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July Birthstone

Learning about yourself, where life takes you, and the twists and turns of your life is good. What if there is a way to continuously control your life to shape it towards growth? Yes! The July birthstone Ruby does exactly that for you.

The name Ruby comes from the Latin word Rubeus, which means "red." The deeper the red color, the more valuable the gem. Its deep red color is associated with passion and love, which makes it a wonderful gift for all your near and dear ones. The deepest red has a hint of purple and is also called "pigeon's blood."

Rubies are available from pink to red-purple. The darker, vibrant colored rubies come from Myanmar and Thailand.

July Birthstone: Meaning and History

Ruby has a history as far back as 200 B.C. and was used in trade along China's silk road. The July birthstone is mentioned as much as six times in the St. James Bible. The first ruby was discovered in Asia during the early 1900s; people in Thailand and Cambodia discovered high-quality ruby birthstones. Later, people in Vietnam and Myanmar found rubies as well.

As per the ancient Sanskrit, the meaning of ruby is "king of precious stones." Myanmar was the most common place to find rubies for centuries. Chinese noblemen wore this gem on their armour during the Middle Ages to ensure their protection and strength.

The ancient Hindus of India offered rubies to their gods to be reborn as powerful kings or emperors in their new life. The symbolism behind the ruby represented it as a fierce gemstone meant to activate the heart chakra. In this vein of thought, it is believed to be connected to the heart and to love. It is also said to boost faithfulness and devotion in relationships.

Ruby is known to accumulate a host of legends over the centuries. People believe that rubies enable their owners to live peacefully with their enemies. For centuries, rubies have represented love, passion, and courage.

Furthermore, the ruby also boosts passion for life, removing procrastination and helping focus and finish tasks. From mines in Burma and ancient India, these precious gems are carried throughout Asia and Europe through trade routes established by the romans. Throughout time they have also been used as currency and as talismans against evil spirits and bad luck.

Where is July's Birthstone found?

The Ruby-producing countries include Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and Madagascar. Almost 90% of the world's production of Ruby is from Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). Myanmar has produced some of the most sought-after rubies-vibrant red beauties and a bright red fluorescence for over five centuries. This place is weathered marble and ancient Buddhist temples.

Vietnam has been an important source of the July birthstone since the late twentieth century. The Luc Yen region in northern Vietnam, in the rainforest-clad mountains over broad paddy fields.

Mozambique is an important new source of ruby; this nation is home to prolific mines. From modern to vintage jewelry, rubies are used all over the world. So if you're looking for a stunning, everyday look, rubies are definitely for you!

Today the majority of rubies come from myanmar. More recently, significant deposits are found in such diverse places as greenland, pakistan, and mozambique, that have become an essential source of ruby mines since 2009.

Price of the July Birthstone

The value of the ruby depends on the quality and carat weight of this gemstone. The price can be low as $1.00 per carat to as much as $100,000 per carat. Although most rubies weigh one carat are $1,000 per carat. The cost increases with good color, cut, clarity, and carat weight.

The largest ruby is the 125 West Ruby which is more than 18,000 carats. The liberty bell ruby in Philadelphia weighs 8,500 carats; this ruby went missing after a jewelry heist in 2014. The Jubilee Ruby sold for 14.2 million dollars in 2016 is the highest price for a colored stone ever.

Benefits of July birthstone

Rubies are not only attractive but also tough for everyday wear as well as because their hardness makes them resistant to scratches. And being lightweight even children can wear them. It encourages passion and a zest for life. It improves motivation and sets realistic goals.

Ruby balances the heart and instills confidence, it is also said to encourage joy, spontaneity, laughter and courage. It promotes positive dreams and aids in retaining wealth and passion. It seems to contain an inner flame, and is often associated with fire and purity. These purifying abilities are why people use rubies to treat fevers.

Healers employ ruby to detoxify the body’s blood and lymph nodes. It even promotes blood flow to those suffering from poor circulation. They are an excellent healing stone for women to regulate menstrual flow and soothe pain from cramps. This is said to be beneficial to the reproductive organs by treating infertility and impotence. They also help menopausal women alleviate uncomfortable symptoms.

Many regard rubies as one of the best gemstones for healing blood, heart, coronary, or ventricle issues. It is because of all these reasons, if you have heart disease or a blood disorder, you deserve to treat yourself to a beautiful ruby gemstone.

July Birthstone Care & Cleaning

As with all jewelry, it is important to take care of the ruby, in order to prolong their life. Here are a few tips:

1. Rubies should not be exposed to harsh chemicals.

2. One shouldn’t wear them doing labor or any other activity.

3. Store them in a cloth bag or box to prevent any scratches.

4. Have them inspected and cleaned every year to remove any dirt or oil from the stone.

Five things you want to know about Ruby

1. Ruby is one of the world's most valuable gemstones.

2. The price of the ruby is the highest per-carat price of all colored stones.

3. Ruby was sold for $32.4 million in 2015, which is $1,266,901 per carat.

4. Ruby was used in creating the first working laser in 1960 and is still used to make lasers, watches, and medical instruments.

5. Rubies are the hardest gemstones, following diamonds. Rubies and sapphires are corundum; impurities cause the different colors within the stone.

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