Gemstone Buying Guide

Gemstone Buying Guide

When it comes to selecting a gemstone in Vedic astrology, the gem must always speak to its wearer. With its color, cut and appearance, gemstones can connect instantly with the soul. We understand it is incredibly difficult to single out one gemstone when there might be so many appealing options. Which is why we have put together a few pointers to keep in mind when selecting in a gem.


Given the option between a natural or synthetic/simulant gemstone, choosing naturally mined gems prove to have unmatched, surreal beauty with more authenticity. Natural gemstones with minimal or minor enhancements have a natural charm and glow that is unlike the beauty of any synthetic or simulant gemstone.


A matter of personal preference, color is interpreted differently by everyone. when buying a gemstone understanding the gemstones hue, tone and saturation is key. Hue speaks of the body color, tone translates to the lightness or darkness of color and saturation means the gems intensity of color. For eg. Picking out a sapphire with a navy blue color, will be best suited as it will be without a very dark almost blackish appearance. Look for a rich, royal, saturated and even blue. Picking out gemstones with an even color makes all the difference.


Certification always builds confidence in the quality and authenticity of the gemstone. Knowing the gem's true origin and an analysis of its internal features as verified by a certified gemologist always contributes to the trust in the gemstone, and thus the provider. Certificates are essential to look out for as they add value to the gem or piece of jewelry.

At Navratan, our selection of natural gemstones in every price range and quality offers an array of choices to cherry pick from. Authentic gems at incredible prices drive our team offering you a choice in every budget.

Carat Weight

Understanding the carat weight of a gemstone, and the fact that size and value do not always go hand in hand is imperative. For eg. A natural gemstone with a lower carat weight might not necessarily mean the gem is less valuable, smaller gems can very often display better optical appearances, making them a lot higher in value. Invest in a gemstone best suited to a budget that will show long term benefits.


When it comes to clarity, it is important to take into account a range of factors. Size, Position, Relief, Location and Number of the internal features tend to play the most crucial points when determining its value.

  • Internal fingerprints, although inevitable in natural gems add character and individuality, and must be analysed before the purchase.
  • The size of the inclusion seen within the gemstone can sometimes distract from the beauty of the gem. It is important to find a gemstone with an appearance that pleases.
  • Clearer natural gemstones hold more value as light passes seamlessly through the gemstone.
  • It is important to take into account the position of an inclusion. A few questions to think of are if for instance they are located under the table facet of the gemstone, does it lower the beauty of the gem, how many features are visible to the naked eye. Are the gems “eye clean”?
  • Are crystals present within, or are they hidden by the body color of the gem? Do these features have a high relief making them very distinguishable?

With an analysis of all these factors understanding the value of the natural gemstone will become a lot more clearer.


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