Packaging and Insert

Packaging and Insert

When it comes to gemstones, it’s not just sales for us. Navratan takes pride in delivering the gemstone with utmost care and intellect. Precious stones are not only precious in terms of money but also in terms of their allied astrological and sentimental values. We put all our emphasis on providing the precious products safely in the hands of our customers.

Packaging plays an important role in a gemstone transmission. At Navratan, the gemstone you order is initially packed in a small glass case, which is occupied with a soft sponge-like cushion for enhanced protection. It not only protects the gemstone from all kinds of scratches and chipping but also safeguards it from getting displaced during any tough stage of travel. Navratan has a dedicated and personalized ‘Navratan Box’ that is specifically designed to hold the small gemstone case within.

We understand that people order these exquisite stones for their special ones and with special sentiments. So at Navratan, our concern is not limited up to delivering the gemstone but we handover the ordered precious stone through the equally prominent transit process safely at the doorstep of the patron.
If you are new to Navratan, let us introduce you to the exclusive process of packaging and insert we are using to make sure the safest arrival of your order. Take a moment and check out the steps involved in the course of your gemstone’s journey.

We work on trust. No matter how much you choose to spend, certificates are an inevitable part of every gemstone order we deliver. Along with proper invoice billing, you get a certificate as a token of authenticity that ensures the faithfulness of your gem in all the prospective.

Together with the customized Navratan box, a specially designed ‘Thanks you Note’ is our special mention. We have written this note in order to acknowledge the trust and time you decided to invest with us. This note also gives you a brief introduction of our company’s working ideology in addition to some necessary instructions about handling and caring the gemstone you have purchased.

This ‘Navratan box’ is further draped with a bubble wrap sheet for an ideal packaging protection without leaving any loopholes for any sort of damage possibilities.

We employ only the best in class courier and logistic services to complete the shipping process. To provide our customers the ultimate shopping experience, we insure and ship the precious gemstones with reliable companies like Sequel and DTDC that not only offer quick and convenient shipping but also hold the confidence of millions of customers for secure and successful transactions.

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Congratulations on investing in one of our meticulously selected, handcrafted pieces. Your piece has finally found its forever home and we’re sure you will care for it just as we have in creating it for you.

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