February Birthstone

February Birthstone (Amethyst)

Life is all about adventures. From your birth to your death, your life is an adventure in itself. Above all, if you are born in February, your birthstone is Amethyst - the rare purple variety of quartz that has captivated humankind for millennia.

Amethyst is the February Birthstone that can be found in the collections of royal families throughout Europe and Asia. It can be cut into many shapes and sizes, manufactured in a lab, and mined. If your birthday comes in February, then owning an amethyst symbolizes personal empowerment and inner strength.

Meaning and History of February Birthstone

Amethyst derives from the Greek amethysts, which means "a remedy against drunkenness," Because of its wine-like color, Greek mythology associated the gem with Bacchus, the god of wine. Amethyst is also believed to keep the wearer clear-headed and sharp in business affairs.

It is the gem traditionally given for the 6th wedding anniversary. Wear it at celebrations, weddings, or simply as your February Birthstone and claim your adventure.

Historically royals have always admired the deep purple hue of the February birthstone as it claimed to have mystical powers.

Where is Amethyst found?

Until the 19th century, Russia was the major source of Amethyst, when large deposits were found in Brazil. Today the most important sources of Amethyst are found in Africa and South America. Brazil remains a major supplier of Amethyst, especially in its southernmost state - Rio Grande do Sul.

Africa's Zambia Kariba mine is one of the largest amethyst producers in the world. Amethyst there are of superb quality with richly saturated colors. It is also found in the US - the four peaks amethyst mine is high in the rugged part of the Mazatzal mountains.

Brazilian amethyst: Deposits are discovered in South America and Africa. To this day, most of the world’s supply of amethyst comes from Brazil. In fact, Brazilian amethyst, geode-style jewel featuring emerging purple amethyst crystals. This makes amethyst great for home decorations and healing crystals.

Arizona Amethyst: There are small deposits flanking the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona at the Four Peaks mine. The arid climate of this region produces some of the finest amethyst crystals in the world.

How to Check Quality of February Birthstone

Amethyst's birthstone protects its wearer from intoxication. Being associated with the crown chakra helps ground and calm the wearer, reducing intoxications to material items and the world. It is also associated with dispelling negative energy, creating a sense of calm amidst restlessness, and instilling creativity.

Amethyst is extremely sensitive to heat and can change color when exposed to temperatures over 400 degrees celsius. It is formed from the mineral quartz and is often found near volcanic areas. Iron oxide and manganese are responsible for giving Amethyst the purple color. On the Mohs scale, it has a hardness of seven, making it a slightly strong stone but still vulnerable to scratches.

Amethysts are associated with a deep purple but also come in various colors. It ranges from a soft lilac to a deep purple with red undertones. The purple color is known to bring clarity and calmness to the wearer. This gem is also associated with the crown chakra. Besides its physical and mental benefits, Amethyst Birthstone also has spiritual benefits.

The rich appeal of this color has made it a coveted stone among royal families. This is the reason this stone can be found on crowns and jewelry of the rich and the royal.

Benefits of February Birthstone

The benefits of the amethyst gemstone make it a popular choice for many people. It is known for its protective and grounding properties and signifies wealth and luxury. Some of the benefits include:

1. February Amethyst is widely known for its ability to enhance mental clarity. It removes restlessness and aids clarity in thought and judgment.

2. It promotes success with better decisions and a calm mind for clearer focus.

3. It helps remove negative energies of stress and replace them with positive thoughts of self-confidence and love.

4. The February birthstone amethyst purple color helps activate the crown chakra and enhances one's spiritual connection.

5. It is also known to help aid better sleep and counter the effects of insomnia.

6. It is believed that amethysts can help protect a person against psychic attacks and negative energies.

7. Amethyst's birthstone is associated with boosting blood circulation, relieving stress, and aiding in healing wounds.

8. February Birthstones are commonly used by people to enhance their energy and enrich their lives. For people born in February, this stone brings positive results and helps clear negativity and obstacles. Amethyst works wonders in bringing calm, clarity, negativity, and obstacles. It can work wonders in bringing calm, clarity, and stillness to the wearer while promoting self-confidence.

9. There are ways to bring this stone's protective and calming energies into your life. This vivid purple hue color makes Amethyst a perfect stone for you. For best results, use the stone in a form that keeps it close to the area of the body that most concerns you.

You can also use this gem as part of your decor and surround yourself with the pleasant energies of this birthstone.

February Birthstone Care and Cleaning

Amethyst gemstone is vulnerable to heat and should be kept in a cool environment. You must avoid any form of heat to clean your amethyst stone.

Use a soft toothbrush with soapy water and lightly scrub the stone. Once done, set it aside in a clean environment to air dry. Exposing amethysts to hot conditions can cause them to fade or change color.

You can also soak amethysts in salted water overnight, rinse them in the morning, and allow them to dry.

Some Interesting Facts on February Birthstone

1. Amethyst is a variety of quartz.

2. Amethyst gets its color from the impurities from the quartz.

3. When exposed to high levels of heat amethyst can change into citrine.

4. Ancient Greeks believed amethyst can keep you away from getting drunk.

5. February Birthstone amethyst can be found all over the world.

6. It is known as the stone of peace.

7. Amethyst is mostly valued for its color and not its carat.

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