November Birthstone

November Birthstone (Citrine and Blue Topaz)

Some years ask questions and years answer, and November Birthstone is a beautiful way to bring positive energy to one's life. These gemstones possess character traits that benefit people born in a particular month. While you'll see most months with a single birthstone, November brings a choice of two stunning birthstones - Topaz and Citrine.

Where are November Birthstones Found?

Topaz is found in igneous rocks, with Brazil as the primary source. Other locations include Russia, Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and the US. Citrine can be found in various locations worldwide and is made from the mineral quartz. However, Brazil, US, Russia, and Madagascar are the sources for this November birthstone Formation of Topaz.

Topaz is formed from a silicate mineral and is generally colorless. The presence of impurities gives this November birthstone its stunning range of colors. It can be found in shades of yellow, pink, red, green, blue, and purple. While some believed it got its name from the Sanskrit word. The topaz birthstone has been in high demand for centuries because of its aesthetic appeal and healing properties.

Citrine belongs to the quartz family, making it affordable because of its abundant supply. It is famous for its yellow-golden shade and is a popular choice for rings and pendants. The origins of the name citrine are traced back to the Latin term - 'lemon.' This November birthstone is known for its bright appeal and is believed to bring health, wellness, and prosperity to the wearer.

History Associated with November birthstones

Topaz has been linked with emotions of love and healing since ancient times by several cultures. It is believed to help with negative emotions and promote a happier outlook. If placed in boiling water, it is believed that this stone can cool down the water. In the same way, it helps calm down people's anger and emotions, thus giving them a balanced approach to life.

Topaz is also believed to bestow strength on the owner. In ancient times, women were given this stone to lessen labor pains during childbirth. It was also used in treating medical ailments such as vision problems, fevers, insomnia, and asthma. The gemstone is added in powdered form to wine as a medicine.

This November birthstone is popularly known as the 'healing quartz' for its benefits and sun-like energy. It is also a famous manifestation stone as it manifests wealth, abundance, and vitality for the wearer. It is also believed to balance strong emotions by promoting a calm temperament. With its various mystical and healing properties, citrine is a preferred choice in the ancient cultures of the Chinese, Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans. It is also known to promote love, enhance happiness, and bestow strength on the wearer. It is believed to repel energy and not hold onto it.

Pricing for November birthstone

Yellow topaz ranges between Rs 350 - Rs 450 per carat. While color is the most influential factor while determining the cost of yellow topaz. The citrine price in India ranges between Rs 125 per cart to Rs 400 per carat.

Colors Associated with November Birthstone

Though these gemstones are found in many different colors, their primary colors are yellow and orange. These colors are associated with the Sun and its life-giving energy.

The yellow color is formed due to specific impurities present in the quartz during formation. This yellow-hued stone is revered as a healing and abundant stone and brings energies of wealth, prosperity, and happiness to the wearer.

Associated with the Sun, this November birthstone helps calm tempers, soothe anger, and promote joy. It is also believed to give strength to the wearer, and wearing this stone can help open and heal blockages in this chakra.

The citrine belongs to the quartz family, and with the presence of iron, it has a yellow tinge. It can be found in various hues, from pale yellow to dark amber. The yellow color of this lemony Birthstone is linked with calm, prosperity, and healing energies. It is also connected with creative intelligence, self-worth, and intuition, making it perfect for healing one's solar plexus chakra.

Qualities of the November Birthstone

Topaz has long been associated with love and appreciation. With November being the month of thanksgiving, it is a perfect match for the energies of this month. The yellow topaz assists in better relationships, healing, and comfort. This November birthstone is known to calm tempers and promote a cheerful outlook.

Citrine :
The citrine perfectly reflects November, showing the last signs of warm autumn colors. It is known for healing and prosperity while bestowing joy and calming tempers. While a birthstone seems like an ideal choice, it should be considered in other factors such as health concerns, personal characteristics, and the current phase of life. Topaz Stone  is an aluminum silicate mineral with a rating of 8 on the Mohs scale, making it reasonably durable. This gemstone has fluorine and hydroxide and is naturally formed in cavities in igneous rocks. It possesses a golden yellow color in its natural state and may also be colorless. The impurities present in the November birthstone can form a dazzling array of colors, ranging from blue, green, red, and pink to violet and brown. These colors may also be created artificially through different treatments.

Citrine is one of the most abundant minerals on earth - quartz; it is available in various parts of the world. It naturally occurs in a pale yellow color because of the presence of iron. Although the impurities present in the different parts of the world could form a variety of hues in this stone. It rates seven on the hardness scale but is heat sensitive and should be handled carefully.

November Birthstones to Enhance Energy
Topaz and citrine offer benefits to people born in this month. Both have a bright appeal and are associated with wealth, joy, abundance, and healing. If you are born in November, choose the stone you feel closer to or a combination of the two to bring their benefits into your life.

There are various ways to bring these stones' healing and positive energies into your daily life. The bright glow of these stones makes them a fantastic choice for multiple types of jewelry. Also, you can use them as a healing or meditation crystal and place them on your bedside table.

Benefits of November Birthstones

The November Birthstones bring a variety of benefits to the wearer. Both these stones attract health and wealth and offer other emotional benefits. Some of the benefits include:

1. Citrine and Topaz support emotional health and happiness
2.Abundant wealth and prosperity are believed to be attracted to the wearers
3. Topaz promotes emotions of love and harmony. It is also known to increase intelligence and provide strength to the wearer.
4. Physical benefits are offered by Topaz that helps cure fever, soothe emotions, and better sleep.
5. Wearing Topaz helps curtail anger and maintain a calm temperament.
6. Citrine helps with physical ailments like insomnia, asthma, and chronic pain.
7. Citrine is excellent for someone looking to boost positive emotion and repel negativity.

Cleaning and Care for Topaz and Citrine

The best way to clean topaz and citrine is with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush. Be careful not to expose Citrine Stone to heat or light for an extended period of time. Topaz has a high degree of toughness, similar to that of diamonds, yet a single hit might split it in half, so be careful not to drop it. Steam cleaning is not recommended as these stones are not to be subjected to heat.

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