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Brazilian Emerald is an exceptional vibrant green-colored member of the emerald gemstone family. Mined out of the renowned Sakota emerald mines, these emeralds are also known by the name Sakota Emerald. Among all the origins, Sakota Panna, of Minas Gerais, is one of the hugely sought-after origins of emerald stones. Brazil is also known for producing the very rare six-spoke star emeralds and the rare cat’s eye emerald stones. Other primary mines of Brazil are located in Bahia, Cuiaba, Goias, Jacobina, Minas Gerais, Paracatu, and Salobo. Since 1980, new deposits have been located in different regions of Brazil, making it one of the prominent suppliers of emeralds suppliers in the global gemstone market.

Usually, the color of Brazilian Emeralds lacks the rich intensity that Colombian emeralds generally possess. However, a top-quality Brazil emerald carries a rich green hue, high transparency, and natural glow that eventually adds to its value. Such emeralds of Brazil are considered amongst the highly desired range of Emerald in the gemstone market next to Panjshir, Zambia, and Colombia. Where Panjshir Emeralds are of superior quality, Zambia ranks at the number second. In comparison with the Colombian emeralds, Brazilian Emeralds are lighter in shade. They tend to be of a slightly yellowish-green color and are often inclusions-free.

Brazilian Panna is one of the most appealable versions of the emerald clan in the world. On account of the rich and vibrant green color, it is a highly sought-after choice in the gemstone jewelry segment for ages. However, besides beauty, it represents the powerful planet Mercury and is worn as a strong astrological gemstone. With this, Emerald (Panna) is one of the 9 gemstones in the elite Navaratna gems.

Sakota Emeralds are popularly worn for their amazing astrological powers and remarkable healing abilities. Brazilian Emerald Stones are worn for both astrological purposes as well as in casual fashion jewels. You can opt to wear them in options for instance rings, earrings, pendants, or bracelets. They are used and admired equally by both jewelers and lapidaries all across the globe.

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Just like any other origin of Emerald, a Real Brazilian Emerald stone also possess strong astrological benefits. According to Vedic astrology, it is affiliated with the planet Mercury and aids in emerging out of the adverse influences that are occurred due to a weakly placed Mercury in one’s house of horoscope.

As per western astrology, it is entitled as the birthstone of May month and Cancerians. On the other hand, Vedic science endorses it to the owners of Gemini and Virgo Zodiac signs. Together with improving the position of Mercury in your birth chart, Brazilian emeralds serve a number of advantages to you. Some of them are listed below:-

  • Primarily, Natural Brazilian Emerald benefits the wearer on personal, professional, and financial grounds.
  • Wearing a Certified Panna stone ensures improved mental and physical coordination and ultimately enhances your overall psychological health.
  • Brazilian Emerald is widely known for bringing recognition and fame in creative and intellectual pursuits.
  • Brazilian Panna also helps in improving the mind and creating success in banking, finance, and trading businesses.
  • One of the many known benefits of wearing an original emerald (Panna) stone in its purest form is attaining calm skin and improved senses.
  • Brazilian Emerald aids in refining oration and communication skills and hence is considered ideal for actors, singers, politicians, and media professionals.
  • However, be it emerald or ruby, in order to avail of the maximum benefits one must adhere to the rightly prescribed method of adorning a gemstone in its natural and purest form. You can read out the entire Vedic procedure of wearing an emerald gemstone in How to Wear a Panna Stone. Find the best quality Brazilian Emeralds online for sale..!

    Price of Brazilian Emerald

    The per-carat price of a Brazilian Emerald range from $10 to $600. This value is determined by assessing some of the crucial quality traits of the stone i.e., color, clarity, cut, treatment, and carat weight. Below we are discussing these quality factors in brief.

    Color – Brazilian emeralds are popularly known for their exceptional grass-green color. A good quality emerald stone from Brazil will display an extraordinary natural glow with rich green hue color and notable transparency that eventually adds to the value of the stone. Thus better-colored gems, usually get better pricing in the gemstone market.

    Clarity – Alike most Emeralds, Brazilian Emeralds are rarely found without any sort of visible inclusions. Thus, Brazilian Emerald specimens with a lesser amount of inclusions generally carry a higher value and greater demand in the jewelry market. Since clarity is a key factor, it then compensated for the higher price of the stone.

    Cut – Though cutting or faceting of any gem usually leads to its rough wastage, it simultaneously tends to increase the value of the stone. A skillfully faceted cut is said to be the cut that demonstrates lesser visible inclusions and a better display of color. Similarly, in a faceted Brazilian Emerald, a masterly facet cut by a virtuoso gem cutter or gemologist significantly increases the price of the stone. However, you can also opt for economical shapes like round, oval, or cabochons cuts in Brazilian Emeralds.

    Carat Weight – Above some certain carats, you will rarely find a Brazilian Emerald, especially in perfect color and clarity. In case, there arises a large-sized emerald stone, considering the nature of Emerald gems, it will have more inclusions with an increase in size. Even if a large-sized Brazilian emerald is found, it will certainly fetch a much higher price in the market, if the rest of the quality factors remain the same.

    Treatment – Just like most other categories and origin of Emeralds, Brazilian Emeralds also undergo oil treatments. However, it is simply normal in the gemstone industry and is accepted by customers and traders. Emeralds, be it Brazilian or any other origin, treated with hard epoxy such as resins will be prone to have a huge decline in their value in comparison with the ones that are treated with safe, colorless, and mild oils.

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    Owing to excessive popularity and high demand, emeralds from Brazil are usually more prone to fraud and duplicacy. As there are plenty of synthetic, lab-created, and heat-treated Brazilian Emerald gemstones that are constantly making their rounds in the market, it becomes quite tough to find a real piece. Unfortunately, since the resemblance is uncanny, for a regular layman, it is difficult to differentiate between the fake and real Brazilian Emerald. Moreover, in order to ensure the originality of the stone, one should always ask for a certificate of authenticity from the vendor or seller who is claiming it to be original.

    So if you also want to buy genuine Brazilian Emerald gemstone online, then only rely upon a trusted supplier. You can also explore the widest collection of the best quality Brazil Panna at Navratan, the online gem Bazar now. All the gemstones here are certified and verified by the world’s most reliable and renowned gemstone testing labs such as SSEF, GRS, GIA, Gubelin, AGR, IGI, and ITLGJ. Thus you will only get untreated and unheated lab-certified Brazilian Emerald for sale on the online platform.

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