Emerald Stone Pendant

A dazzling original emerald stone pendant is a piece of adornment that adds opulence to your minimal outfit. The pendant studded with a natural emerald Panna stone holds great significance, adding more value to the embellishment. The popularity of these green-colored gemstones from the Beryl family has been evident since ancient times. These popular gemstones have adorned the wardrobes of kings and queens. The most renowned queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, was fond of emerald green gemstone and embraced her jewelry collection with these precious stones. These gemstones also harness the energy of celestial bodies, making them a powerful astrological stone. The popularity of the stone commands the price of emerald stone pendant in the market.

About the Natural Emerald Stone Pendant

The emerald green pendant necklace has many designs, ranging from a solitaire bezel set pendant to a diamond halo, each adding elegance and shine. The beauty of these emerald pendant designs lies in the amazing green-colored gemstone embraced in the center. The natural emerald stone is characterized by its vivid green color, which adds a pop of color to your outfit. This precious gemstone generally symbolizes love, growth, vitality, and new beginnings. Considering the other astrological benefits of the gemstone, the Panna stone is associated with the planet Mercury. Thus, the gemstone is also called Budh Ratna. Can emerald be worn as a pendant? If you are in a dilemma and want to know the answer to this question, you must read the below section.

Exploring the Emerald Stone Benefits

The pendant studded with panna gemstone is a significant piece of jewelry symbolizing luck and power. A few of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • Stone of Relationship and Love
  • This green variety of the beryl family strengthens relationships among couples. The Panna stone is for celebrating the 20th and 35th wedding anniversary. If gemstone rings do not entice you, the genuine emerald pendant can be one option. A solitaire emerald stone or pairing it with other precious gemstones adds value to the piece of jewelry. An emerald and diamond pendant is a perfect gift for your loved ones, expressing love and regality.
  • Stone of Relationship and Love
  • The supply and demand dynamics within the Indian and global markets impact amethyst prices. Amethyst's popularity influences its price.
  • Design and Metal: The type of metal used for the pendant setting, whether it's a gold amethyst pendant or an amethyst pendant silver, the design intricacy, and the presence of additional gemstones can affect the cost.
  • Health Benefits of Emerald Pendant
  • This precious green gemstone promotes physical healing in the body. It is considered to boost the immune system of the body. The gemstone has long been known for providing a calming effect to the eyes. Known for its healing effects, this gemstone pendant promotes the healing of vital organs such as the liver and spine.

How to Wear an Emerald Pendant?

While exploring the emerald pendant designs, one might come across a wide, intricate collection displaying the beauty of the green-hued gemstone in an eye-catching manner. An emerald pendant in gold with intricate metalwork adds a glamorous and enchanting look, adding luxury to your outfit. Gold and silver metal works well if you are wearing the pendant for astrological benefits. The silver emerald pendant reflects exclusive jewelry pieces and stone for astrological benefits. It is important to energize and activate the gemstone pendant before wearing it exclusively for astrological purposes.

Jewelry for Both Men and Women

This beautiful pendant is perfect for both men and women. Men's emerald pendant are in trend for the unique color and vibrance of the stone. Unlike women, men can also wear these pendants to gain wealth, power, success, and good fortune.

What is the Price of an Emerald Stone Pendant?

The panna stone pendant price depends upon the gemstone's color, carat weight, cut, and clarity. Additionally, certain other factors govern the price, for instance, the type of metal and the detailed craftsmanship. The original emerald stone price per Ratti in India increases exponentially with the increase in carat weight, vivid color, and fine clarity of the gemstone. Colombian Emerald Stone Pendant might price higher as the gemstone sourced from Colombia is considered to be of premium quality with explicit color and clarity.


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