Ruby Rings (Manik Stone Ring)

 Ruby rings symbolize love, passion, and vitality, making them a popular choice for engagement rings, anniversary gifts, or simply as a stunning addition to your jewelry collection. Ruby rings are stunning pieces of jewelry that feature the stunning beauty of rubies, one of the most valuable gemstones in the world.

There are gemstones that are outrageously alluring. Then there comes ruby that transcendence all possible adjectives of the term ‘beautiful’. When it comes to radiating irresistible charm and luxury, no gemstone comes even a bit closer to rubies. If we go by the words of prominent astrologers and gemologists, ruby is the untitled king of gemstones best known for its majestic appearance, miraculous healing properties, and extensive implications in the domain of jewelry.

Rubies, when blended with varied jazzy and fashionable jewelry pieces like rings, produce the most vibrant, royal, and swanky ruby rings that any jewelry or fashion enthusiast would love to own, no matter how much money one has to splurge. Let’s talk more about Manik stone rings, ruby ring prices, and the benefits that come with wearing a real ruby ring in gold and silver.

Ruby Trivia

Ruby is one of the most durable and prominent varieties of the mineral corundum renowned for its striking and eye-balls grabbing red to blood red color hues. Ruby is perhaps the only gemstone whose usage in the realm of jewelry is way bigger than the rest of the gemstones combined. That’s why the variety and price of antique ruby rings are always higher than other gemstones.

The quality of ruby stones is greatly influenced by prominent factors like color, clarity, cut, carat weight, origin, and treatment. For example, the most valuable and exalted quality rubies usually are from the Burmese region. Rubies from African countries like Tanzania and Mozambique are also revered highly because of their brilliant color and matchless charm. Many extinct and prevailing civilizations strongly believe that ruby is the ultimate symbol of love, passion, and charm. They believed that when you embrace a ruby, you marinate yourself in the ocean of unconditional love. There is also a story about a rampant Chinese emperor that he was ready to put some of the most valued possessions of his life at stake just to put his hands on a ruby stone of his desired size.

Ruby Ring Designs

By leaps and bounds, Ruby is one of the most alluring and stunning gemstones in existence. It is called the undisputed king of gemstones for certain reasons. Ruby stone rings have always been the numero uno choice for jewel enthusiasts as no stone can give a royal and coveted look effortlessly better than ruby gemstones.

Ruby comes in a myriad of exciting hues of pink and red. If you want to make a bold and impactful statement wherever you go, it's exemplary to rope in a trendy ruby gold ring or an elegant silver ruby ring that ramps up your overall appearance seamlessly and resonates well with your apparel. At Navratan, we have a timeless and the most desirable collection of ruby ring designs for men and vintage ruby ring designs for females that are handcrafted with meticulous attention and utmost passion for our customers.

Our stellar selection of ruby stone rings encloses forever classic Burmese ruby rings, star ruby rings, rose gold ruby rings, ruby heart rings, Platinum ruby rings, green ruby rings, pin ruby rings, ruby engagement rings, and ruby wedding rings. We customize rings as per the requirements of customers and provide them in their preferred designs and metals, be it gold, silver, or platinum. Explore our drool-worthy collection of natural ruby stone rings and flabbergast everyone by owning the most ingenious ruby ring to amp up your fashion game.

Ruby Ring Benefits

Ruby stone is not only known for its unbeatable beauty and appeal but also for a plethora of astrological, physical, and metaphysical benefits. According to Vedic Astrology, ruby exemplifies the planet Sun and is responsible for clearing your base Charka and Root chakra. Below, we have stated all the principal benefits that come with embracing ruby ring benefits.

1. Provide heaps of psychological and emotional benefits.

2. Boost your financial condition and allow the influx of good luck in your life.

3. Treat ailments related to your digestive, circulatory, and respiratory systems.

4. Eradicate all obstructions that come on your pathway to spiritual journey.

Caring & Cleaning Tips

To maintain the irresistible charm and drool-worthy appearance of ruby rings, here are some essential tips for caring and cleaning ruby engagement rings for women and men.

Always clean your real ruby ring regularly only by using a soft cloth or brush and lukewarm soapy water. Never ever use hot water, harsh chemicals, or abrasives as these can damage the surface of the ruby and can cause the loss of luster.

Make sure to store your ruby diamond ring separately from other jewelry to prevent scratches and other damage. A soft cloth or velvet jewelry box is ideal for the storage of ruby rings.

Avoid exposing your ruby ring to extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals such as household cleaners, chlorine, and bleach. These chemicals can damage the metal and affect the brilliance of the ruby to a great extent.

Make sure to remove your ruby ring before participating in any physical activities or household chores such as sports, gardening, and cleaning utensils to prevent the loss of glitter and protect it from damage.

Have your ruby ring professionally cleaned and inspected at least once a year by a professional gem dealer to ensure to elongate its beauty and durability.

If you notice any damage or loose stones on your antique ruby rings, have your ruby ring repaired by a professional as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

By following these vital tips, you can effortlessly keep your ruby ring in pristine condition and preserve its beauty and brilliance for years to come.

Ruby Ring Price

The price of a ruby ring can vary greatly depending on several factors including the origin, size, quality, carat weight, and rarity of the ruby as well as the type of setting and the metal used. If the carat weight is high and the metal is gold, the price of ruby wedding rings is going to be higher for sure.

For a simple ruby ring with a small stone and a basic metal like silver, the price can commence at a few hundred dollars. However, for a high carat ruby stone with complex design in a gold ring, prices can easily exceed tens of thousands of dollars.

The origin of the ruby also plays a major part in determining the price of mens ruby rings and natural ruby rings . Rubies from certain countries, such as Burma (Myanmar), are considered to be of particularly high quality and can command significantly higher prices than rubies from other countries.

It's also worth noting that synthetic (lab-created) rubies are often significantly less expensive than natural and untreated rubies. It's also important to understand the type of ruby you are purchasing when buying a rose gold ruby ring. Ultimately, the price of a ruby ring will depend on many different factors, and it's important to do research and shop around to find a ring that fits your budget and meets your quality standards.

At Navratan, we provided exalted quality and the most remarkable ruby rings for different purposes at a budget-friendly price. Feel free to explore our towering selection of ruby rings in gold and silver and pick the best one that quench your needs.

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. What does a ruby ring symbolize ?

Ans. Ruby is one of the most revered and precious gemstones in existence that has been associated with many cultural and symbolic meanings throughout history. In general, a ruby ring is often seen as a symbol of courage, immense love, and passion, as the deep red color of the stone is associated with the heart and emotions.

In many cultures, ruby is also considered a symbol of power and wealth.

Overall, the symbolism of a ruby ring can vary depending on cultural, historical, and personal associations, but the rich, vibrant red color of the stone is often what makes it so meaningful and powerful.

Q. On which finger we should wear ruby ?

Ans. According to Vedic astrology, ruby is widely believed to bring good fortune and luck to your side and is often worn on the ring finger of the right hand, or on the little finger of the left hand.

Q. What are the benefits of wearing ruby ?

Ans. Embracing a ruby stone ring also brings umpteen benefits with it. Some of the prime benefits of wearing a Manik ratan ring are improvement in metabolism, blood circulation, and immunity. Wearing this gemstone also renders numerous psychological, financial, and emotional benefits.


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