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The cosmos of gemstones continue to stun us by unveiling its hidden wonders, time and time again. Out of all the gleaming, intriguing, and marvelous gems, a pearl is perhaps the most underrated yet the most classic stone in existence. Pearls are graceful gems by appearance and the most seamless way to jazz up your appearance and reflect a strong fashion statement wherever you hop on.

The introduction of pearl jewelry, especially pearl stone rings has created some serious buzz in the market because of its easy availability, budget-friendly price, and a myriad of ravishing designs. The elegant and ageless look you covet to achieve is now an easy feat by embracing the trendiest pearl rings. Moreover, pearls are also known for drawing prosperity, luck, and happiness in your life. That’s why owning a pearl ring is like hitting two bulls’ eyes with a single arrow. Let’s get more familiar with varied pearl ring designs, the benefits of wearing a pearl ring, and frequently asked questions related to Moti rings.


There is no clear mention of the discovery of pearls in the history book. Some gemologist claim that the origin of pearls dates back to before the key moments of history started getting documented. However, it is believed that pearls were unearthed by primitive human beings while searching for food near the seashore region.

In some civilizations, the use of pearls was fettered only for the upper strata of the society. The history of pearls is packed with umpteen thrilling stories and unbelievable myths, however, it’s not possible for us to state all of them here. If we talk about the creation of pearl stones, they are created within the soft tissue of a living Mollusk and are primarily composed of Calcium carbonate components. Sometimes, it takes years for a Mollusk to produce an exemplary and perfectly round and smooth pearl which demand is the highest in the international market.

Most freshwater cultured pearls prevailing in the markets majorly come from Japan and China. Moreover, saltwater pearls are cultivated around the volcanic atolls and protected lagoons. If we compare the value of these two pearls, saltwater pearls are always way more expensive than freshwater pearls as they are daunting to culture as well as take more production time than freshwater pearls.

Pearl Ring Designs

Most individuals have a preconceived notion that pearls only come in a singular hue. That’s not the whole truth. A pearl is found in a great range of hues, especially white, golden, and black. These classic variations of hues give pearls a royal and timeless appeal and make them perfect to encrust in pieces of jewelry.

At Navratan, we always strive to understand what our customers want and relentlessly work to surpass their expectations. We offer the widest selection of pearl rings in gold for females and pearl ring designs for males in silver in a varied price range to ensure you get what you eagerly look for. Our compilation of alluring pearl rings for women and trendy pearl rings for men are exclusive and available in custom designs for the convenience of valued customers.

Whether you demand peal rings for engagement purposes, pearl wedding rings, Tahitian pearl rings, white gold pearl rings, or vintage pearl rings, we have rounded up everything for you! The price of pearl rings is directly related to the weight of the pearl stone as well as the labor behind making the product market ready. Pearl rings with simplistic designs usually cost less as they don’t require much time and labor to craft them. Whereas, sophisticated pearl ring designs require advanced technology to manufacture and come with a hefty price tag.

The Pearl stone is a shining symbol of truth, peace, prosperity, and hope. Embracing an exemplary pearl stone can give a major transformation to your existence as its healing properties and astrological significance are colossal. In addition to that, nowadays, people are using customized vintage pearl rings and gold pearl rings for exchanging purposes during engagement and wedding ceremonies. You can get your hands on a dazzling piece of pearl stone ring at Navratan along with gem-lab certification and customization. Go through our collection and make a move!

Pearl Ring Benefits

Till yet, you have only seen the unbeatable charm of real pearl rings via our collection. However, most people are not completely aware of the pearl ring benefits that come with embracing it under the right guidance and circumstances. It’s high time to make you all familiar with the enticing and never heard before pearl ring benefits.

1. Even small ailments related to utterly sensitive organs like the eyes, throat, skin, or heart can cause mighty damage to your overall health. Embracing a pearl ring can give steady relief to all your ailments and also render immense benefits to women suffering from menstrual problems and men suffering from fertility issues.

2. The lack of concentration, sheer willpower, and courage leads you nowhere in life. If you seek to bolster all these attributes and take your life to a completely different level, wearing a pearl stone ring can give a profound boost to your concentration power, and courage level, and brings clarity to life.

3. No matter how acknowledged and successful you become in life, if you have dire anger issues, you will tumble all your earned reputation for sure one day. Many astrologers firmly believe that wearing a black pearl ring or white pearl ring establishes immense serenity in your life, dwindle anger issues, and also helps to focus in meditation.

4. One of the finest aspects of a pearl stone is it can be worn by people of all Zodiac signs, though it is exemplary for people born in the month of June. Pearls have been continuously hailed for their profound astrological significance and miraculous metaphysical and healing benefits. If worn under the guidance of an experienced astrologer, a pearl ring can have a vehement positive impact on your life.

5. Embracing a pearl stone ring is supposed to enhance the memory power of an individual and also sharpen intellect level. Moreover, it is quite beneficial for people who constantly struggle with trivial issues in their relationships.


When it comes to buying an original pearl ring, the quality and certification of the stone are of profound importance. Like other gemstones, pearls also go through a certain degree of treatment to achieve the coveted luster, durability, and color variation. Individuals who don’t have in-depth knowledge of pearls will find it hard to differentiate between natural pearls and lab-created pearls. Therefore, it is quite essential to ask for certification when buying a pearl stone ring and that certificate must enclose crucial details like origin, treatment, and authentication from a certified body.

At Navratan, we make sure to deliver to customers what they pay for. We provide gemstone certifications with all the pivotal details stated about the stone a customer is purchasing to maintain transparency. For more information, you can check out our comprehensive gemstone buying guide to know more about the quality factors and weight of the stone.

Caring & Cleaning Tips

Owning a stunning gold or silver pearl ring is one thing and taking care of that expensive piece is a totally different game. However, with the basic knowledge of cleaning and caring tips, one can effortlessly maintain the brilliant luster and appearance of pearl rings for a long time. Below, we have stated all the essential cleaning and caring tips that you must keep in mind for the maintenance of pearls.

1. Always store your pearl ring in a softbox or a pouch. Keeping it in a metal box can put scratches on the stone.

2. Never use soapy and warm water to clean pearl rings. It’s better to clean them with a microfiber cloth or hire a professional for the cleaning job.

3. Always ensure to keep your pearl jewelry dry. Avoid doing any household chores like gardening, cleaning, or chopping while doing it.

4. Using lotion or spraying perfume on your original pearl ring for women or men can diminish its luster. Always apply the perfume or lotion first then wear the ring later.

5. If you frequently wear your pearl stone ring, make sure to get it checked once in a year by a professional jeweler.

Pearl Ring Price

Pearls come in a plethora of drool-worthy designs, styles, and weights. Depending upon the requirements of customers, small to large-size pearls can be easily embedded in gold or silver metals, be it a diamond pearl ring, Tahitian pearl ring, or white gold pearl ring. The pearl ring price depends on numerous prominent factors like the color, origin, and carat weight of the pearl stone. The price of cultured freshwater pearls is comparatively low to saltwater pearls. Moreover, the price of an original and natural pearl stone ring is quite higher than a cultured pearl.

On average, the price of pearl rings beings at and goes as high as . The price fluctuates greatly with the increase in complexity of a ring design, the weight of the pearl, and the metal used.

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. What Does a Pearl Ring Symbolize ?

Ans. A pearl stone ring exemplifies truth, peace, integrity, loyalty, and happiness. Embracing it can bring all these coveted virtues in your life in heaps.

Q. Who should wear a pearl ring ?

Ans. People of all zodiac signs can wear a pearl ring and those who seek to bolster confidence, intellectual abilities, and control anger can also embrace a pearl stone.

Q. What are the benefits of wearing a pearl ring ?

Ans. The major benefits of wearing a pearl ring are improvement in physical ailments, reduction in anger, a boost in concentration power, and courage.

Q. On which Finger, do I wear a pearl ring ?

Ans. According to prominent astrologers, it’s ideal to wear a pearl stone ring on a ring finger.


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