Tanzanite Stone (Blue Zoisite)

Tanzanite stone derived its name from the country Tanzania and belongs to a specific mineral group ‘Zoisite’. Tanzanite stone is known for its magnificent blue color but also possesses potent and elusive trichroism property which is responsible for the color change in the stone depending on the orientation of the crystals.

Tanzanite stones are always high in demand, rare in occurrence, and found only in a fettered area of the Simanjiro district of the Manyara region in Tanzania. Let’s move on to the further sections and learn more about the origin, history, and meaning of the Tanzanite stone.

Origin & Tanzanite Stone Meaning

The coveted and splendid Tanzanite stone has always been rare in occurrence. These stones are primarily and only found in a poky district of the Manyara region in Tanzania. The story of Tanzanite getting its name is quite thrilling.

The earlier name of the Tanzanite gemstone ‘blue-violet zoisite’ was not considered customers friendly by Tiffany & Co’s marketing department which was the face behind launching the Tanzanite stone in the market in 1968. This gemstone later got its name ‘Tanzanite’ by Tiffany & Co.

The formation of Tanzanite is the result of millions of years of massive tectonic plate activities near the active volcano region of mount Kilimanjaro.

Tanzanite Stone Meaning: In the year 2002, the prominent American Gem Trade Association selected Tanzanite as the December birthstone. It was the first major change by this association in their list since 1912.

Tanzanite is an official birthstone for people born in December. It is one of the most beloved & precious blue stones after Sapphire, and it radiates spellbinding vibes everywhere. Though tanzanite gemstones can be worn by anyone, they are of paramount significance & benefit for people with Mars’s sign Aries and Jupiter’s sign Pisces. Many astrologers also associate the Tanzanite stone with the Saturn planet but anyone can wear this stone in general.

Tanzanite Stone Price

The actual price of Tanzanite depends on a variety of factors like carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. The natural Tanzanite price in India varies from 8250 ($100 USD) per carat to 82500 ($1000 USD) per carat. At Navratan, you can find the par-excellent quality of Tanzanite stones in the coveted size and price range seamlessly.

Who Should Wear Tanzanite Stone?

Unquestionably, Tanzanite stone is one of the most in-demand and sumptuous gemstones in the whole world and people leave no stone unturned in splurging a fair share of their income to own a regaling piece of this gemstone.

As this gemstone has no pernicious effects, anyone can wear this gemstone regardless of its size and astrological significance. Tanzanite is an official December birthstone so people born in December can wear this stunning creation of nature. Moreover, many astrologers believe that Tanzanite stones are connected strongly with integrity, wisdom, and truth qualities.

What separates this gemstone from the pack is its Pleochroism property. When a gemstone has Pleochroism in its physical properties, it changes color umpteen times when the light hits the stone with different angles. Due to this phenomenon, Tanzanite is also called pleochroic stone. Sometimes, Pleochroism makes the stone-cutting process bothersome as it becomes perplexing to choose the perfect color while cutting the stone.

Tanzanite Stone Benefits

Tanzanite stone is majestic, enigmatic, and its titillating blue hues can make anyone fall deeply in love with the beauty of this stone. Tanzanite stone is not only dazzling by its appearance but also known for its extraordinary healing, spiritual, and astrological benefits. In this section, we are going to state all the benefits that come with wearing this exquisite gemstone.

Physical Benefits: If your immune system remains down for most of the time if you are suffering from skin-related problems, hair falls, or pigmentation disorders, Tanzanite is the stone you should embrace asap to get over from all the issues and revamp your physical health swiftly. Tanzanite induces healing vibes into your body that consolidate your immune system and rekindle willpower. Tanzanite can also help with migraine and stress-related issues.

Spiritual Benefits: Here comes the domain in which Tanzanite stone truly excels. There is a strong connection between the third-eye chakra and the Tanzanite. If you are deep into the realm of meditation and find it difficult to conceive truth or understand consciousness, wearing Tanzanite can do spiritual detoxification and help to align your soul with a higher purpose. As the third eye is considered the gateway to true wisdom, Tanzanite gives you the ability to push past the metaphysical barriers and know your true calling.

Emotional Benefits: Tanzanite stone is one of the biggest stress busters and infuses immense relief and love to the person who is constantly grinding between different types of stress. This gemstone sucks away all your worries and reminds you that life is supposed to be enjoyed and its pleasures to be savored thoroughly. Tanzanite also helps you to get over from old fears and petrifying dreams that are bugging you for a long time.

Relationship Benefits: It is firmly believed by many astrologers that Tanzanite brings stability to a relationship, augments love, and makes the bond more potent miraculously. The prime purpose of wearing Tanzanite by a person who is constantly struggling to stabilize his relationship is to bring harmony with your partner and align your heart and mind. Without a shadow of a doubt, wearing Tanzanite will boost the trust factor between partners and exterminate jealousy.

Tanzanite Stone Quality

We are well versed with the fact that Tanzanite is one of the most fabled and sought-after stones of all time. Every gemstone lover would love to have his hands on this gemstone and that too of supreme quality. Tanzanite stone comes in a multitude of colors and sizes, and the quality of this stone depends on numerous factors. Below, we have stated different parameters that control the Tanzanite stone quality.

Color: Tanzanite comes in a wide range and swoon-worthy hues of blue and violet colors. Due to the presence of the Pleochroism phenomenon, Tanzanite emanates different colors when viewed from different angles. However, the pristine and top-notch quality of Tanzanite stones are dark blue in color. It takes years of experience and expertise even by gemologists to identify the cream level of Tanzanite among such a range of colors. Apart from classic blue and violet color, you can also find black tanzanite, purple Tanzanite, pink Tanzanite, green Tanzanite, and peacock color tanzanite in the market at authentic gemstone sellers.

Clarity: The best quality Tanzanite stones never have any inclusions and are highly transparent in appearance. Tanzanite with noteworthy inclusion are low in value and preferred less by gemstone lovers.

Carat Weight: Non-arguably, the carat weight has a direct relation with the value of Tanzanite stones. With the increase in size, the value of Tanzanite gemstone also increases. The higher the number of carats of a Tanzanite, the deeper the blue color and the more valuable it is.

Cut: Tanzanite stones are available in a myriad of cuts and sizes. You can effortlessly find this gemstone in oval, drop, spherical, and heart shapes. It’s quite daunting to cut a Tanzanite stone because of the Pleochroism phenomenon. Cutting the stone from the wrong angle can depreciate its shine, value, and brilliance terribly. Hence, the well-cut Tanzanite is always high in value.

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. Is tanzanite an expensive stone ?

Ans. Indeed, Tanzanite is an expensive stone but it is also available in the affordable price range in the less carat weight. A typical Tanzanite stone with low carat weight can be purchased between the $100-$200 price range.

Q. What is so special about tanzanite ?

Ans. What gives Tanzanites an upper hand over goliath gems like diamonds is their rare occurrence in existence. Tanzanite is said to be manifold times rarer than diamond and that’s what makes this alluring stone super special.

Q. Is tanzanite stone more expensive than a diamond ?

Ans. No, Tanzanite stone is not as expensive as diamonds. However, a few pristine and top-quality Tanzanites can surpass some diamonds in value.

Q. Is tanzanite worth buying ?

Ans. We have already discussed the physical, emotional, spiritual, and astrological benefits of Tanzanite. Apart from these benefits, Tanzanite stone's outrageous beauty is another reason people are crazy about owning a subtle piece of Tanzanite to accentuate their appearance and escalate the beauty of their jewelry wardrobes.

Q. Tanzanite is the birthstone of Which Month ?

Ans. American Gem Trade Association chose Tanzanite as the December month birthstone in 2002.

Q. Which Color of Tanzanite Stone is Best and Worthy Buying?

Ans. Though Tanzanite stone looks gorgeous in many colors, The one with strong hues of blue color is the most coveted Tanzanite stone

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