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The Gübelin Gem Lab, also popularly known as Gübelin, is an immensely revered gemstone testing lab. This independent gem lab of Switzerland issues highly valued gemological certificates and reports. Individuals or organizations who merely seek an unbiased and absolutely trustworthy opinion about their gemstones can go for Gübelin certification.

Presently, Gübelin Gem Lab operates as one of the world's most reputed gemological laboratories but it was not the picture since always. Initially founded as a small watchmaker`s shop in the Swiss city of Lucerne, in the year 1854, the House of Gübelin was a local gem testing lab. Later in the year 1923, it began to operate with the purpose to examine and determine the quality and authenticity of all sorts of gemstones.

Today, with more than 160 years of proficiency, it turns out to be respected around the world for its artistry, expertise, and education in diamonds as well as colored gemstones. Its thorough studies on gemstones, their inclusions, origin, and treatments, laid the groundwork for the microscopic identification of precious and semi-precious stones. Together with an authenticity certificate, presently it provides a detailed analytical report of the gemstones. Over centuries, this House has been at the forefront due to its expertise and stood at the top for honoring the ancient principles of craftsmanship and its technological achievements in the world of watchmaking.

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Since its foundation in 1923, Gübelin has been persisting with the most eminent quality standards. No settlements in the level of education, prototypes of grade, concerning analytical infrastructure, and internal regulations have ever been witnessed in this organization. In the present time, it has emerged out to be the most honored organization of its kind, which is chiefly known for its nonpartisan operations and reliable working processes in the gemstone arena. Thus, those who are seeking impartial and unquestionably evaluations of their gemstones and jewels can simply go for Gubelin.

Gubelin authenticity certificates and reports are widely relied upon by global jewelers, gem merchants, lapidaries, royal families, and noted auction houses all around the world. The institute has highly experienced and learned gem specialists in its team who carry an additional degree in the Earth Science of Geology, Mineralogy, Crystallography, and Geography, together with a regular degree in Gemmology. Besides the degree course, these gemmologists undergo an intense two to three years in-house training program in order to qualify and reach the signatures level of Gubelin expertise.

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In order to assert and maintain the exceptional quality rules, the Gübelin group has set a Gübelin Gem Lab with its very own title the Gübelin Gem Lab Seal. It works on framing a faction of required quality hallmark guidelines that must be adhered to in sequence for a Gubelin gem certificate. This Lab employs the utmost cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art science machinery to understand the scientific aspects of gemstones and bring out its gemological studies and publishes its profoundly valued gem reports. It discloses every detailed information to its clients. Furthermore, the acumens gathered from this analysis are dispersed the world over via its publications group, news dailies, trade magazines, and scientific journals to a more comprehensive section of the educational audience, including the industry experts, retailers, and general laymen.

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