Keshi Pearl

'Keshi' is a word from Japan that means poppy seed. Keshi Pearls are shiny pearls that don't have beads. They're awesome for making jewelry. It is also known as Poppy-seed pearls, which are exquisite non-beaded treasures perfect for jewelry. These non-nucleated pearls, composed solely of nacre, often emerge as a by-product during pearl cultivation.

About Keshi Pearl?

The word "kesha" in Sanskrit means "poppy seed," describing how these pearls look – unique and bumpy, like tiny works of art made by nature itself. Keshi pearls are not your typical round and white pearls!

The cool ones in the gem world, have odd shapes like small stones, delicate flower petals, or even tiny alien pods. It is nature's happy accident. Oysters make these pearls without any human help.

In ancient India, people thought these pearls were lucky because they were linked to Lakshmi, the goddess of good luck. Wearing one might bring you some extra luck! For certain star signs like Ashlesha and Magha, Keshi pearls are like emotional friends, bringing calm and helping them show their creative side. Keshi pearl jewelry is your secret weapon to stand out!

Benefits of Keshi Pearls?

When you wear Keshi Pearls according to astrological advice, at the correct time, on a particular finger, it's believed to bring many positive effects - as;

  • Enhances natural charm effortlessly.
  • It can be worn with a variety of outfits From casual to formal.
  • It symbolizes purity and grace.
  • It can help in the healing of your body and overall wellness.
  • Positive energy, positive moods.
  • Aligns with the forces of the planet on a specific finger.
  • Balances body's chakras, promoting spiritual well-being.
  • It is known for its calming properties and reduces anxiety and stress.
  • Guards against negativity promote positivity.
  • Career opportunities are closely tied to the Astrological.
  • May help with digestion, heart, and skin conditions.
  • Enhances spiritual growth and enlightenment.
  • Keshi pearls are believed to be suitable for:?

  • People in search of luck are individuals who are looking for luck or luck.
  • People who are emotionally stressed, seeking peace and tranquility.
  • Creative souls who want to improve their creativity.
  • Style enthusiasts are those who wish to give a distinctive twist to their look.
  • Spiritually inclined people are attracted to spiritual energy and connections.
  • Healing seekers who are looking for physical healing effects.
  • Astrology followers are individuals who are guided by astrological beliefs as well as practices.
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