Peach Sapphire

In the exquisite and thumping world of Sapphires, Peach sapphire gemstone is a sight to behold. It’s one of the most beautiful natural sapphire stones in existence and comes in hues of yellow, orange, pink, and gold.

Peach sapphire price starts from INR 10000 to 80,000 Per Carat in India, The stone price per carat varies depending on the origin, color, transparency, clarity, cut, shape, size, Also. The popularity of natural Peach Sapphire shot by leaps and bounds in late 2010. Since then, it has been trending heavily all the time and Gen-Z is quite maniac about its implications in jewelry. It’s time to state everything you want to know about Peach sapphire stone, be its origin, quality, price, benefits, etc.

About Peach Sapphire

Peach Sapphire got its name from the exterior surface color of the peach fruit which is slightly light and bright in color and also similar to the skin color of an apricot. Sometimes, they are even considered the picture-perfect resemblance of the mighty Padparadscha sapphires. While Padparadscha is more vivid and deep in color, Peach sapphires are a bit pale in color in comparison to them.

If we talk about the hardness of original peach Sapphires, they are generally less brittle in nature than their counterparts. The stunning color hues of Peach Sapphires look gobsmacking, however, unlike Padparadscha, they lack glitter and clarity that keep their value a bit lesser than other sapphires.

The prime difference between natural Peach sapphires and Padparadscha is the degree of saturation. The color is uniformly distributed in Padparadscha compared to a Peach Sapphire. The most common color variations in Peach Sapphires are yellow, golden, and orange.

Let’s have a glance at the key physical properties of Peach Sapphire.

Chemical Formula: (Al2O3)
Refractive Index 1.768 – 1.772
Specific Gravity 3.95 – 4.03
Hardness 9 (Mohs Scale)

Peach Sapphire Quality

It is a well-established fact that Peach Sapphire is one of the coveted and in-demand natural gemstones, and its quality is determined by a plethora of significant factors that we are about to discuss.

Color: If there is one factor that we can consider startling and striking about natural peach sapphire stone, that is color. The enticing color hues of Peach sapphires, especially the pure peach color, are the star attraction of this stone. Apart from peach color, the other noteworthy colors are golden peach, champagne peach, and pink peach. The best quality peach sapphire often comes in vividly saturated peach color.

Clarity: When it comes to the clarity factor, Peach Sapphires fall under the type 2 category. Almost all peach sapphires come with eye-visible inclusions such as color zoning, fingerprints, and hexagonal crystals. Moreover, the key reason behind the easy visibility of peach sapphire stone is its pale color which makes the inclusions visible with unaided eyes. The top-notch quality peach sapphires usually have minimal inclusions but they are rare to find.

Cut: Peach sapphire falls under the category of exceptional and rare gemstones. Hence, gem cutters usually avoid cutting the stone much to avoid stone wastage. Oval and cushion-cut peach sapphires are common and preferred more because the stone wastage is minimum compared to round-shaped peach sapphires. Peach sapphires with noteworthy inclusions are often carved into Cabochons (non-faceted) with supremely level polishing.

Carat Weight: Most top-notch quality peach sapphires come in small to medium sizes. It’s rare to find a peach sapphire in hefty sizes. Even a little increase in carat weight augments the price of Peach sapphire to a great extent.

Origin: Unquestionably, the origin of a gemstone plays a vital role in determining its exact quality and price as well. Peach Sapphires from Sri Lanka are said to be of unmatched quality and exorbitant in price. Apart from Sri Lanka, peach sapphires from Madagascar, Tanzania, and Vietnam are also hailed for their exceptional quality.

Peach Sapphire Price

As peach sapphires are known for their unrivalled quality and rarity, the price of peach sapphire can make some serious dent in your pocket if you are planning to ownb a piece of it. Moreover, the price of a natural and certified peach sapphire is profoundly influenced by pivotal factors like cut, carat weight, color, clarity, and origin that we have already discussed in the above section.

On average, the price of peach sapphire in India begins with 10000 INR per carat ($123 USD) and goes as high as 80000 INR per carat ($1000 USD). The price jumps massively with the increase in color clarity and carat weight.


We are living in a world of uncertainty and deception. In the name of originality, most scammers are selling cheap rip off and fake substitutes of rare gemstones like Peach sapphires and raking big bucks. Moreover, Peach sapphires can easily be synthesized in labs, and their color and clarity can be enhanced with the use of Beryllium to sell freely in the market.

One should buy an exceptional gemstone like original peach sapphire only from verified and the most-trusted source like Navratan which also provides certification of the gemstones of the most distinguished gemstone laboratories that act as the most significant proof of the gemstone.

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    Undeniably, peach sapphire is a rare natural gemstone as its sources are fettered. Moreover, it is used extensively to make a luxurious range of pieces of jewelry which augments the value furthermore.

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    Yes, peach sapphires are usually cheaper than diamonds but are limited in carat weight. That’s where diamonds excel. Diamonds come in a great range of carat weights, while peach sapphires are usually poky in size.

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    The rarest and the most valuable sapphire in existence is Padparadscha Sapphires. They were unknown to the whole world for a long time but became the hot favorite of everyone once came into the limelight.

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    Peach sapphire also comes under the rare color category, however, cornflower blue and Padparadscha are two of the rarest colors in sapphires.

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