founded in Antwerp, a city in Belgium. However, presently it is operating in Europe, the Middle East, North America, East Asia, and South Asia. Besides being the largest gemstone testing institute in the world, IGI acts as a guarantee of quality promise and delivers the utmost assurance to buyers and sellers on a global scale.

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Confidence is a crucial part of a gemstone purchase. Regardless of the province or the marketplace, an IGI report always stands as a standard expression of conviction in the gemological arena. The value of any precious gemstone is determined by its gemological composition, natural rareness, and polished feature including the famous 4 c’s. In general, exactly similar-looking gemstones may have prominently distinct values. Even in this contemporary world, even the specialist needs precise tools and techniques to identify any sort of treatments, augmentations, and synthetics linked with the stone. The International Gemological Institute covers every stone employing avant-garde practices, approaches, and technologies to ascertain the quality.

In comparison to any other organization, the experience and reach of IGI are unrivaled. Primarily recognized for certifying diamonds and colored crystals, this institute is equally entrusted with grading precious pearls, exotic carvings, and fine jewelry pieces. International Gemological Institute certifies the most extensive assortment of gemstones and their jewelry worldwide which further indicates clear evidence of it being the global leader in gem certification. Be it a no oil emerald or a ruby ring, people effortlessly trust IGI-certified gem and jewelry pieces. This trust was built over a huge piece of time because of the international standards and dedication they apply to their work.

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