May Birthstone

May Birthstone

Time makes us sentimental because it brings happiness and sadness at the same time. In the end, it is our may birthstones that keep us away from all the sorrow and despair. The emerald has that same intensity throughout the world . No one can resist the glamour of the emerald.

Emerald is a type of beryl with a deep green colour thanks to the composition of chromium and vanadium. It is the most abundant hue in nature, greener than any other color in the spectrum. This gemstone brings a sense of clarity, renewal, and rejuvenation.

Meaning and Origin of May Birthstone

Emerald has always been one of the most treasured stones. It used to be the preferred gemstone of India's Maharajas and also for Egypt's female Pharaoh, Cleopatra; the may birthstone continues to ooze glamour, from royals to red carpets.

The name comes from the ancient Greek word "smaragdus."

Today, Columbia is the largest supplier of emeralds, contributing more than 60% of world production. The May birthstone emeralds are sourced from Brazil, Zambia and Zimbabwe. On the other side, emeralds are also mined in India and Egypt.

It is estimated that the oldest emeralds are close to 3 billion years. The earliest recorded mining occurred in 330 B.C. in Egypt. The emerald buddha made from jasper is housed in the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok, Thailand.

Emeralds have various sources and one of the oldest suppliers is the Muzo mine. Muzo mine in Colombia is known for having perfectly green colors, however this is not an ideal color. Chivor, Colombia is known for emeralds with a bluish component - the real emerald color. The third large emerald is found in Coscuez, which is known for a more yellowish color.

Much like the mines of Colombia, Brazil and Zambia have colors attributed to emeralds (yellowish and bluish respectively). Brazil produces the most bluish emeralds, and Zambia produces yellowish ones. Emeralds can also be found in Ethiopia, Russia, Australia, and even North Carolina in the United States of America.

Quality of the May Birthstone

The green colour brings hope, and the emerald lush green colour makes not just for the month born but for everyone. This bluish-green variety of the beryl family has been adored for their exotic colour, where chromium, vanadium, and iron are present. Emeralds have inclusions and are visible to the naked eye. Thus it is recommended to clean with a mix of mildly soapy water. Avoid chemicals like ultrasonic or steam as these can damage the gem.

Perhaps if you recall, The Emerald City of "The Wizard of Oz," is named scintillating greens of this popular gem.

Some say that under a microscope, it can look like mossy plant life. The inclusions are also an indication of the gem's origin.

Benefits of the May Birthstone

For people born in May, this stunning gemstone brings prosperity, abundance, good fortune, and love. It can also heal their emotions and improve mental clarity. There are ways this strong can bring energy to your daily life: wear it as jewellery or a meditation stone.

From good fortune to protection, this gemstone has benefits like:

1. The dynamic properties of this stone encourage deeper relationships with oneself and others.

From good fortune to protection, this gemstone has benefits like:

2. It contributes to a sense of calm and hope.

3. Emeralds are associated with mature and faithful relationships and are great for supporting deeper friendships and healthy relationships.

4. The may gemstone is known for curing ailments of the lungs and heart as it works on the Heart Chakra.

5. It is also associated with clear speech and enhances public speaking abilities.

6. Legends have it that emeralds, if placed under the tongue, are said to reveal the truth and protect against evil spirits. Before modern medicine, emerald was used to cure diseases like cholera and malaria.

7. Birthstone may emerald is associated with the heart chakra, and is thought to heal the physical and emotional heart. This beautiful gemstone brings loyalty and unconditional love and promotes friendship.

Price of May Birthstone

Top-quality emeralds can be more than diamonds on a per-carat basis. Most emeralds are imperfect, and emeralds without inclusions are very rare. Instead of the term imperfect, dealers like to call it internal jardin (a garden in French). The four factors that determine the value of an emerald are color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. The best color of the may birthstone is vivid green or bluish-green with even saturation and no color zoning.

Valuable, high-quality emeralds are transparent and are not too dark or too light. The quality of an emerald is assessed with the naked eye. An emerald pendant necklace by Elizabeth Taylor was sold for $6.5 million in 2011, breaking down to about $280,000 paid per carat.

Extraordinary Facts on Emerald

Emeralds are part of the 'big four.

Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, these four are the only "precious" gemstones, meaning May's birthstone is up there with the best.

Emeralds are Rare:

Emeralds are even less abundant than diamonds. Less than four million carats worth of emeralds were mined in 2015, compared to diamonds' 11 million. Even with these statistics, it is possible to find a good emerald if you keep your eyes peeled. They're used as writing tablets. Green being a sacred Islamic color, the sacred text was carved on the front and fora on the back.

Emerald is soothing for the eyes:

Emeralds look like a rich green landscape. Ireland and Seattle have been nicknamed after the stone because of their greenery. Many believe the soothing colour of the emerald relieves eye stress. Stonecutters kept the gem handy to relieve their eyes after hours of hard work.

Emeralds have existed for a long time:

The oldest emeralds date back about 3 billion years. Now considering our earth is 4.5 billion years old, their birthstone may have been around for most of our planet's history.

Emeralds were Cleopatra's closet:

Cleopatra collected a bounty of emeralds for her palace and jewellery. A massive emerald was found with a whopping 97 carats, rumoured to be cursed.The birthstone may also be found in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and North Carolina is home to the largest stone deposits in the U.S. As a green-coloured stone, emeralds are delightful to look at. These stones are a symbol of rebirth, love, and renewal, and are said to give truth and foresight to the wearer. Both greenish gems are made of the mineral beryl, though this was known in the 19th century.

Care and Cleaning of may Birthstone

Some estimates that 90% of emeralds are fracture-filled. It is risky to clean them ultrasonically and with steam. Ultrasonic vibrations can weaken already-fractured stones, and hot steam can cause unhardened resin to sweat out fractures. Use warm, soapy water to clean and gentle scrubbing is the safest way to clean the emeralds.

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