Amethyst Stone (Jamunia)

Amethyst Stone is a purple-colored, semi-precious gemstone of the mineral family Quartz. Owing to the stunning luster and significant Moh’s hardness of 7, this February birthstone is widely used in statement jewelry pieces. Meaning of amethyst stone , also known as Jamunia stone in Hindi, is regarded as an astrological substitute for the precious Blue Sapphire gemstone. Astrologers recommend this beautiful blue gem to overcome all sorts of anxiety, personal depression, professional stress, financial instability, insomniac, and unhealthy addictions. Jamunia Ratan is known for bringing courage, sobriety, and peace to its owner.


Amethyst Meaning &  Properties

Amethyst is one of the most valuable and in-demand semi-precious gemstones which is an indispensable part of the Hexagonal crystal system. It’s best known for eradicating negative vibes, rectifying physical issues, and injecting sheer happiness and opulence into your life.

This stunning and ethereal gemstone has been hailed and cherished by numerous civilizations since 25,000 BC and its meaning is often associated with Spiritual and metaphysical realms. Embracing Amethyst is supposed to clear negative blockages around Crown Chakra and connect you with your true self and purpose. We have already stated the immense benefits of Amethyst stone in a separate section. It’s time to dwell deep into the physical properties of natural amethyst stones. While the Sagittarius birthstone is typically associated with the Blue Topaz stone, the Amethyst stone is also believed to hold significance for those born under this zodiac sign, as it is said to promote clarity, spiritual growth, and calmness.

Amethyst Stone Properties

Below, we have stated only the major physical properties of amethyst stone that one should definitely know.

Chemical Composition: SiO2
Refractive Index nω = 1.543–1.553 nε = 1.552–1.554
Luster: Glassy
Opacity: Highly Transparent
Pleochorism: Weak to moderate

Who Should Wear Amethyst stone

Amethyst, or Ketela or Katela in Hindi, is believed to be assigned with the planet Saturn or Lord Shani. Thus, primarily it is recommended to strengthen a weaker Saturn in one’s house of horoscope. Especially those who cannot afford the precious Neelam stone, usually opt for this semi-precious stone.

Where Indian Vedic astrology prescribes the original Jamuniya ratna for Makar and Kumbh or Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac sign. On the contrary, Western astrology assigns it to the owners of the Pisces zodiac sign. Virgo, Gemini, and Taurus are also measured to be suitable ascendants for the Amethyst stone. Thus, the natives of these sun signs can also wear this beautiful gem.

How To Wear Amethyst stone

Weight: At least 1/10th of your total body weight. If you are weighing 60 kgs, you should wear a 6-carat of Amethyst stone.
Color: Bright purple-colored amethysts (Jamunina Ratna) are considered ideal for astrological purposes.
Worn In: Prefer to wear in the middle finger of the working hand, with the stone touching the skin of your body.
Metal: Amethysts deliver the best ever results when worn in a silver ring. Amethyst rings are strictly prohibited to be paired with yellow gold.
Day & Time Wear Jamuniya on Saturday. After sunset is regarded as the best time to adorn any Amethyst jewelry.
Mantra & Chanting Chant 'Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah’, ऊँ शं शनैश्चराय नमः । for 108 times while purifying and wearing this miraculous stone.

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Benefits of amethyst stone

Owing to its amazing healing powers, Amethyst, aka Real Jamuniya Stone, is extremely popular in the astrological arena. Let us have a quick look at some of the renowned perks of wearing it

Rectifies Unhealthy Addictions: Since ancient times, Jamunia stone has been widely employed as a remedy against self-destructive addictions. Due to the said reason, even today people use amethyst to cure noxious addictive tendencies such as smoking, imbibing, and drug abuse. In their natural form, these stones have the extraordinary ability to improve the wearer’s productivity. Thus, those who are addicted to any sort of toxification or drinking habits can surely rely on amethyst gemstones for quitting these vulnerable practices.

Bestows Clarity of Mind: Natural Amethyst surpasses almost every other gemstone when it comes to providing mental clarity and improving concentration levels. In crystal healing therapies, it is said to open stagnant and blocked minds. Amethyst thaws the paving pathways that often emerge in creative ventures and induces better logical solutions. It clears the blockage of the mind and enhances the mental focus of the wearer. Henceforth, renowned scholars, researchers, and academicians, usually resort to amethyst for success

Reawakes Relationships: Authentic Amethyst is best known for reviving lost and broken relationships. While being in a relationship with our partner, sometimes we lack the feeling of love while sometimes that vital factor of fortune, which eventually becomes the reason for detestation and uncherishness. Being a harbinger of admiration, Amethyst inculcates the missing sense of passion and admiration in any bond. On the spiritual ground, it aids you to reclaim materialistic and financial comforts and attain spirituality.

Improves Your Physical Health: Not just ancient astrologers, but even modern therapists acknowledge the meditative prowess of an original Jamunia Stone in alternative medicine. One of the widely recognized healing benefits of Amethyst stone is that it bestows you with improved health. Wearing amethyst can strengthen your bone and teeth system as well as repair the health of your hair. Besides aiding in detoxification and enhancing blood regeneration, it has the potential to cure serious health issues such as arthritis, bone cancer, and paralysis.

Relaxes Anxious Minds: Amethyst crystals healing therapies, Amethyst gemstone acts as an incredible mental healer. Besides curing insomnia, it strongly aids you to fight depression. No matter what situation you are facing in your life, wearing a Real Amethyst stone effectively soothes and strengthens your fragile mindset. It carries some remarkable soothing properties that are considered excessively serviceable in tranquilizing an anxious, restless, and distracted human mind. For this reason, Jamuniya stone is often recommended to people going through a tough phase in their lives.

Astrological Benefits of Amethyst Stone

  • Improves concentration power drastically
  • Makes you more rational and incisive when it comes to making decisions
  • Highly Beneficial for people who are in the professions of teaching and scientific research.
  • Give massive relief from depression, headache, anger, anxiety, and despair.
  • Establish confidence and willpower to topple the biggest life challenges.

Amethyst Stone Quality

Just like other categories of precious and semi-precious gemstones, the Amethyst stone price is determined on the basis of its quality. Together with the place of origin, the quality of Amethyst is further defined by its 4 c’s i.e., cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Being a sturdy gemstone with a Moh’s hardness of 7 and abundantly available in nature, amethyst is a popular jewelry stone on the commercial level.

Color: As stated above, the cost of an amethyst stone is more or less entirely decided by its color tone. Amethyst is found in color range from light pink-violet to deep purple. In general, the gemstone should neither be too light nor too dark. Neither the lighter shade should water down the color nor the darker tone should be so dark that it looks almost black in poor lighting. Color zoning or inconsistent color distribution marginally tends to reduce the per-carat cost of this stone.

Where deep purple-colored amethyst with slight red and blue overtones draws higher pricing, too-dark or too-light-colored gemstones fetch a lesser value. When you are looking out to buy an Amethyst gemstone, you should carefully look at color zones and brown tints as they can decrease the quality and overall worth of this stone. The finest quality amethyst stones usually display a vividly saturated purple color shade (with or without tints of red color) and carry absolutely no color zoning.

Clarity: As stated above, the cost of an amethyst stone is more or less entirely decided by its color tone. Amethyst is found in color range from light pink-violet to deep purple. In general, the gemstone should neither be too light nor too dark. Neither the lighter shade should water down the color nor the darker tone should be so dark that it looks almost black in poor lighting. Color zoning or inconsistent color distribution marginally tends to reduce the per-carat cost of this stone.

Carat Weight: On the clear ground, Amethyst is a clean stone. It is graded as a Type - 2 gemstones on clarity standards. This grade implies that it is naturally cleaner as compared to other precious gemstones and is mainly free from any sort of visible inclusions. Though, when present, they are located in reddish-brown needles shape or L-shaped bands. Such inclusions reduce the value of the stone.

As the general rule says, the lesser the inclusions, the more is the value of the gem. This same rule goes with Amethyst. A transparent amethyst is better than the translucent one. The fewer inclusions it has, the better the quality of your amethyst gemstone. Since it is easily available in the affordable price segment, you should not be worthy to compromise on the clarity aspect.

Cut :A finely cut amethyst not just illuminates a better display of color and light but also conceals the inclusions cleverly. Because of the wastage of the stone incurred in the cutting process, conventionally, faceted gemstones are more expensive than cabochons. On similar grounds, square or other customized shapes are more expensive than round and oval shapes if other quality factors remain the same.

Carat weight :Unlike other colored gemstones, amethyst is abundantly available in nature. For this reason, the price of amethyst stone does not find an exponential increase with an increase in its carat weight. However, clear colors are a little tough to find in big sizes, hence they are considered of more value. In simpler words, bigger sizes with better colors fetch higher value in the international gemstone market.

The before-hand detailed knowledge of these deciding factors can seamlessly assist the buyers to explore the most competent option as per their preference and buy the best Amethyst gemstone online.

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Amethyst Stone Price per carat

The original Amethyst stone price is strongly influenced by a multitude of factors like color, cut, carat weight, clarity, origin, and treatment that a stone has to undergo to amplify its appearance. Amethyst stone price per carat varies from country to country but we are going to state the price in India only for Amethyst stones.

On average, the original amethyst stone price in India commences at $40-50 per carat and goes as high as $2000 per carat.

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q.Who Can Wear Amethyst Stone?

Ans.Almost anyone can embrace Amethyst gemstone to reap the maxim benefits as it’s easy to rope in from the market. However, it’s highly recommended to consult a prominent astrologer first before you put your hands on this stone as he will instruct you about the right stone weight, and exemplary day and time to wear an Amethyst stone. Unlike other gemstones, this gemstone has minimal harmful effects.

Q. Who Should Not Wear Amethyst Stone?

Ans.Though pure Amethyst stone is renowned for having the least impact on the wearer, an individual with rampant behavior and anger issues should avoid embracing amethyst stone. Amethyst has an above-average hardness ( 7 on the Mohs scale). If your palm and fingers get more sweaty than usual, you should avoid wearing this stone. Last but not the least, if you are struggling to get over any addiction, it’s not recommended to embrace Amethyst as it can augment the addiction tendency.

Q. How to Cleanse Amethyst Stone?

Ans.The best part about owning an original Amethyst stone is that the cleansing process of this stone is not bothersome. You can effortlessly clean an amethyst stone with lukewarm soapy water. Amethyst shouldn’t be exposed to extreme heat as stream cleaning is never recommended.

Q.Can Anyone Wear Amethyst Stone?

Ans. Amethyst stone is often referred to as the February birthstone and is renowned for inducing good luck, happiness, and prosperity in your life. Anyone can embrace amethyst gemstone as its ill effects are minimal, however, it is vehemently suggested to consult an experienced astrologer to ensure whether the stone is a right fit for you or not.

Q.When to Wear Amethyst Stone?

Ans. If we adhere to the rituals of Vedic Astrology, Amethyst should be worn after energizing it under the supervision of an eminent astrologer. The amethyst stone is placed in an empty bowl and gangajal, Tulsi leaves, cow’s milk, honey, and ghee are poured one by one while chanting the mantra 108 times.

Ans. After the process of energizing the stone, it should be immediately worn. Amethyst should be worn on the middle finger and Saturday evening is an exemplary time to embrace it.

Q.What Color is Amethyst Stone?

Ans. Unquestionably, Amethyst is one of the most exquisite, revered, and valuable gemstones in the world and comes in a myriad of delightful colors. The top-notch quality amethyst usually comes in purple, dark purple, and strong reddish-purple colors.

Q.Real vs Fake Amethyst Stone?

Ans. One of the easiest ways to distinguish between real and fake amethyst stones is via color zoning. Real amethyst stones exhibit color zoning ( pale tones of white and blue colors along with purple), while fake amethyst stones come in one solid color only.

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