June Birthstone

June Birthstone

If you are born in June, you are lucky enough as it is the month of three birthstones - pearl, Alexandrite, and moonstone. With so many attractive options, individuals with June birthdays can become better people than they were.

June Birthstone Meaning and History

Alexandrite is a rare chrysoberyl mineral that changes color in different lighting. The vivid green to bluish green is the most prized alexandrite birthstone. Big deposits of Alexandrite were first discovered in 1830 in Russia's Ural mountains.

The gem is named after Alexander II on the throne. Alexandrite caught the attention because of its red and green colors. Certain long, thin inclusions are oriented parallel to each other and can create another phenomenon called chatoyancy or the cat's-eye effect. Not many gems are as fascinating or stunning as cat's eye alexandrite.

It does not have a rich history as pearls but is certainly associated with the energies of good fortune, luck, and romance. It is also believed to enhance creativity and one's spiritual growth. The changing color of this stone symbolizes adapting to different environments, which requires a very flexible outlook toward life.

People also believed in its ability to heal physical ailments, most common neurological concerns, and chronic health conditions. As Alexandrite is rich in color, it is believed to work on multiple chakras in the body and enhance positive energy flow internally.

Throughout history, our perceptions of pearls have changed completely. Previously, pearls were thought to be some of the most valuable stones around. They were rare in the 1900s and today pearls are common and used as accessories in jewelry such as necklaces.

Where is June's Birthstone found?

Russia's spectacular Ural mountains are the main deposits where Alexandrite is found. Apart from it, the June birthstone comes from Brazil, Sri Lanka, and east Africa. These newer deposits contain some fine-quality stones. Because of its scarcity, especially in a larger size, fine-quality Alexandrite is one of the most expensive colored gems.

As it is extremely rare, this makes them rare and even more valuable than diamonds. Naturally, June stones are found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, and parts of Africa. Due to its popularity, it is also made in labs by infusing the crystals with chromium to give them their color; however, it is suggested only to wear natural Alexandrites to experience healing benefits.

June Birthstone Symbolism

The process of pearl explains why this stone has gained wisdom through experience. Pearls represent serenity, and people gravitate toward them for their calming effects. In ancient Egyptian and Chinese culture, pearl served as a powerful tonic for soothing skin and acne.

Because of their luminous appearance, people naturally liken the pearls. It is their watery origin that brings to mind the sea, beauty, and purity, all traditional female-centered features. This is why pearls are a popular bridal gift.

Out of all three birthstones, Alexandrite aligns with the zodiac descriptors for Gemini sign. Similarly, alexandrite has been called the chameleon stone because of its ability to change colors.

In daylight, alexandrite appears to be vibrant green. The dual nature of color-shifting illuminates the contrasting qualities of Alexandrite and Geminis. The alexandrite birthstone symbolizes good luck and fortune. Often associated with the crown chakra, this mystical stone forges a lifeline with the universe to harness intuition, imagination, and creativity.

Moonstone is a mesmerizing moonlit jewel. A Roman historian Pline compared it to the moon’s waning and waxing. They are sacred to Hindu mythology; they are believed to be made of moonbeams. Ancient and Greek culture, this birthstone is associated with gods. Today moonstones are found in Brazil, Germany, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Sri lanka, and the US.

Benefits of June Birthstone

Benefits of Moonstone

Moonstone provides innumerable benefits and is an affordable gemstone in the market.

1. Helps in spiritual growth.

2. Enhances positivity and peace of mind.

3. Helps to ease out the aggressive side.

4. Brings peace and stability to aggressive souls.

5. Helps get rid of digestion-related problems.

6. Balances emotions and makes you feel confident.

7. Brings relief from menstrual problems.

8. Makes you fearless and gives the strength to overcome problems.

9. Opens new opportunities for growth in business.

Benefits of Wearing Alexandrite

 One of the most valuable gemstones in the world - Alexandrite, has many benefits. Some of them are as follows:

1 Promotes creativity and intellectual capabilities:
Alexandrite positively affects the person's life and assists them in dealing with confusion and poor judgment abilities. Its metaphysical features are recognized for improving the individual's mental capabilities and are essential in making tough resolutions.

2. Brings along the professional success:
Wearing Alexandrite overcomes professional obstacles and strives for honor. Publicity, success, and prosperity are considered to be present who wears this rare gemstone.

3.June Birthstone Alexandrite cures nervous disorders:
Birthstone June is useful for people undergoing nervous system disorders. The gem supports the revival of nerve cells and grants relief from leukemia and the pancreas.

Pearl Birthstones: Pearls are truly unique, as they’re an organic gemstone, meaning they form within the shell of a living creature. Mollusks live in the shorelines and sea beds of oceans and when a sand grain or small pebble gets into the shell, it secretes layers around it to protect itself.

Pearl benefits:-

1. Pearl stone strengthens the moon and is called the ruling planet of emotions and is associated with providing calmness and tranquility.

2. It instills the wearer positivity and courage and makes the wearer accessible, kind, and psychologically healthy. It also instills the ‘desire to travel and explore’ to the wearer.

3. Pearl benefits people who are depressed, mentally disturbed, it is recommended for people who have developed a negative attitude towards life.

4. Another benefit it instills self-confidence in its wearer and helps to express themselves freely. It is beneficial for counselors, public speakers, therapists, and psychologists.

5. Pearl brings prosperity to dealing in dairy, travel and tourism industries.

Colors associated with Alexandrite

June Birthstone is found in an array of colors and is believed to bring a variety of positive emotions to the wearer. Be it love, prosperity, or joy, the changing colors of this stunning birthstone help the wearer experience life to the fullest. It works wonders to stimulate the heart chakra and improve cardiac health. The blue-tinged stone helps the throat chakra, enhancing self-expression and authentic communication. Lastly, this stone helps open the crown chakra and spiritual enlightenment when purple.

The color-changing property of Alexandrite makes this gemstone a valuable positive addition to one's life. It is linked with the characteristic energies of joy, love, fortune, luck, and good health.

A little more about June's Birthstone:
Alexandrite ranks 8.5 on the Mohs scale, making it a highly durable gemstone after diamonds. It is a relatively modern addition as a birthstone and is well-known for its color-changing ability. In natural light, green appears like an emerald or blue like a sapphire and changes into a reddish-purple color by night.

This gemstone got its name from Czar Alexander II of Russia. Alexandrite is formed from the mineral chrysoberyl with chromium, iron, and titanium, giving it the characteristic feature of changing colors.

Moreover, it is also considered the Friday's stone or the stone of "Friday's Child."

What makes June Birthstones unique:
Alexandrite offers a stunning appeal to the wearer and is a classic choice for many people who can balance their personal and professional life. To clean your Alexandrite, wash it gently with soapy water or a soft cloth. While this stone is durable enough to be cleaned with ultrasonic or steam cleaners is not recommended.

Very few gems out there with such unique color-changing abilities make the Alexandrite fascinating. The Alexandrite appears bluish-green when exposed to sunlight. You may have heard the saying, "emeralds by day, ruby by night." Sapphire and garnet are the only two gemstones that share this color-changing property. The vivid green color of alexandrite pair well with a fine emerald necklace.

Wearing Alexandrite, according to western terms:
People born under the zodiac sign of cancer can wear the gemstone to benefit from its mystical properties or just for fashion. Additionally, people born under the zodiac signs of Virgo, Taurus, Gemini, and Leo can also wear Alexandrite.

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