Lapis Lazuli Stone

Lapis Lazuli is a popular semiprecious crystal that has been recognized among us humans since ancient ages. The stone is found with a deep blue-colored opaque with attractive internal flecks of golden or brown hue. According to Vedic astrology, the stone is recognized as a symbolic gemstone of knowledge and truth. Mainly the stone originated from Afghanistan but is also located in some of the regions of the USA and Russia.

According to western astrology, Lapis Lazuli is connected with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and comes under the lordship of planet Saturn. This beautiful stone is recognized as the birthstone for February month.

The ideal weight of the Lapis Lazuli stone should be at least 1/10th carat of your total body weight. For instance, if you are weighing 40 kg, you should wear a 4-carat lapis stone while if you are having a bodyweight of 60 kg, you should opt for a minimum 6 carat of the stone.

Lapis Lazuli gems are usually of beautifully intense deep blue shade. For astrological purposes, choose a Natural Lapis Lazuli gemstone that shows a brilliant internal spot of golden or brown hue.

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