Blue Sapphire Ring (Neelam Stone Ring)

No matter whether it's a blue sapphire ring for men or women, rings have long been a necessary component of every jewelry collection. A swanky, elegant, and grandeur-oozing ring not only accentuates the beauty of your hands but also adds a graceful and to-the-T touch to your overall appearance. When it comes to roping in exemplary rings for any occasion, blue sapphire rings are exemplary and entrancing options.

Among the multitude of exquisite ring options available in the market, Blue sapphire rings, also known as Neelam stone rings, are undeniably the most alluring and coveted ones because of their timeless appeal, magnificence, and a plethora of benefits that come with embracing them. Let’s discuss more the natural blue sapphire ring, price guide, benefits, and some interesting facts that will amaze you for sure.

Blue Sapphire Trivia

Before we hop on to groovy and trendy blue sapphire ring designs for women and men, it’s subtle to refresh our knowledge about some interesting blue Sapphire stone facts.

Blue sapphire is a precious gemstone that belongs to one of the varieties of the mineral corundum and comprises aluminium oxide along with traces of Chromium, magnesium, and Vanadium. The presence of these elements is the prime reason behind the different blue colour hues of sapphires. After diamonds, sapphires are probably the second hardest mineral in existence and have a hardness of 9.0-9.5 on the Mosh scale.

The implications of sapphires in the realm of jewelry and other adornments is in existence for a long time. Earlier, kings and other revered personalities used to collect and cherish different colors and sizes of sapphire as they were considered as the symbol of wealth and luxury. Not many individuals know that ferocious dictator Napoleon Bonaparte gifted a sapphire and diamond ring to his future bride which was sold in an auction for $1 million.

Many global celebrities like Elizabeth Hurley, Angelina Jolie, and Penelope Cruz own some of the most exorbitant and iconic pieces of blue Sapphire that they flaunt whenever get any opportunity.

Blue Sapphire Ring Designs

Blue sapphire is the epitome of unmatched beauty, positivity, luck, happiness, and loyalty. This revered gemstone is not only used for the collection purpose but also its implication in the realm of jewelry is quite extensive. Neelam ring designs look absolutely swoon-worthy when paired up with metals like gold and silver. Trendy Neelam ring designs for women and men look quite stunning and resonate well with different styles of apparel to achieve a graceful look.

At Navratan, you can grab your favorite, trendy, and customized blue sapphire engagement rings at a budget-friendly price and fulfill your dream to own a stunning natural blue sapphire ring. We have a mammoth collection of Neelam rings in gold and sterling silver in the most groovy designs. We provide customize rings as per the need of customers and ensure to deliver them as swiftly as possible.

Check out our enchanting collection of blue sapphire rings for engagement, wedding, and other purposes, and make a strong and impeccable fashion statement wherever you go.

Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire Rings

Embracing a neelam ring on the right finger and under the supervision of an eminent astrologer can reap benefits beyond your imagination. Among its heaps of benefits, let’s discuss the principal benefits that blue sapphire rings for men and women have to offer to the wearer. Moreover, Neelam stone ring also offer spiritual, emotional, and metaphysical benefits, however, to witness them, one should wait for a certain time period to experience them.

Astrological Benefits: Apart from amplifying the appearance of your hands, embracing a blue sapphire ring kicks away sheer negativity and depression from your life. Moreover, it incites the inclination towards spiritualism and pushes you to be more conscious and spiritual.

Financial Benefits: Renowned astrologers as well as people strongly believe that wearing a Neelam stone ring can improve their financial condition by helping them cut down debts, reconcile lost wealth, and grab better opportunities. People also lend their faith in blue sapphire to deal with psychological problems and rectify issues related to Saturn planet. Neelam stone is also believed to bring unimaginable fame and accolades in your life.

Health Benefits: If someone is struggling with a fertility issue or wants to revitalize health, embracing a blue sapphire ring in gold or silver after energizing it can rectify fertility and health-related issues expeditiously and help you savor the true bliss of life. It is widely believed that wearing an original Neelam ring in a metal like silver or gold can cure the gravest physical diseases like Plague, asthma, and Paralysis.

Emotional Benefits: In such a cut-throat competitive and bustling world, maintaining equanimity is a big challenge in itself. However, it can be done effortlessly by embracing a stunning blue sapphire ring that will help in maintaining your calm and composure and clarify a lot of things in life. Moreover, wearing a Neelam stone can be enormously fruitful if you seek to increase concentration power and want full control of your life.

Cleaning & Caring Tips

Blue Sapphire, without a bit of a doubt, is the uncrowned king of modern-day gemstones. It exudes beauty, charm, and magnificence. To ensure your roped in Blue sapphire ring maintain its luster and freshness for a long time, you must adhere to the specified cleaning and caring tips that we have stated below.

Always keep your Neelam stone ring in a separate box.

Remove the ring before you wash your hands or put your hands in soapy water to avoid slipping into the drain.

Never expose your blue sapphire ring jewelry to extreme temperature or heat.

If your ring loses its glitter, get it polished only by a professional gemstone dealer to avoid any damage.

Avoid wearing blue sapphire jewelry if you are doing gardening work or other household work.

Never wear a blue sapphire ring while playing any sport.

Check your blue sapphire ring on a timely basis to ensure the stone is not loose.

Clean your ring only in soapy and warm water and avoid soaking it for a long time. Moreover, never use detergents or other solvents like alcohol or thinner to clean the ring or else you will lose the real luster expeditiously.

Only ultrasonic cleaners and steam methods should be used to clean sapphires as they are quite safe and don’t cause any harm to the stone.

Neelam stone Ring Price

Blue sapphire has been the symbol of timeless beauty and opulence because of its fine luster and spell-binding blue color hues. Blue sapphires are one of the rarest and the most valuable pieces of gemstones and their value escalates by leaps and bounds when it is embedded in an exquisite piece of jewelry.

The demand for a lustrous and highly transparent blue sapphire is ridiculously high in the international market and people are ready to splurge some serious money to own an alluring piece of this gemstone. The color, carat weight, cut, and clarity has a strong influence on the price of blue sapphire gold ring and Blue sapphire sterling silver ring. Even the smallest fluctuation in color and clarity fluctuates the price of Neelam ring product greatly.

The blue sapphire ring price per carat begins at and goes as high as in the local and global markets. At Navratan, we have a myriad of blue sapphire ring designs for men and Neelam ring designs for women that enclose natural and certified blue sapphire gemstones exemplary for both personal and astrological purposes. We also provide authentic lab certificate for Blue Sapphire ring online for the assurance of our customers.

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. What Does a Blue Sapphire Ring Symbolize ?

Ans. A blue sapphire ring exemplifies a plethora of things among which the most quintessential ones are fine health, good luck, prosperity, and spiritualism. People can change their life drastically and reap jaw-dropping benefits by espousing the right-carat weight blue sapphire stone ring.

Q. Can Blue Sapphire Rings Be Given as a Gift ?

Ans. Without a shadow of a doubt, Neelam stone rings are exemplary gifts to give to your near and dear ones. Nowadays, people also use blue sapphire engagement rings and blue sapphire wedding rings in their respective ceremonies to amp up their elegance game as well as try to be ingenious.

Q. Who should wear a blue sapphire Ring ?

Ans. Any individual who is suffering from dire physical issues, lack of concentration power, struggling with debt and financial crisis, or stuck in emotional turmoil can wear a Blue sapphire ring only under the guidance of an experienced astrologer. The day, time, finger, metal, and positions of the planet in your Horoscope matter profoundly while embracing the Neelam ring.

Q. Which finger do you wear a blue sapphire ring ?

Ans. A blue sapphire stone ring should be worn on the middle finger of the right hand with the gemstone touching the skin. Moreover, you must consult an astrologer to find out the right time and day to embrace this exclusive and exquisite gemstone ring!

Q. Which Rashi Cannot wear a blue sapphire Ring ?

Ans. It is strictly advised by astrologers for people with Leo and Scorpio Zodiac sign to not wear a Blue sapphire ring unless recommended by a prominent astrologer.

Q. Does blue sapphire attract money ?

Ans. Undeniably, Wearing a Neelam stone ring cut down your debts, regain lost wealth, and improve your financial condition by leaps and bounds. However, you have to wait for a particular time duration to witness the true impact of this revered gemstone.

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