Basra Pearls (Moti)

The world of gems is regaling and Basra pearl is one exquisite, perky, and shining gem in that towering world. Basra pearl is one of the most sought-after pearls primarily found in the shells of aquatic organisms such as oysters. What distinguishes Basra ka Moti from the rest of the pearls is its availability in a myriad of sizes and scarcity. However, the most popular ones are that come in round shapes. The stone price per carat varies depending on the origin, transparency, clarity, cut, shape, size, Also.

The cultivation of Basra pearls is vastly fettered to the Basra region of the Persian Gulf. After the depreciation of the Basra pearl oysters ecosystem in the late 19th century, the rarity of its availability has increased a multitude of times. Because of jaw-dropping and unique light scattering effect, perfect texture, and smoothness, Basra pearls continue to stay high in demand for gemstone lovers.

How to Wear Basra Moti?

Basra Moti should be worn with utmost caution and by considering all the essential rituals. To make the process of wearing Basra Pearl hassle-free, we have curated some pointers that you must keep in mind while wearing it.

Stone Weight: According to the body weight ( a person with 70 kg weight should wear at least 7-carat pearl /1/10th of the body weight)

Timing: The best time to wear this gemstone is early morning (usually between 5to 7 am)

Finger: Ring or little finger

Day: Monday

Metal: Silver metal is highly preferred

Planet: Moon

Zodiac Sign: Cancer, Aries, Pisces

Basra Pearls Origin & History

The usage of Basra Pearls dates back to almost 250-300 BC. Astrologers and people at that time firmly used to believe that wearing Basra ka Moti can sway away all your stress and provide much-needed peace of mind. It is supposed to draw good fortune and prosperity into your life.

You would be amazed to know that Basra Pearls once used to be the quintessential part of the drool-worthy and swanky ornamental collection of the Nizam of Hyderabad. The most remarkable creation using Basra Pearls is a necklace known as Satlada which encloses seven string Basra Pearls and more than 456 pearls embedded in it along with Emeralds, Diamonds, and Ruby.

We have already jotted down about the origin of Basra Pearls. They originate from the Basra region of the Persian Gulf and their production has been hampered terribly after oil production became quite mainstream in the Middle East.

Who Should Wear Basra Moti?

If we take into account the astrological aspects, there is a direct relationship between the original Basra Moti with the planet Moon, and wearing Basra Pearl at the right time provides immense peace, brings stability, and rejuvenates your health to a great extent.

According to Indian Astrology, anyone who is suffering from mental disturbance and seeks inner peace and firmness must wear a Basra pearl. People with Zodiac signs Aries, Cancer, Pisces, and Libra should wear Basra ka Moti at the right time by consulting a prominent astrologer.

How To Identify Basra Pearl

With the passage of time, the scarcity of Basra pearls has increased by leaps and bounds, and their demand has also skyrocketed. As the production of Basra Peals has dwindled in the Persian Gulf region because of the oil production at a large scale in the Middle East region, the entire ecosystem of Basra oysters is destroyed and the supply is halted. Basra pearls increasing rarity is the reason people are ready to splurge money beyond their capacity just to own a natural Basra peal that can escalate the beauty of their ornaments. To identify the originality and uniqueness of Basra pearls, we are going to mention different ways that will help you to identify Basra pearls effortlessly.

Valid Certifications from Official Laboratories: Unlike other gemstones, it’s strenuous to find out the origin as well as the originality of Basra pearls unless someone possesses avant-garde radiography machines which can exactly determine the quality and other physical aspects of the gem. In India, only a few certified laboratories like GIA and Javeri have access to such sophisticated radiography machines to test the originality of natural pearls like Basra.

Physical Aspects: Basra pearls are quite lightweight compared to other types of pearls. Moreover, unlike other Pearl, Basra Pearls have solid chalk core and are usually scratch resistant. If you research deeply, you will find that most of the pearls and non-cultured pearls are not chalky from within.

In addition to the above-stated information, the original Basra Moti always holds a certificate from the kingdom of Bahrain which authenticates the fact that a pearl is a Basra pearl.

Basra Pearl Quality

Most of the gemologists and jewelers consider Basra pearls as the supreme quality pearls as they are cumbersome to find. Not only Basra pearls are outrageously resplendent and alluring, but they are also second to none in terms of quality. The key question that arises here is how to check the Basra Pearls' quality without much of a hitch.

Their quality depends on a multitude of factors and the price of Basra Pearls increase with respect to the quality. Below, we are going to list different attributes that will help to determine the quality of Basra Pearls.

Colors: Basra Pearls majorly come in rosy and golden hues. It’s quite daunting to find a white color Basra pearl as it is rare in existence. The best quality Basra pearls are white and creamish in color with a minor tint of yellow and pink.

Shape: The more round a Basra pearl is, the better its quality and higher the market value. This is a basic thumb rule to determine quality while considering the shape of pearls. Basra pearls are most found in irregular shapes like drop and oval.

Size: Big-size Basra pearls are rare to find and they are of par-excellent quality. The bigger the size of Basra pearls, the better they are. All the original Basra pearls are big in size compared to other pearls and it is an indication of their top-notch quality.

Carat Weight & Surface Texture: In a nutshell, carat weight is directly proportional to the quality of Basra Pearls. And, if we talk about surface texture, the natural Basra pearls have a lustrous surface, clean, and blemish-free. The occurrence of blemish and lack of glossy surface dwindles the quality of Basra pearls.

Benefits of Basra Pearl

Basra Pearls are of paramount historical and astrological significance. They are coveted and high in demand because of their enigmatic, healing, and life-transforming qualities. The Basra Pearl has been worn by renowned historic personalities to modern-day celebrities with great fervor. Here are some of the most profound benefits of Basra Pearls that one must know.

1. Reduces anger to a great extent.

2. Brings complete clarity to your thoughts.

3. Improves relationships with your near and dear ones, kith, and kin.

4. Provide immense relief from diseases related to the skin, heart, and eyes.

Basra Moti Price

Those who covet to own Basra Moti are quite meticulous about Basra Pearl's price. As we have already mentioned in the previous sections that the price of Basra pearls price in India depends upon a lot of factors like size, shape, certification from the laboratories, surface texture, etc.

On average, Basra Moti price in India begins from 50,000 per carat ($600 USD) and the maximum price goes up to 5,00,000 per carat ($6050).

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. Why Basra Pearls are so Expensive ?

Ans. Basra Pearls are super expensive because of their scarcity. It’s more than difficult to find original Basra Pearls as their cultivation halted a long time ago because of the oil production in the Middle East. Most Basra pearls available in the market right now were extracted in the early 19th century and cherished by people since then.

Q. How to Find Out the Originality of Basra Pearls ?

Ans. One of the best and easiest ways to find out the quality and originality of Basra Moti is to get it tested at certified laboratories like GIA and Javeri and get the certification. Apart from that, you can also consider physical aspects to test the quality and genuineness of Basra Pearls.

Q. Which Color of Basra Pearl is Best According to Astrology ?

Ans. As per Astrology, pure white and creamish Basra pearls are the best Basra pearls as they are of supreme quality, and white color Basra pearls are preferred the most by Astrologers. So, white and golden hues Basra pearls with yellow tint are the best according to Astrology.

Q. How to Wear Basra Pearls ?

Ans. One should wear Basra pearls by taking into account numerous factors like size, shape, day, zodiac signs, timing, finger, etc.

Q. What is the Price of Basra Pearls in India ?

Ans. Basra Pearls price in India starts from 50,000 per carat ($600 USD) and the maximum price goes up to 5,00,000 per carat ($6050).

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