Gem Suggestions

Gem Suggestions

Astrological gems help channelize energies, but understanding which gemstones are right for you is essential. With this intelligent tool that’s both quick and easy to fill, we ensure accurate gemstone recommendations to help you make focused connections that reach your goals.

only as per his or her Zodiac sign and the associated planet or astrological Graha. According to Indian Vedic astrology, it is believed that the position of planets, at the date & time of our birth, crafts our Kundali i.e., the birth- chart, which eventually determines the whole of our life. This planetary alignment in the house of our horoscope regulates all aspects of our entire life. Henceforth, it is extremely important to find out which gemstone suits you because sometimes a wrong choice of gem can cause us very high in terms of love, health, finance, and many more.
Therefore, it is highly recommended to consult an experienced astrologer who can guide you on which gemstone to wear after reading your respective birth chart and the concerned issues. Fill here the form to have words with a veteran Pandit Ji personally and discover your right gemstone.

You can purchase a gemstone from your traditional nearby local store or nowadays there is also an option for online shopping of gemstone. For 100% original and certified gemstone, you can visit Customer satisfaction is what we deliver. Besides high-quality genuine gemstones, Navratan provides quick delivery with COD and an easy return facility. Find out your perfect gem

Mars and Venus are known as the planets of love. These two planets deal with all marriage related concerns in a person’s life. Whether it is a love marriage, arranged marriage, or any other spouse related matter, Mars and Venus play a big role in it. If both the planets are sitting in an off-beam position with some negative planets in your Kundali, then they can certainly bring unexpected negative results in your marital life.
Henceforth, for a happy married life, it is essential to please both Mars & Venus and keep them at a good position in your Horoscope. Rubies and Emeralds are best known for doing that. Pearl, Rose quartz, and yellow sapphire are also some of those gemstones that are acknowledged for resolving marriage problems and delivering a happy & healthy love life. However, it is never advisable to wear a gemstone on your own. The exact gemstone can only be suggested by an expert astrologer after studying your respective birth charts.

Ruby or Manik is considered as the most powerful gemstone for career success and luck. Wearing an original emerald is also well-recognized for resolving career-related glitches and ensuring a remarkable professional growth.
On the other hand, the best gemstone for a career may vary from person to person. ‘Which stone is best for your career’, can only be said certainly by an expert astrologer after analyzing your horoscope in person.

The gorgeous red shaded Garnet is popularly known as the stone of health. Though there are a number of gemstones allied for a variety of health problems; which particular gem to wear for health, precisely depends on the particular health-related difficulty that you are going through.
Almost all the gemstones carry different health benefits. For instance, Rose Quartz is well-known for healing heartaches whereas Blue Sapphire or Neelam is immensely effective for people suffering from tumors, chronic fever, and nervous system-related problems. Cat's eye Chrysoberyl helps in arthritis, paralysis, and asthma but since health is a sensitive topic, it is highly recommended that one should consult a proficient astrologer before wearing any gemstone because a wrong gemstone can adversely affect your health.

Citrine is branded as the stone of wealth or business success. In general, it is considered ideal for people who are looking for a significant achievement or expansion in their business. Together with new deals, Citrine is believed for bringing power, prosperity, and good luck to your business.
Some industry experts believe that Sapphire and Hessonite Garnet or Gomed are the best stones for the line of business. They ensure an inflow of wealth. People also wear Cat's Eye, Ruby, Red coral, Emerald, and Sodalite to overcome the hitches and leverage success in their business.
However, alike all other gemstones, one should consider wearing Citrine or any other gemstone only after having a subject-matter expert’s advice. To find out your perfect gemstone, enroll here, and request a call back from an adept astrologer.

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