Emerald Stone (Panna Stone)

Emerald stone is the precious gemstone from the beryl mineral family. This amazing gem is known as Panna stone in India. It is a well known gemstone valued for its mystical benefits and characteristics. The allure of these gems have captivated minds people since history. In modern world, this green gemstone is used for astrological and jewelry purposes.

The panna stone price starts from INR 2000 to 500000 and can extend even more depending upon its quality and color. For more information visit the . You can also consult with our Gemologists for further queries.

Emerald Mineral Beryl Mineral
Chemical Composition Be3Al2(SiO3)6 Beryllium Aluminium Cyclosilicate
Hardness on Mohs Scale 7.5 - 8.0
Color Green to Bluish Green
Luster Vitreous
Specific Gravity Average 2.76
Refractive Index 1.564-1.602
Crystal Type Hexagonal
Birefringence 0.0040-0.0070
Diaphaneity Transparent to Opaque

Emerald Stone (Panna Ratna) belongs to the planet Mercury and is a birthstone of May. Individuals facing issues like financial, physical health, mental peace, career and relationship are suggested to wear this gemstone. This stunning stone can be worn as rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces. If you are looking for astrological benefits, emeralds should be worn in a gold ring or pendant on Wednesday.

In general, original panna gemstone is obtained from beryllium aluminum silicate. The color of this gemstone ranges from intense green to bluish green. However, gems with greenish yellow hue are also available in the market. The name 'emerald' is derived from the Greek word "Smaragdos," meaning 'green'.

Natural emerald stone with intense green color and high clarity is desirable. The color of these gemstones is due to the presence of trace elements. Chromium lends green color to these beautiful stones. Iron is responsible for giving blue tint. Colombian panna stone are prized for their distinct lush green hue. The more the amount of chromium more is the verdant color of the stone.

These are one of the oldest gems in the history. Original panna stone price is higher as they are rare to find. The intense green color and high clarity make these gems valuable. Throughout the history, beauty of emerald green stone also lies in its mystical properties.

The gemstone is considered as a symbol of wealth and power. It is the birthstone for May born and a perfect gem for twentieth and thirty fifth wedding anniversaries. Buy panna stone for the meaningful symbolism it reflects. The green gemstone is known to signify fertility, new beginnings, vitality, hope and love.

Ideal Day Wednesday
Suitable Time Between 5-9 AM or 5-7 PM
Ideal Finger For men: Little Finger of right hand
For women: Little Finger of left or right hand
Jewelry Form Can be worn as a ring or pendant
Preferred Metal Natural panna stone should be crafted in gold, silver, Ashta dhatu, Panch dhatu
Mantra Chant mantra for Budh (Mercury) planet: “Om Aim Bum Buddhaye Namah”
Carat Weight 1/12th of the wearer’s weight
  • Activate emeralds before wearing it. This process is necessary to radiate energy of the stone.
  • Purify/energize the gemstone ring or pendant by dipping them in raw milk and gangajal.
  • Keep them for 20-30 minutes.
  • Take out and wipe the jewelry with clean cloth.
  • Offer flowers and burn incense sticks before wearing the panna ratna.
  • Buy emerald stone to get astrological benefits. As per Vedic astrology, this gem is ruled by Mercury and is also called as Budh stone. Always consult an astrologer before wearing any gemstone. Those who can wear panna stone are:

    • Zodiac signs who are suggested to wear this gemstone include: Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Libra, Aquarius.
    • Individuals with weaker Mercury positioned in the birth chart should wear panna.
    • Individuals born in the month of May can wear this stone.
    • Those in professions such as writing, business, education, artists, policy makers and lawyers should wear this stone.

    The astrological benefits of Original Panna Ratna are as follows:

    • It enhances creativity, intellect, knowledge and memory of the wearer.
    • The stone offers individuals with success, money and fame.
    • It is said that this gemstone brings magic to children who expect great results in competitive exams.
    • This stone is used as a talisman. Since ancient times it was used to ward off evil spirits. This amazing green gemstone is used to remove negative energies.
    • If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, you should wear this gemstone.
    • Emerald green stone are known to have healing properties.
    • Those suffering from skin related disorder, eye strain, respiratory diseases, nervous disorders and allergies should wear this gemstone.
    • It brings peace and prosperity to the wearer.

    Origin: The origin of the gemstone defines its quality. Panna Ratna is found worldwide like Colombia, Brazil, Zambia, Ethiopia, Russia, Australia, the US, and Afganistan. The most prized gemstones are from Colombia.

    To buy emerald stone online or offline , one should consider the following factors:

    Look for the right color:

    • Hue: Select gemstone with vivid green hue
    • Saturation: High saturation
    • Tone: Medium to dark tone
    • No color Zoning
    • Even distribution of green color

    Choose panna ratna from the right origin

    • Colombian emerald stone:Features intense green color and high clarity, making them the finest panna gemstone.
    • Stones from Zambian and Brazilian origin are equally valuable.

    Look for authenticity

    • Choose certified panna stone that adds value to your gemstone collection.
    • Lab-tested emerald gemstone provide authenticity that they are natural and free from any treatment.

    Emerald stone is a popular stone in the world of fashion. These precious gemstones can be placed as a center stone in rings, pendants, necklace or bracelets. They also work well as side stones in any jewelry form.

    These gemstones goes well with any other stone like diamonds, rubies or even with opal. It ranks 7.5 on Mohs scale of hardness making it a perfect choice for jewelries. However, it always important to clean and care for the stone.

    The emerald (panna) stone price depends upon 4C’s (Color, Clarity, Carat Weight & Cut ) , Origin of the stone also decides its cost. These beautiful green gemstones sourced from Colombia are considered expensive. These are the finest gems popularly known for their lush green color and high clarity.

    Origin Minimum to Maximum Price Per Carat
    Panjshir Emerald INR 1,00,000 to 10,00,000 per carat & above
    Colombia Emerald INR 5000 to 10,00,000 per carat & above
    Ethiopia Emerald  INR 20,000 to 5,00,000 per carat & above
    Zambian Emerald INR 2000 to 5,00,000 per carat & above
    Brazil Emerald INR 1000  to 1,00,000 per carat & above
    Russia Emerald INR 1000 to 1,00,000 per carat & above

    The factors on which gemstone price is dependent are as follows:

    • Color: Buy panna stone that features saturated green color. The more the presence of chromium the more intense the green hue of the stone. This increases the price of the stone. The gemstone also features secondary hues such as blue and yellow tint along with green. Stones with equal green color distribution contributes for high value of panna ratna.
    • Clarity: These green gems comes under ‘type3’ inclusions. This means inclusions are common to them. These imperfection are removed by treatment or enhancement. Natural emerald stone with vivid green color and eye-clean clarity are rare. Thus, their prices are higher.
    • Carat Weight: Higher the carat weight of panna gemstone, more is the cost of the stone. Larger gems with bright green color are priced more in comparison to smaller ones with pale hue.
    • Cut: A fine cut of the stone increases the price of the stone though indirectly. These stones can be shaped into oval, round, pear, marquise or cushion. The gemstone with a cut that perfectly shows its color, brilliance and clarity has higher value.

    The best way to clean emeralds are as follows:

    • Keep the gemstone or jewelry in soap water for a few minutes.
    • Drain the water and wipe the gemstone or jewelry with a soft cloth.
    • Do not soak the ornament or the gem in soapy water. Harsh detergents affect the quality of the gemstone.
    • Do not soak these green gemstones in solvents like acetone, alcohol, or paint thinner.
    • Do not expose panna gem to excessive solar radiation or other heat sources. This exposure will damage the stone.
    • It is important to retain the metal shine. Avoid using excessive chemicals on the jewelry.
    • Check for the loose settings. They might result in dropping of the gemstone.

    Quick Gemstone Guide

    Q. how much is emerald per carat in india ?

    Ans. Emerald gemstones are priced fairly high in India due to its splendid color and can cost anywhere between ₹ 7050 to ₹ 10 Lakhs per carat ($88.55 to $12,135.26).

    Q. How can I determine the quality of Marathakam stone ?

    Ans. The quality of Marathakam stone is specified by many aspects, including coloring, transparency, cut, and carat weight. A high-quality Marathakam stone displays a deep, striking green color with excellent clarity and the tiniest inclusions. The stake of the stone should be precise to maximize its illumination and gleam.

    Q. Are Zambian or Columbian Emeralds a better choice for Vedic healing ?

    Ans. Color is key when it comes to vedic healing and astrology. Columbian emerald radiate a mesmerizing bluish-green whereas Zambian emerald tend to embody a true alpine green with an occasional darker tone. Both these gemstone mines offer superior quality and colored gems and once you have selected a color that appeals to you, it is always best to speak to an astrologer.

    Q. Can one wear oiled emeralds for vedic healing ?

    Ans. Oil filling is a common practice in emeralds globally and is acceptable when it comes to astrology. This is restricted however to common baby oil, without any added color. When it comes to coloring agents and semi permanent fillings like epoxy and various others, those tend to lower value and should be avoided. At Navratan, a reliable third party certificate details all there is to know about the gemstone with treatments disclosed. Always check gems with an astrologer for an accurate consultation.

    Q. How should I know the price I am paying for the emerald stone is correct and true ?

    Ans. Narrowing down on a reputable gemstone dealer is key. At Navratan, with generations of experience, our transparent operation offers authenticity and quality in every piece. Natural emeralds that radiate a pure bluish-green color with no jarring inclusions could be priced anywhere between INR 2000 a carat to 20,000 per carat depending on its origin. Always look for a certificate and base the price of the gemstone of the clarity, size, color or the gemstone.

    Q. Which inclusions in an emerald are alright ?

    Ans. Emeralds inevitably come with internal features, from fractures to feathers and sometimes even crystals and phase inclusions. Natural inclusions are always present and accepted in the trade as they add character and individuality to the gem. Fractures and breaks on the surface of the emerald stone should be avoided, as they tend to reduce the quality of the cut of the gemstone.

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    Full of character and Sophistication, the verdant green Emerald is known to bring Renewal.

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