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Pachu Stone

One of the beautiful stones along with ruby and sapphires are the emeralds. Referred to by several names, such as ‘Panna’, Markatmoni in many and ‘Pachu’ in Maharashtra and other parts of India, emeralds have always fascinated by its beauty. Pachu stone is a mesmerizing gem, associated with the planet Mercury.

The birthstone of May, emerald or pachu is known to exhibit many benefits. From personal to professional, this gemstone has a strong influence in the life of an individual. The captivating green hue of this stone resembles nature, a beautiful inspiration that gives a meaning to this amazing gem.

Evolution of Pachu Stone Name

Known by various names like Panna, Pachu, Markat Mani and Budh Ratna, emeralds have been found in various parts of the world.

Possessing a beautiful green hue, the stone holds a great significance when it comes to the name.

Markatmoni, another name for this green stone, is derived from the Sanskrit word Marakata meaning ‘growing green things’. As the name suggests the gemstone also accentuates the same harnessing prosperity, power and luck.

History of Pachu stone

Pachu stone or Panna has been long associated with rebirth and renewal. Emeralds, commonly called as Panna in India have enchanted royalty from Egyptian pharaohs to Inca emperors.

The crown of Andes boasts emeralds making a stunning statement in the history of valuable gemstones. The emeralds also have citations in encyclopaedias written by the author, Vesuvius stating them as “nothing greens greener”.

Highlighting the hue of the gemstone, the author stated that the soft green color relieves stress and eye strain.

Benefits of Pachu Stone

Pachu stone or Panna has been long associated with rebirth and renewal. Emeralds, commonly called as Panna in India have enchanted royalty from Egyptian pharaohs to Inca emperors.

  • It is believed that Panna or the Pachu stone improves the wearer's knowledge, memory power and thinking skills.
  • Wearing Pachu helps in ailments related to ear, eye and skin.
  • Those facing issues in their relationships, Pachu stones offer harmony and peace. This beautiful stone also restores warmth and affection in love life.
  • Individuals lacking confidence or hesitation in public speaking are advised to wear panna stone.
  • Students, professionals from fields like IT and astronomy are thought to be benefited after wearing a pachu stone.

How to Wear Pachu Stone

  • The first thing before wearing a Pachu stone is to consult an experienced astrologer.
  • As this stone draws strong connections from the planet Mercury, it is important to gain the effective results, thus a prior consultation from an astrologer is required.
  • It is also to be noted that high quality gemstone should be purchased from a reputed gem dealer.
  • To get maximum benefits, the weight of the gemstone should be 5 carats or more.
  • After purchasing, purify the stone by dipping it in Ganga water and unboiled milk for about 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Take out the stone carefully and offer flowers.
  • Keep reciting the mantra and pray to Lord Mercury with devotion. Wear the ring and observe the results.
  • It is advisable to wear Pachu stone on Wednesday or any other auspicious day to retrieve maximum benefits.

There are several factors that govern the Pachu stone price. These include clarity, color, weight and treatments.

  • The price starts from INR 2,000 ($24.15) up to INR 20,000 ($241.45) per carat.
  • Color:The color of the gemstone is one of the factors deciding parameters. The rich saturated green color of the stone is highly desirable as it reflects the light making the emerald shine more.
  • Carat: The higher the carat weight of the stone, the prices get higher. This holds true for comparing the quality of stones.
  • Clarity:The Pachu stone with less or no inclusions are highly priced. The quality of the stone is determined by the cut and finish and thus the prices rise subsequently.

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